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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Teeth

    I'm a dental hygienst and have seen similar situations is many, many families........ one person is diligent w/homecare and has cavities and/or gum disease, and someone else barely even brushes and is prob free. I'm not sure that your probs are specifically related to your celiac, but being cavity prone can be sort of genetic. Meaning that, how your body reacts to bacteria may be more agressive than someone else..... or the make up of your teeth could be different, and then more prone. I have two children, with similar diets and the exact same homecare routines...... my son has had 5 fillings (he is 7yrs old), and my daughter (who is 5) has no probs at all. Just watch that you are rinsing well after eating anything citrus (don't brush directly after, because the enamel is weakened by the acid and more succeptable to wear), brush w/a fluoridated toothpaste (as far as I know Colgate products are safe for Celiacs), floss daily, and ask your dentist about at home flouride rinse to use before going to bed. (nothing to eat/drink after rinsing w/flouride for 30min). Listerine is very good at helping to kill that pesky bacteria. Good luck with everything!
  2. On The Topic Of Ssi..

    Yep, the site is out of New Jersey.
  3. On The Topic Of Ssi..

    I looked it up again... hopefully I can get it to work on here. (if not just put "gluten-free food vouchers" into your search engine and it should come up in the search.) http://www.gov.je/SocialSecurity/Social+Be...e+food+subsidy/[url=http://www.gov.je/SocialSecurity/Social+Benefits/Health+Zone/Gluten-Free+food+subsidy/]gluten-free Good luck!
  4. What About The Eucharist?

    Has anyone had any probs w/taking communion. I asked my pastor and he said to just refuse the wafer, but take the wine and I would "still be covered". My husband asked if we provided the wheat free wafers (they do exist), would he use them for those of us in his flock w/Celiac (there is at least 1 other that I know of). He said it would be too much trouble. Maybe it's just me, but if he feels that I'm still "covered" w/o actually taking communion, then why does he do it at all! My husband is very upset..... I'm just trying to cope w/ all the dietary/lifestyle changes, but this one stumps me. Any feedback?
  5. New To Celiac

    Well, I hope all goes well... I bet you have your hands full w/3 boys.... I have 1 of each and they keep me on my toes (looked out yesterday, and my son was on his skateboard on top of the slide ready to ride it down). I sometimes think Celiac will be the easiest thing to keep him safe from!
  6. On The Topic Of Ssi..

    I don't know about disability benefits, but I did stumble across something about governmental vouchers for specified gluten-free stores. They recognize the increase in cost for gluten-free foods. You, and your Dr. have to fill out their forms (you can get them in any Social Security office). Good luck to you!
  7. I may be gluten free, but I'm glad I don't have to give up Lays potato chips
  8. New To Celiac

    thanks for the link.... I can use all the info I can get.
  9. Already Tired Of This!

    I'm sorry that you are feeling so down. It is a major adjustment... I am only 2wks into it myself. I hope you find some comfort in the fact that you are not alone... this site seems to be full of caring, compassionate people who are willing to help in any way that they can. Take care
  10. Simplifying My Diet

    I've been having the same prob w/breakfast.... I love cereal but have only found 1 that is gluten-free (also seems to be taste free). My husband told me about a back-packing breakfast that he uses when out camping... it's just cooked rice (cold), milk, sugar, cinnamon, and raisins. You could put anything you want in it. I still haven't tried it... maybe tomorow.
  11. New To Celiac

    Thanks for the welcome! How did you feel after the slip ups? I accidently ate something on my "no-no" list, and was pretty sick all evening and tender the next couple of days. What are the EnteroLab tests? I had a neg. biopsy and I don't know how well the blood test will work since I've been on the diet. I guess they can test for the gene. I do know that I feel better, slowly getting my energy back......I actually stopped taking my protonix (for reflux) 4-5 days ago, and have not had one twinge! YaY! Do your kids have any symptoms? I take mine on Thurs... I'm trying to prepare them for bloodwork. Thanks again for your response.
  12. I just made the Gluten Free Pantry Sandwich Bread Mix today, and it is really good (even my 5 yr old who eats nothing liked it)! If you have a bread machine, it's really easy! Toothpicker
  13. New To Celiac

    Hello, I am very new to Celiac (have been gluten-free for about 2wks - what an interesting adventure). The doctors are still up in the air about firm diagnosis.... "try the diet, see if you feel better". I go back on the 29th. So far, this last week esp., I feel soooo much better. Who knew I had so much energy and can eat with out being sick! I have 2 kids who have on/off again belly trouble and am taking them this week to talk to the pediatrician. I was wondering if anyone knew of any support-groups around the Butler, Pa area? I'm kind of stumbling in the dark, reading all I can, and I have several lists of things that I can and cannot have in my purse. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Toothpicker