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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi, Would anyone be able to tell me where to buy gluten free foods in Scotland (Glasgow), Germany (Bremen) and Singapore, also what are the best brands regarding breads etc. I'm travelling there in Jan/Feb and am a bit nervous about food. I will be staying with my husbands family in the Hebrides, so if anyone knows of a company that delivers out to the islands would be even better, otherwise I will stock up in Glasgow before we go over. Thanks for your help. Teresa.
  2. i'm sorry if i gave you the wrong impression cathy, i wasn't having a dig at you at all. all i meant to say was that i discovered, after doing a bit of research, that microwaves and plastics seem to be a dangerous combination. personally i would stay clear of them. that's all.
  3. Any Kiwis Out There?

    Hi Westie, I presume you are in west auckland then? If you are, have you been to East West Organics in Glen Eden? They supply a lot of gluten-free products. I actually live up in Whangarei. My family live on the North Shore, but I usually just eat at their houses, rather than out when I'm in Auckland. I've found that New World seem to stock quite a few items. I get my pasta from them, San Remo brand. Really good and tastes and looks like the real thing. I like Venerdi brand bread, I get it from the health food shop (it's normally available at New World and Pak n Sav). It's normally about $7 a loaf which is pretty expensive, but they seem to always have extra stock and if you can get it when it's nearly expired, then it is reduced in price and you can just freeze it. I tend to make a lot of stuff myself and have found bin inn and asian supermarkets best for that. As for takeaways, hell pizza do a gluten free base, just have to watch what toppings you get. Muffin Break do gluten free muffins. Up here they only have them on Wed and Thurs (and they always sell out!), but not sure when they bake them in Auckland stores. Is there anything specific you want to know, I might be able to help. Oh and welcome to NZ, hope you are enjoying the change. Cheers,
  4. Hi Yes Peggy, you get the chocolate from Oxfam, or TradeAid in NZ. it's a bit on the expensive side but boy is it moorish and such a treat ($5.90 big bar). I do volunteer work there, if only i could exchange my time for chocolate . Thanks for looking at my site Cathy. I came up with the idea when I went to Dunedin for a friends wedding and realised that I had no idea where I could eat or shop. There is a positive side to feeding a baby at 4am (that's when I get my ideas). Hope you are both feeling better. Oh and Cathy, to be honest, I've given up on the whole McD's thing, if you want takeaways, hell pizza do a gluten free base, just watch what toppings you get. Have a good day.
  5. Hi, I'm a kiwi! Just wanted to add a few things, the nice and natural bars are fantastic, yum yum yum. apparently the melbourne expo was great, over 10,000 people went! the best chocolate you can buy is fairtrade dark chocolate, gluten free, dairy free, and sooooooooooooooooooo yum! plus you will be doing a great service to all those cocoa farmers out there that usually live off the smell of an oily rag because they don't get a fair market price for their beans. (sorry rant over). I'm a bit jealous of those americans, sounds like they have heaps of yummy products on sale. Oh and I lived off the "don't eat the dinosaur daddy" lollies for the first 3 months of my pregnancy. My favourites are san remo pasta range (just like the real thing, I think), and Venerdi bread. We have just got the Livwell range at Pak n Sav. My god they are expensive, $12 for 4 white rolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Personally I make a lot of foods myself, but then I have the luxery because I'm a stay at home mum. I've found bin inn to be quite good at stocking gluten free stuff, certainly cheaper than a lot of places. Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth. If you want a bit more information about where to buy and eat, check out my website. There are a few recipes there as well. Cheers,
  6. Hi Cathy and Westie, Hope you are still around. I've only just discovered this site myself. I've been gluten free for nearly 3 years now (self- diagnosed) and it's been a steep learning curve. I'm also the first in my family to have it, and I think half the time they think I'm faking it and forget. Not my mum, she's pretty good, but the rest of my family just don't get it. Fortunately I live 2 hours away and don't get invited for meals that often. To be honest though, I'm almost glad I am intolerant sometimes, it certainly makes for a healthier lifestyle and definately helps me to keep slim (esp while being pregnant and craving sausage rolls and meat pies that I couldn't eat!!!). My 11 month old son seems to have escaped the same fate as me which is excellent, although he doesn't seem to have escaped a supressed immune system and suffers from ezcema. Fortunately I've always been interested in health and nutrition so am always searching for information, recipes etc, and since I'm usually the cook in our household, we always eat gluten free (my husband does like to indulge in his fresh bread mind you). Just a question for you Westie. When you do the blood test, do you have to have eaten gluten? I ask because I wanted my doctor to confirm that I am intolerant but the blood tests came back negative. Is this because I haven't eaten gluten in such a long time? I would love to get 1 of those card things, but need a confirmed diagnoses first. My doctor wasn't too understanding of the whole disease, in fact she thinks it's the latest fade diet????????????? Doctors????????????? but I won't go there. Cheers,
  7. Hiya, Have just discovered this website and wondering if there are any new zealanders about? Or is there are special forum just for us kiwis? I've been gluten free for almost 3 years now and to be honest, the only time I have a problem with it is when I am invited somewhere and they don't know I'm gluten intolerant, or when I've left home in a rush and don't know where to get some food. Is this the case for anyone else, any suggestions? Anyway, just saying hi. Cheers, Teresa