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  1. I have had my Keeper for TWELVE years! It has been a lifesaver and I have saved soooo much money. I was going to buy another one a couple of months ago but I decided not to because mine is still good. It only leaks if it gets too full or you do not put it in right. Just empty each time you use the restroom on heavy days and then overfilling should not be an issue. Make sure and turn it around a couple of times to make sure it openeds up correctly. Also, make sure it is pushed up a little. Do not confuse leaking with a little spotting from the extra fluid on the sides that happens every time you remove and reapply it (will still need a light day liner). It probably is a little bit messier than tampons but really is worth the trouble. Just plan on spending a few extra seconds cleaning your fingernails when you wash your hands. Dipping your fingernails in a small amount of peroxide can speed up the process on heavier days. I have never tried a glove. Emptying it in a public restroom is not bad, just use toilet paper to wipe it off or bring a paper towel in with you to wipe it, then clean it with soap later when you are home; it will only take a minute or so to empty after you learn how. I tried the instead cup and I found that I had big problems with it leaking all of a sudden with a big gush/mess.
  2. Menopause

    I think that the Dot would be much better than Premarin because Vivelle Dots are made with estradiol which is human estrogen. Premarin is made with horse estrogen and has different properties than human estrogen. I think it would be a good idea to also look at your other hormones as well. Women make a small amount of testosterone in their ovaries and after a hysterectomy their testosterone level can drop and make them feel bad (or not as good). A good book to read is
  3. My Vitamins Are Not Digesting

    I wanted to say thank you for this idea. Since I have been poking my capsules they seem to be digesting. Also, I am not getting indigestion from the vitamins like I did when I opened up the capsules and just took the powder inside. Thanks again! Kathy
  4. My Vitamins Are Not Digesting

    Thanks everyone, I am going to try several of the things you suggested. My EnteroLab fat test came back normal, so I am hoping it is more of a digestive enzyme thing rather than malabsorption. Kathy
  5. Hi, Sometimes when I have loose stools I notice that my vitamin capsules do not digest. I have noticed this with my multivitamin and my calcium/magnesium capsules. They are both powder inside gelatin capsules. If I place the gelatin capsules in warm water they melt away but they can go through my gut intact. It really baffles me that I cannot seem to digest a simple gelatin capsule. I called the manufacturer and they said that they switched to gelatin capsules to make sure that they digest and she has never heard of my problem. I thought that I would just bypass the capsule and open the vitamins up and take them on a spoon. This works fine for the calcium/magnesium but my vitamin powder has a horrible taste and gives me a stomach ache if I take it without the capsule. I am thinking that I may need more digestive enzymes to help digest my gelatin capsules and I tried plain bromelain powder but it seems to irritate my stomach as well. Has anyone else experienced this problem and do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks Kathy
  6. I must be a coffee snob. The best caps and lattes are made with steamed milk which when made correctly is microfoam without froth. Froth is bubbles on top of milk, microfoam is milk that is steamed to changed it into thick, luxurious, creamy, silky, sweat, microfoam that does not separate and you can pour latte art with. I have a Gaggia espresso machine and it took me quite a wile to learn how to make microfoam but it was really worth learning. Espresso with properly steamed milk plus a little sweetener is soooo good that I would never want to change the taste by adding chocolate. IMHO. I am dairy free right now so no lattes for me for a wile Kathy
  7. I looked at the jayrobb site and the ingredient lists did not seem complete. The chocolate egg white protein does not even list chocolate flavor or coco as an ingredient. It seems like they are leaving things out. Also, I compared the egg white protein powders to the whey protein powders and the chocolate whey protein powder listed "natural flavors including stevia" under the ingredient list. I tried the chocolate whey protein powder in the past and it was defiantly sweetened with something. It is hard to believe that they would make a chocolate flavor without any sweetener. Why would they sweeten the chocolate whey protein but not the chocolate egg protein? Does the chocolate egg white protein powder taste sweet? If it is sweet then they neglected to include stevia on the ingredient list. Did you buy the protein powder in a can or was it in a bin at the health food sore? My health food sore offered Jay Robb protein powders in bulk bins as well as the regular cans. I am afraid of bin products due to possible contamination so I did not try it. http://www.jayrobb.com/ Maybe it is not the stevia that you are reacting to. (I suspect that both of your protein powders have stevia in them. It might be worth calling the company to find out.) You can buy the NOW brand of egg white protein power at www.Lame Advertisement.com. The price is better at Lame Advertisement than at my health food store. Lame Advertisement offers free ground shipping on all order over $60 which is new. Good luck finding a good protein powder! Kathy
  8. You could make your own. I found this recipe on one of the Delphi forums. Boil/simmer about one tablespoon of whole flax seeds in about 1/2 cup of water for about three minutes, strain the mixture. Combine equal parts of flax seed gel with aloe vera gel, store in the refrigerator. Use in place of regular hair gel. I bought the dark flax seeds. I store my gel in a Sally's bottle made for applying hair dye. This recipe does not work with ground flax seeds. You can change the proportions of the flax and aloe vera gel to change the holding power. I think more flax gel gives more hold. The flax gel also helps with shine. Kathy
  9. C'mon Carrots?

