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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks to you both. I think sometimes it helps me to put something in writing to make what is obvious to everyone else, clearer to me! I guess in my mind the only reason for a definite diagnosis is the difference between knowing that gluten is a bad choice, as opposed to gluten is harmful (and to be avoided at all costs). Andrea: I have never considered Enterolab an option as I live in Australia and I don't think we have an equivalent here. Sounds like the perfect idea otherwise! I have no idea if I have had a gluten panel done. My regular doctor dismissed coeliac from what I think were basic blood tests much earlier, and only pursued the gene testing thing when my chronic fatigue, and IBS were worsening. Ravenwoodglass: Thanks for your thoughts...It's when I read comments like yours, that I flip-flop back to thinking "I'm not all that bad" ...as is so common the case when I read other's stories on here! All along I have realised that my symptoms are nowhere as severe as what most are suffering from... I'm still confused by this... If a person reacts badly to gluten, as distinct from having an intolerance to it, I'm assuming that gluten isn't harmful (in the long term). Is that the case? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone. I have been gluten free (fanatically so) since the 19th of August and have been feeling really well. Yesterday I went to see the specialist to get the gene test results and he told me that I had positive results to the gene test (ending in 2), the one ending in 8 was fine. He told me that 20% of the population carries the gene that I do and the only way to discover if I'm coeliac is to do the biopsy. After 24 hours of trying to eat gluten I'm feeling rotten again. The biopsy is in 3 weeks. I feel really reluctant to go through with this, as I was feeling extremely anxious and unwell before being gluten-free. In the words of the specialist, I am tall, healthy and don't look sick. He thinks it unlikely that I'm coeliac, but said that it would make me feel reassured to be told that I'm not coeliac. When I tried to explain that being gluten-free had made me feel so much better, he said that a lot of people did feel better when they cut out "windy foods like bread and broccoli". He said it would be a shame to go on a diet that I didn't need to do. My mum passed away at the age of 52 after being diagnosed with cancer. Six months after diagnosis she was dead, although she actually died of starvation. The doctors right up to the day she passed away, told her that they couldn't understand why she couldn't keep food down. My maternal grandmother also died young from cancer. When I was only 32, I had surgery for bowel cancer, and although 8 years on, I have been cleared of that, I don't want to be complacent. When I questioned the specialist about coeliac and related family issues, he said that it would be beneficial to scope me so as to alleviate my anxiety, so I would know conclusively that I didn't have it. Should I do the challenge when it is already making me feel so awful ( IBS symptoms and anxiety)? Should I go through with the biopsy without doing the challenge? I really didn't feel like the specialist was listening to me and I left the appointment feeling like a hyperchondriac. Please help!!
  3. Two Weeks Later!

    I'm confused! Does that mean I should start eating a little gluten to avoid gluten withdrawal? Should I start eliminating other things as well, and where do I start? How long is a reasonable amount of time to assume it is "gluten withdrawal", and when do symptoms of "gluten withdrawal" start to ease? Sorry to ask so many questions Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone, Well two weeks ago, I took the plunge and have gone gluten free following suggestions (from here) that it was well worth the try. I immediately started feeling better. The headaches, feeling of swelling around my face, the IBS symptoms, feelings of anxiety etc, all seemed to be disappearing. I had people commenting that i wasn't as dark around the eyes, I started sleeping better of a night, and I have had heaps more energy. I have been really vigilent in what I've been eating, keeping it really basic so I knew for a fact that there wasnt any gluten. Now, two weeks later, Im starting to feel really revolting again. I'm tired and feeling really headache-y. I don't know if there is something else that I'm eating, that is doing this as well? Once you eliminate foods, can other intolerances surface? I have not been diagnosed Coeliac ( waiting on results of gene tests but assume that I wont be, because my symptoms aren't anywhere near as bad as I read on here). I am definitely sticking to the gluten-free diet. I know it was making me feel better, but I don't understand what I am experiencing now. Any thoughts, comments, advise would be appreciated...Thanks!
  5. OK...so now for a really dopey question! I have decided to give this whole gluten-free thing a whirl. I realize that simple fresh fruit and veggies, and meat is the way to go initially. However, I picked up a tub of yoghurt today and had no idea what I was reading. How do you get a grip of the labelling system? How can you know 100% what you are eating? What do the product codes mean? I live in Australia and we do have detailed labels on all products, but I have little knowledge of food codes. Is there a web site that addresses these questions? Thanks to everyone who has been so helpful already. It's great to be able to visit this site, and feel so welcome. I really appreciate it.
  6. I don't think I'm replying correctly but here goes ! Thanks, to you both for your comments. There's just one other thing that I'd like to run by anyone who's listening out there. Can gluten bring on immense feelings of stress? I have been under stress from work which I do acknowledge, however it seems to me that my body is going into an overdrvive sensation of being so twitchy it's almost unbearable after I eat. My neck feels so stiff it feels like it's going to snap off, and I almost get a feeling of panic - frenetic uncoordinated type body twinges. Last night my face felt so tense, that my gums were aching. Could this be a response to gluten/wheat? thanks.
  7. Hi to everyone! After visiting the doctor about 6 months ago, he diagnosed IBS, ran blood tests for Celiac (which showed nothing) and told me to stay off gluten if I thought it would help me! All of which seemed way too confusing and I have continued on with life as per "normal". Since then I have been incredibly tired, lacking energy, feisty, lacking in tolerance, with all the IBS symptoms thrown in. I returned to the doctor this week because my exhaustion had turned into muscle weakness, my joints are aching, I am very hot of a nighttime, and the most disconcerting thing; after eating, I feel like my face swells (doesn't appear it though). The doctor ran more blood tests and announced me to be in perfect health! He asked if I was stressed/ depressed and offered anti depressants! (An offer I declined). I know that the logical thing is to go gluten free however most of my symptoms could be anything. I am on the "too heavy" side and don't have to make mad dashes to the loo. Is there anyone out there who experiences the face swelling thing? As i said, it isnt noticable, and is only a sensation (I'm assuming). Any thoughts would be appreciated as to my next move! ...Thanks.