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  1. I think you will find that aromatherapy is safe. I have had the same thing when having facials many, many times over 12 years gluten free and have never, ever had a problem. I have never found any aromatherapy that contained gluten. I am a very sensitive, diagnosed Celiac. As far as lotion is concerned, you won't have a problem if you wash your hands, which I cannot imagine NOT doing before eating. That is Celiac 101. You only have to screen hand lotions for personal use and anything that goes onto the lips. Eye drops also should be gluten-free as you put that directly into the eye and it can make it's way down into your gut. Hair salons........no, never had a problem. If a salon uses good products, they will not contain gluten. Again, in 12 years of checking anything new they use, never found any gluten component. I color and trim my hair once a month and I'm pretty sure I'd be dead by now if I ingested gluten for so often for 12 years. You really do not want to ingest anything that is sprayed and I can't say that I have. It's a bad idea for many other reasons besides gluten. I know you are newly diagnosed and yes, you need to check ingredients BUT gluten is not everywhere. If you check whatever they are using and it does not contain the dreaded gluten, then do not worry about it.
  2. As far as the grey hair goes, I understand how you feel as I started going seriously grey in my mid 20's also. As cyclinglady stated, there is nothing you can do about that except color you hair or live with the grey hair. I chose to color it. Grey hair is generally either a genetic thing or it can be the result of vitamin deficiencies or illness. It also can't be reversed, which would be heavenly, I agree! You definitely need a full thyroid panel done because you cannot diagnose Hashi's on antibodies alone. I have Hashi's so know the drill. No doctor should tell people to just go gluten free without some level of testing for Celiac. Those with Hashi's can benefit greatly from going gluten free but that is because those that it helps noticeably also probably do have full blown Celiac.....without Celiac or non-Celiac gluten sensitivity, the gluten-free diet won't help. The supplement you mentioned is just that....a supplement. If you do have true Hashi's, you'll need more than that to help keep thyroid function normal for you. I think you need to see another doctor because your doc is missing the boat here. You really should have a full thyroid panel done and a full Celiac panel. It is important to diagnosis (or not) these 2 conditions early so you won't have more problems down the road. Can you request more blood work?
  3. Lotions used topically are not a concern at all unless they contain gluten and you ingest them into your mouth. Gluten has to get into your GI tract, (which begins in your mouth) for damage to occur. Ditto for hair care products. As most salons have you bend your head back into a sink to wash, the odds of any shampoo or conditioner getting into your mouth are slim to none. If you shower and let the soap and water run down your face, then make your home shampoo/products gluten free.
  4. You shave stumbled onto the biggest secret out there..........the gluten-free diet isn't as horrible as many would have you believe, including the medical profession. There is plenty of good food to eat and the biggest drawback is we have to prepare it ourselves the vast majority of times. That's the worst part. And like yourself, I have friends who have much more serious health issues and they do not have the control over theirs as we do over ours. There may be times when you will be faced with temptations you will have to turn away from but you will move on and survive. Congratulations on having such a positive attitude!
  5. Ha, Ha!!!!!! If I wouldn't get in trouble for practicing without a license, I would! I get it because that is what they did to me for years. I never had acid reflux but had enough other symptoms that all screamed Celiac but no.........they told me that my severe stomach pain might be acid reflux so take this script and go away. They never even tried to figure it out past the 10 minutes allowed for the appointment. I'll never forget one doctor that I pushed back on and told her I was not there for meds but to find out what was actually wrong and she got so mad she left the room and never came back. All they kept doing was trying to shove pills down my throat. I am guessing that the procedure is the one where they tighten the sphincter muscle at the entrance to your stomach? I know so many people who had that done because it's become so common to push that if the meds aren't working well. Follow the money........ If acid reflux becomes that bad, then you have to start looking at food, period.
  6. Once your tTg is in the normal range, and it's only 1 point away from that, that would be considered excellent results. tTg just has to be in the normal range to be called a success. The number you want to be as low as possible within the normal range is the DGP or AGA testing, as that tests for dietary compliance. This is why it is a good idea to run both tests because it gives a more complete picture. But with these results I would say you are doing an excellent job with the diet!
  7. http://www.newburnbakehouse.com/gluten-free-artisan-bread I had no idea they now have artisan breads and now I am upset because these look amazing. Is it possible that people emigrate to other countries because of the bread? The wraps they have are really, really good. They roll without splitting and cracking. OMG...they even have crumpets. I really may have to move there.......... http://www.justglutenfree.co.uk/#Section2 We bought this at Whole Foods in London and the bread is quite good. It makes delicious toast! The rolls are very good also.