    That is interesting about the tahini. Are you allergic to other nuts and seeds as well? If not you could try making your hummus with a different nut butter. I have used peanut butter in the past as a substitute for tahini. I used to make Felafel balls and I often substituted peanut butter for tahini in the lemon tahini sauce used to top the Felafel balls. Kathy
  10. C'mon Carrots?

    I just wanted to mention that I have never been able to eat prepared hummus, it always gives me gut problems no matter what new brand I try. However, I have been able to eat home made hummus in the past without a problem. I always used canned garbanzo beans in my home made hummus; they seem to be really well cooked. I think that it is possible that the prepared hummus uses a different cooking method that may not fully cook the beans like the canning process does which could lead to digestion problems. Once I tried to cook dried garbanzo beans and even though I soaked them and cooked them for hours they never got really soft like the canned garbanzos. I think the only way to really get dried beans cooked thoroughly enough for me is with a pressure cooker. If you think that garbanzos might be harder for you to digest than other beans and you really want humus, you could try making hummus with canned small white beans instead of garbanzos as a possible alternative. I have not tried the white beans in hummus but I believe they would be good. An idea on something to to eat with fat and nutrients. Have you tried canned coconut milk/cream in a smoothie with fruit you can tolerate? Coconut milk has lots of fat and tastes nice. Most of the fat is saturated fat and some doctors will say to limit saturated fat but I do not fall for the anti-saturated fat hype. You could also add some protein powder to the smoothie. If dairy is OK for you you could add plain whey protein to the smoothie. If eggs are OK but dairy is not, you could add NOW Eggwhite Protein powder to your smoothie for extra protein. The NOW brand does not have any extra ingredients like artificial sweeteners that could add to your problems. I really love fruit smoothies and just recently discovered the NOW eggwhite protein powder. Good luck! Kathy
  11. Hi, I just received good news this morning. My lab just called me with my total IgA results and they were normal. My result was 203 with a normal range of 81-463. With my normal total IgA result in I believe that it is OK to trust my EnteroLab results now. My assumptions now are that I am OK with casein, eggs, soy, and yeast and that my Antigliadian IgA result of 9 indicated that I was doing well on my Atkins type diet, My severe gut episode with lasting pain after eating a large portion of wheat containing foods was my "challenge test" to remind me that I should never eat gluten again (along with my gene results). I am hoping that the elimination of my fatigue since starting my strict elimination diet is solely because I eliminated trace to small amounts of gluten from my everyday diet and not because I eliminated casein and gluten. I suppose I will not know unless my fatigue returns as I introduce more foods like casein back into my diet. An interesting thing that I have discovered as I have tried to reintroduce more foods is that I believe that I am sensitive to Splenda. I never would have thought that I had a problem with Splenda but I am considering the possibly that the possible Splenda sensitivity contributed to my fatigue problem. I am not certain at this point about the Splenda but I have concerns and have totally eliminated it from my diet. My plans are to stay off diary products for several more weeks before I try to reintroduce them again. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas about my IgA results and diet plan I am very interested in what you have to say. I just received my call back from Costco about the Kirkland brand paper towels and the representative informed me that the manufacturer confirmed that the Kirkland paper towels are gluten free. This makes two good telephone calls for me this morning! Kathy
  12. Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for the information on the Jay Robb protein powders. I bought the NOW Eggwhite Protein powder yesterday. I tasted a small amount of the powder plain and it had a salty taste to me. I thought that was interesting since there is no added salt. I blended the power with coconut milk, pineapple with juice, and some ice and my smoothie was very good. The salty flavor that I noticed with the plain powder did not come through with my smoothie. My smoothie did have a foamy head. I wonder if the powder was mixed with a small amount of water if we could make meringue out of it since it seems to foam? I defiantly could not drink the NOW powder plain with water but that is OK because I am just happy to find a way to make protein smoothies again. Once I bought whey protein isolate from All The Whey on the internet; I bought mint chocolate and it was so good that I could drink it plain just mixed with water. It is too bad that they use sucralose to sweeten it. Thanks again for the recommendation! Kathy
