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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Soy in all it's forms is in almost all processed foods........And if you are consuming soy lecithin, or msg, soybean oil, etc.... THAT can Definately cause severe ITCHING! It always did for me........every time........to where now, I cannot consume any form of soy or any legume without having the severe itch with no rash! No Doctor every found it either....I discovered it myself after keeping a food journal and finding the common denominator; culprit! Good luck. I wish there were more foods that kept the soy out! Gluten free is easy compared to finding foods 'sans' the soy! Soy is dangerous anyway...it was way over touted and people are just now realizing this. Some celiacs can tolerate soy....but I am severely allergic to any and all forms of it. Hope this helps.
  2. ..I'm am sorry you had trouble with your salad..........but I have yet to find salad dressings (for the most part) that don't include that ever-present 'soy' ingredient. Litehouse brand is the only brand that I have seen that doesn't include soy in 'some' of their dressings.......But in the classic Ceasar Salad dressing recipie,.....it typically has Worcestershire sauce which has soy as an ingredient. Before I knew I was celiac, I would Always have the 'D' after any salad in a restarant.......til I became Anaphylatic/Highly allergic to soybean oil, soy lethicin, soy anything. A lot of Celiacs are intolerant to soy......., perhaps soy is the culprit......, but perhaps keeping a food diary would help you get to the common denominator in your food troubles. Hope you feel better soon.
  3. I'm Extremely allergic to soy in any form....so I know how hard it is to find food without it. I had a small sweet potato (nuked in the microwave) this morning for bkfst......with Agave syrup. Sometimes, I add raisins or prunes or figs, walnuts or almonds too.......and it's delicious, healthy and quick! Potatoes have lots of vitamins and minerals....and sweet potatoes help keep me 'regular'....along with the raisins. You have to just be really creative..I hope this helps.
  4. .... The Lowes Foods Grocery Store in Charlotte, NC sells Pamela's products.
  5. Stacie, You mentioned that your family drinks Almond milk by Blue Diamond....., But it has "soy lecithin" and 'natural flavors' in it's ingredients. You mentioned that 'soy' makes her sick. Soy gives me hives, anaphylatic reactions and diarrhea!!! Just this week I tried the very Almond milk you mentioned (thinking that the soy lecithin wouldn't bother me...) ....But boy..... did it ever bother me! For me, soy is soy in ANY form! I would bet that it's the soy lecithin ingredient! I hope this helps!!!!!
  6. Itching

    I have been Hightly allergic to Soy (Any form of soy)......for over a decade!.......I discovered the soy allergy long before I even figured out the Celiac problem......AND the Soy CAUSED SEVERE ITCHING!!! Soy is in practically everything in one form or another.....so, If it's the culprit......you'll have to be even more vigilant in trying to avoid not only Gluten.....but soy forms also! I had the Dh rash for years on my legs......and After deleting the soy, the rash started going away, layer by layer..........then ONLY after deleting Gluten from my diet........the rash I'd had for years, and years......gradually dissapated. Anytime I come in contact with soy, my head fingers and face will severely itch and become inflamed! ........Just my 2 cents worth.
  7. If anyone is Allergic to the Pea family like me, then you also might get a reaction from this product like I do! Tamarind is the last ingredient listed on the product label and Tamarind is a sticky brown acidic pulp from the pod of a tree in the pea family! That's why I can't have it.....I tried it a couple of years ago, then learned what Tamarind was after I had a horrible reaction to the product. I'm allergic to Peas and beans and especially anaphylatic to Soy in any form! No beans or bean flours, no peas, no lima beans, no anything in the bean or pea family for me, unfortunately! I do miss bbq! Gluten free just isn't enough for me.