  8. It has always been odd to me that the US, the land of innovation in the world, cannot make great gluten free bread. Of course, no one cares about that except Celiac nation. I am not saying there isn't good gluten-free bread here because there is. In the 12 years since my diagnosis, it has come a long way. However, every time I visit the UK, I am amazed at how much better the bread is. It more closely matches the flavor and, most importantly, the texture of gluten bread. In fact, there were a few times when I ordered something with bread in a restaurant, and I panicked after taking a bite, thinking they had gotten the wrong bread. No, they didn't...it was just that good! For those near to London, I implore you to visit here: http://www.beyondbread.co.uk/ You see those French baguettes? I had a panini sandwich made from one of those and it was almost a religious experience. They have won awards for their bread and I can believe it. I tried to get them to come to the US and open another bakery but I don't think that's going to happen. They have 2 locations......Fitzrovia and Islington. The Fitzrovia location is very near to the Goodge St. station. Now, hop on the Tube and go there! The meat IS good here, JMG. We just have so many cows. Cattle country. Now they have created dry aged steaks, which are pricey but they are like the crack of meat. Once you taste how tender they are, you have trouble going back to regular, non-aged meats. They are so tender, they cut like butter. As far as the antibiotics in meat, you can easily buy unadulterated meat here. It's the cheaper, mass produced meats that do that. I know my food and the one thing I love about Europe is the food. In many ways on certain items, the quality is unsurpassed!
  9. I think for adults who are disabled or have really low incomes, they should be allowed to keep their Rx. But anyone else who is an adult and has a job, they should pay their own way. There are so many options available in the UK now and their gluten-free options are really good. You have better bread than we do in the States and the cost in many instances is lower than it is here.
  10. Ennis....pertaining to food deductions, you can deduct the price difference between those items that you would have to buy a gluten free version of because there are no other options......like all the mixes and things mentioned. Chips, not so much, as many chips are already gluten free so it would not apply. Those would be your safest bet as you probably will be audited for doing this. That's how the IRS works. If there are big changes regarding deductions, that will raise a red flag and your chances of being audited go up. You sound like you keep good records so don't sweat it if you will gain a benefit in income from doing so. You do realize that you have to have a minimum of 10% of your adjusted gross income to even begin to deduct anything?
  11. But Barrett's is caused by acid reflux and acid reflux can be a direct result of...............undiagnosed Celiac Disease. Once again, they fail to trace back to the most probable root cause.
  12. That is not completely true, Ennis, and it all depends on what kind of cooking they are doing. I would never eat from a shared bakery because baking is different than cooking and they use flour in just about everything in the shop. Flour could literally be everywhere. However, in a restaurant where they cook main meals, the use of flour is limited and usually is used in gravies or some small part of the meal.....not quite the same as a bakery. Flour would not be everywhere, unless they had a flour fight in the kitchen. There are many, many restaurants that do gluten free correctly and it doesn't have to be treated like a biohazard.......that is a bit of a stretch. It would be more important to know how clean the kitchen is overall and that will tell you if they have good practices in place to prevent cc. It has been said that if the restroom is clean, then the kitchen most likely would be also. That coming from someone who did inspections for a living so knew what they were talking about. Most good restaurants do not want to gluten their paying guests because that is very bad for business. In talking to many, many restaurant owners over the years, I have found that the OP's complaint happens very often. Many people who claim to have Celiac make a big deal about the meal and then ask for the bread. And...they eat the gluten bread like it's not a problem. I can't tell you how many times I have heard this from waitstaff. So, thank you to the OP for taking the time to ask questions here.....it is much appreciated!
  13. Try this for pasta.........http://www.quattrobimbi.com. I use them to buy my Le Veneziane pasta. They are limited for products but have the best gluten-free pasta around!
  14. If you have continuous coverage with an employer, you would be charged the group rate and were not penalized for preexisting conditions. If you lose your job and were forced to apply through the government site, you WERE PENALIZED. You could be charged up to 3 times the amount of a young, healthy person and the bill that keeps dying in the Senate right now (thankfully) was going to penalize you by age (50-64), up to 5 times the amount of a young, healthy person. With insurance companies involved, that's what you are going to get. Both plans were not good for Americans. Cyclinglady's comments are correct. It is stupid because everyone has a preexisting condition these days. How about insurance that people can actually use? I am just sitting back and waiting for it to all implode. The they will be forced to figure it out or docs won't get paid. That won't last long......