  13. Hi Elizabeth, I would recommend the ON Chocolate egg white protein powder if you are sure that Splenda is OK for you. I tried it this morning for breakfast with coconut milk, strawberries and a little ice in the blender. The taste was good but next time I think I would leave out the strawberries. Plain with just water it is much thinner than whey protein powder but the taste is not too bad; not quite as good as the ON chocolate whey protein powder though. It may have more of an aftertaste than the whey protein powder does as well. I tried it plain once yesterday. Unfortunately for me I think that I must be sensitive to Splenda. Yesterday after drinking the plain protein powder I got a head ache several hours later. After drinking my breakfast drink this morning I am not feeling right and I feel like I am on the edge of getting another head ache. I have had several head aches this week and each time it was after consuming something with Splenda in it. (I have been trying to expand my diet after being on my strict elimination diet for the past month--with no headaches until this week with the Splenda.) This is really a surprise to me because I used to eat Splenda all the time before I went on my elimination diet and I thought it did not bother me. I did have fatigue though so maybe the Splenda contributed to the fatigue. I called around to several stores this morning and I found the plain Now egg white protein powder at one of the health food stores; I am going to pick some up this weekend. The lady on the phone also recommend Jay Robb plain egg white protein powder; it does have some digestive enzymes and "natural flavors" in it though and is a little more expensive than the Now brand. Some Jay Robb protein powders have stevia for the sweetener. My favorite doctor actually recommended Jay Robb whey protein powder to me several months ago; I tried a sample from his office and liked it very much but I thought the cost was too high and wound up using the Optimum Nutrition whey brand that contains artificial sweeteners instead of stevia. I am going to buy the NOW brand because at this point I do not want to risk finding out that the "natural flavors" in the Jay Robb brand bother me. The thing that I do not understand is that ON uses acesulfame potassium for the whey protein powders that I have purchased but sucralose (Splenda) for their egg white protein powder. It may be that I never got a head ache after drinking the whey protein powder because I am not sensitive to acesulfame potassium like I think I am to Splenda. All of this is so confusing and hard to figure out so I think that I am just going to eliminate all artificial sweeteners rather than risking another head ache that ruins my day. Thanks again for recommending the Now brand! Kathy
  14. Andrea, Thanks so much for posting the article; it is very interesting. I think that I defiantly need to start a food journal. It is interesting that for the challenge test that the amount of food can be a little as one tablespoon. One thing that is really interesting to me is that before I started the Atkins diet I used to always wake up with stiff fingers. I tried not to think about it but I was concerned that I was getting arthritis. After going on Atkins my morning stiffness went away completely and has not come back. I always wondered why I had improvement but never really figured it out. Also I used to have nasal allergies. I was on a steroid nasal spray and antihistamine and even took allergy shots for a short time. Sometime after starting Atkins I was able to discontinue my allergy medication. I always thought it was because I moved to Arizona and bought a leather couch but after reading your article maybe my stiffness and nasal allergies improved because I stopped eating grains. (I used to always get a headache if I sat on our couch, cleaning helped but never lasted very long, once we switched to leather I could finally sit on the couch without fear of a headache.) The head ache thing is very interesting. I have had some headaches this week. I have introduced some extra foods to my elimination diet and I think that I need to pay more attention. One difficulty is that because of all the rain that we have had everything is blooming plus there is mold in the air according to the news; I do not know how to differentiate between a headache caused by allergens in the air or something new I added to my diet. I think that keeping a log as suggested in the article may help. Thanks again for the valuable information! Kathy