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  1. Hey y'all... While a close friend and co-worker of mine is gluten intolerant, I never thought I could have a problem with wheat or soy until yesterday when I visited a new physician. Based on a long history of dairy and egg allergies, skin disorders, sleep disturbances, cold intolerance, and gastrointenstinal problems, she recommended I tried eliminating wheat from my diet for 2 weeks and then wheat and soy for 2 weeks following. I've been reading over a lot of other postings and found frighteningly familiar symptoms. While I've got no problem modifying my diet as needed, reading labels, education, etc, I'm starting to panic because I'm vegan! A HUGE percentage of my diet is soy-based in one way or another! Can anyone recommend alternative protein sources (besides the standard nuts and beans) that are animal friendly, wheat-free, AND soy-free?! Any recommendations, stories, personal reflections, etc are highly welcomed!!! I appreciate it, folks! Jenn