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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Kansas Doctor Needed

    Anyone know about a good GI doctor in Wichita, KS? And a family physician? I need to be monitored closely for now because I had extensive damage, including a bleeding ulcer in the intestine at the time of my diagnosis. My malabsorption rate is still at 964 according to my last fecal fat cell test (originally 2, 863), and is supposed to be down below 200, so I still have a long way to go. I just moved here from Minneapolis, MN. I have been discouraged so far about the lack of knowledge in the area about the need to be gluten-free! Everyone I have encountered so far, including my husband's family physician, look at me like I am an alien. Of course I suppose that this is what I should expect moving into the "bread basket" of our country, from a progressive state like Minnesota. I also need a good allergist. For the past 3 years I have had chronic hives everyday, and was told by my last doctor "good luck, I hope they go away eventually". Fortunately I am on a cocktail of medicines that keep them under control, but I avoid alcohol, spicy food and coffee, as they aggravate my symptoms. thanks Katrina
  3. Just remember this.... "No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!" Other fish related movies: "Big Fish" (duh) "Amelie"-Suicidal goldfish named Blubber In a fish called Wanda I have to say my favorite is a naked John Cleese on a bearskin rug with his black socks still on. Now that's funny, and awkward.
  4. Oooh and then they should take tons of relaxants or something so they have no energy during the day.
  5. If they are college age kids, they should have to go to school and resist the temptation of all the foods around them. And not only that but get up during a final and puke and come back and finish the fiinal. They should have to feel the torture of their friends talking about pizza for half an hour with no respect to them. "I would like to buy a bowel" Nice. That is going to make my day! Too bad I can't laugh too loud in the U of MN computer Lab.
  6. Speaking of fish theme...... "You shall cut down the tallest tree in the forest...wiiiith. A Herring!!!" "Gasp" "No Sir knight, anything but that!" Oh monty python how you cheer me up when I am glum
  7. Gluten And Dairy Free?

    Since gluten can mess up your intestine sooo much it is hard to tolerate dairy right away on the gluten free diet. However, some people seem okay with it. On the other hand some people have problems with dairy and not gluten. (lactose intolerant, casein intolerant, or just plain allergic) So what I would do is elliminate one or the other and see what happens with your symptoms, if they improve or not. Sometimes a diary helps to keep track of symptoms you are having so that you don't have to in your head. This is how I am figuring out my allergies. I am pretty sure it is that dastardly dairy that makes me break out in hives. Try process of elimination and see what happens. What is there to lose? Not much, just symptoms.
  8. So school starts on Tuesday. After a year and a month of hives I am finally hive free for 7 days! It is nice to feel pretty in my own skin again. Somedays I thought I looked like a big pink splotch and nothing else. But other than that, I am starting Spring Semester and I have a lot in store for me. Teaching swing dance again next week because I have my strength back. Yay muscles!!! I am starting a Celiac, Gluten Intolerant, Dermatitis Herpeteformis, any other gluten sensitivity group on campus. This should help alot of incoming freshmen to adapt to the university environment. I also am taking French, Design and Tech II, and an acting class. Why they make techies act when we are so bad at it I have no clue. Hamlet would run away screaming and then plunge off the side of the castle from shock at my acting skills (or lack there of). Anywhoo, I am glad to be getting somewhere on my allergies, because 9 near death experiences are not my cup of tea. I really would like to spend less time in the hospital and more time dancing. The Celiac's is recovering quite nicely but allergies and asthma are a pain in the rear. That's all for now.
  9. You're Know You're A Celiac If...

    -You wake up the next morning with hives because someone "gluten-contaminated" used your designated gluten-free towel. -Your roommate uses your dishes without asking and leaves wheat flour all over the counter, because she says "I thought it wasn't that big of a deal. I know about your problem, but I don't care that much." -You have had to move out of a dormitory because you had too many anaphalactic visits to the ER becuase of her sloppiness in the kitchen. -You enjoy doing crosswords in the newspaper, just because the newspaper is gluten free.
  10. Only You Guys Would Understand....

    One thing I found that helps me is high fiber! (not gluten of course). Buckwheat and Rice are wonderful. Mary, I too was like a fountain every day until I got diagnosed. This is why my muscle and bones are in such bad shape. But knowing that my stomach is calm and my poop is regular makes getting out of bed a little easier. Sometimes when you are bleary eyed from the pain, stiffness, and joint pain, it is the highlight of your day!
  11. "Now this is getting just too silly....." Oh I love this forum! Off to go watch some Flying Circus!
  12. Sorry I have been late to answer: Cracked rib due to bone density loss, moving to the parents cause I am in so much pain, endoscopy, yadda yadda yadda....etc. Anyways, I used to be diagnosed as being intolerant to casein so I will try to make this recipe again using soy products. When I was diagnosed 4 years ago as being gluten, dairy, and soy intolerant, I used to use goat cheese because of the lack of casein in it. Sheeps milk is not okay however, if I remember correctly. I don't know for sure if this is true because of the new research that is out, or that I don't know about. So don't quote me on this. The problem with dairy alternatives is that it does not have a creamy texture. Instead of milk and cheese you could use silken tofu and your favorite flavor of cheese alternative. This might be creamy enough to work. You could try this and experiment until the recipe is perfect.
  13. Help...

    Question is how long has it taken for you to get diagnosed? How long have you been gluten-free? I am now going on 2 months of being gluten-free and I am still losing weight, lost 26 pound in 2 months and am still losing. My doctor says it takes 6 months to a year for your intestine to start working properly again and actually absorbing what you take in. Talk to your doctor about your concern.....maybe they can help you, also look at how much vitamins and fiber you are taking in.....I am actually overdoing the amount of vitamins I get in my food. This is helping my energy at least. I have lost alot of bone density and alot of muscle according to my doctor. Main conern, how much of it is muscle that you are losing? How much of it is bone density? and How much is fat? Is there another underlying condition that has made your weight so low? Excellent questions for the doc and dietician..... Don't despair...you are not unusual. Hang in there
  14. I had to say something....I was actually just cruising around the site and found this post! Now I am a youngster here on the forum but being close to my 21st b-day I consider myself an adult...... To the original poster of this thread.....I concur that this is a place for "information", sympathizing, and levity in a life of discomfort. Sometimes though some of us are shocked at a person listing a product as totally gluten-free when we know that it specifically says it is not. This often results in a heated reaction fearing for the safety of the other members of the forum going off and trying a product and possibly making friends with their toilet for the next few days. Yes some people are vehement, but you cannot go in with your little brain gnomes and rewire their brain to be more open minded. Some people only know what they have experienced and are not aware that other people may be different than them, god forbid.... However, I think most of us here are open minded, in response to your post in Texan slang....."Them 'ders fightin' words" Not that you meant them that way, but people always can interpret stuff the way they want to. Being an overly sensitive person to gluten I had a positive test to a gluten skin test, I am Celiac, and I have DH, I am extremely careful about what I eat. I am new to this whole gluten thing....well not new but returning to the gluten free diet with less restrictions. I appreciate people's experiences, where the information may not be 100% black and white accurate, I do get steered in the right direction on a place to look for gluten-free items in my life that I can use. Of course I check every label 3 times and bug the heck out of the natural foods store on site dietician, but I find that it is nice to know that I have a community. Maybe it is not all "black and white" here, but then again is anything relating to gluten "black and white"? Just looking at the differences on this forum between the amount of allergies that people have, the level of intolerances that people have, and the different disorders/diseases people have not related to gluten, I would say there is no "right or wrong" answer. When I post information I try to think of most of the allergies/level of intolerance that people have. When posting a recipe, or new product I found I always mention that you should check it out for yourself and not think that I or anyone else has all the answers or all the information. That would be like going into a store and drinking oven cleaner because someone told you it was gluten free. Richard, I am new to this forum, but you have made me chuckle already in the last week! I have never had so much levity about my disease before in my life! I get alot of support from this community when others out there who do not have any food sensetivities are clueless. Sometimes knowing that you guys are here, opinions and all is really the reason that I get up in the morning. To know that I am not alone and to get my stiff, pained, inflamed joint booty out of bed in the morning! See what I mean about being the highlight of my day when I feel like heck! Sense of humor....necessary to survival I have found.
  15. Here is my wonder creation.....I didn't measure anything however. cook enough pasta for you to consume at the time. drain and set aside. milk 1-2 tblsp butter or your estimate handful of flour (I used bean flour for extra protein and fiber) 3/4 cup cheese or how much you like (I used jack style goat cheese-gives me less stomach upset) Put these ingredients in the pan you boiled the pasta in and heat until the cheese and butter melt and the sauce thickens. Remove from heat and add pasta. Alterations for more vitamins: -when you boil the pasta add frozen veggies to the pasta and boil along with it. When the pasta is done the veggies will be tender (added bonus the pasta soaks up the minerals that the veggies leach out in the cooking process! actually a true fact!) My favorite is broccoli (it has lots of calcium, antioxidants, and minerals-plus it is tasty too!) -you can also add your favorite spices-I add basil or oregano depending on my tastes that day, experiment with your favorite spices. -also you can add your favorite meat or tofu, chicken works well with this as it is like alfredo and is a white sauce. -change up your cheese selection, parmesan, cheddar and jack are all appropriate choices. -----if you are not able to consume dairy or casein try experimenting with this base model of a recipe and post your discoveries! I top this off with a nice cold glass of pomegranate juice-this dish has enough calcium, protein, and vitamins in it to hold you over. I try to overdo vitamins right now as I have lost 26 pounds in two months and am still losing! so I try to get my body to absorb something at least! I just created this tonight and it was delightful and satisfies my pasta dairy cravings. thought I would mention another of my favorite quick dishes..... -brown rice and wild rice-boiled together in the same pot, with veggies added a few minutes after being on the burner -add cooked meat or tofu before serving and voila! a fast main dish! -top with your favorite gluten-free soy sauce and it boosts up the flavor. this is dairy free too! and soy free if you don't use tofu. have fun making variations!