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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Matzo Meal

    Hi...matzo is unleavened bread that Jewish people eat during Passover because they cannot have bread that is leavened. Matzo is made with flour and water but does not have the same "rising power" as other breads, like white bread or italian bread. Its flat and cracker like. Matzo meal is just grinded up matzo crackers used to make matzo balls and other things during Passover. While matzo, especially matzo balls are delicious, IT IS NOT GLUTEN FREE.
  3. White Sauce In Chinese Restaurants

    Yeah, I guess so.
  4. White Sauce In Chinese Restaurants

    Yeah, see thats what scares me. I'm a nervous wreck when it comes to eating outside my home. I would be afraid that it may be a foreign product. That is the same argument with dextrin and maltodextrin. By law if it is made in the USA it must be derived from corn, but any where else and it probably has gluten in it. With MSG and Chinese food, normally you can't read the label of the MSG bottle to be sure where it was produced. And as you said, MSG could make anyone feel awful. So I would stay as far away from anything I wasn't 100% sure of anyways!
  5. White Sauce In Chinese Restaurants

    I thought it was only safe if it was made in the USA?
  6. White Sauce In Chinese Restaurants

    To my knowledge, MSG is on the list of foods for celiac patients to avoid. Wheat is such a good source of glutamic acid, as is soy, and corn, that MSG is often made from these foods. And MSG from foreign countries may have gluten in it. Some foods are NOT gluten-free because the MSG they contain has been imported from overseas. If it is an authentic Chinese restaurant, they very well may be using imported seasonings, like MSG. It is similar to trusting that all Thai restaurants use tamari soy sauce which is gluten free as opposed to the more traditional soy sauce (shoyu) found in other Asian cuisines that is made with wheat. I know with me, I would rather be safe than sorry.
  7. White Sauce In Chinese Restaurants

    I actually ordered in chinese last week with my boyfriend and asked what was in the white sauce they serve on their dishes. The woman who I spoke with said that it is corn starch and chicken broth. While there is no soy sauce, the chicken broth may very well have hydrolyzed vegetable or plant protein, which has gluten in it. Also, while many restaurants are hesitant to admit it, they may be using MSG for added flavor, which is also not safe. I ended up getting steamed chicken with mixed veggies and then added some sauce of my own at home. I actually through the veggies in my wok, added some chopped garlic, olive oil and ginger powder. That was before I was able to find wheat free soy sauce. Next time I will definitely add that in. I don't think I had a problem after eating it, but cross contamination is always a big concern, not to mention the fact that according to my definition of ordering in or taking out, having to reprepare the food to add your own sauces is no longer the same thing. It so hard to cut down prep time when it comes to eating, especially after a long day of work. I'd say, next time stick to the steamed dishes with no sauce and eat all the plain rice you would like (and keep your fingers crossed that you don't run into cross contamination).
  8. really? thats very exciting. im starting to get sick of my boring breakfasts. do you have a particular favorite yogurt? i hear most of the flavored ones contain gluten.
  9. In Desperate Need Of Fiber!

    Maybe I will start with magnesium and see how that goes. I am thinkning about seeing Dr. Green at Columbia since I am so close. I really don't love my regular doctor or my nutritionist. I know Metamucial comes in tablet form now too. Prunes are out for me, I would eat too many and become a sugary mess. I might actually be the only one in the world who enjoys dried fruit! Flax can be costly and has a short shelf life. Have you ever tried Mary's Gone Crackers? I sometimes see adds on this site for them. I am sure they are available online. They aren't too too costly, as a lot of gluten free products are. They are made of fax seed, quinoa, and rice and are actually really tasty. They come in a few different flavors but the original is my favorite. I eat them for breakfast sometimes with cheese or with hummus or even peanut butter. Maybe this will help get some flax in without burning a whole in your pocket!! I love figs, and dates too. Have you ever tried cooking with them? My boyfriend's cousin made a delicious roasted chicken with potatoes, carrots, figs, and dates. It was amazing. I should try to get the recipe. The only problem with fruit is that I can only have 2 servings a day because I need to watch my sugar.
  10. Hey Autumn, I too am lactose intolerant and I absolutely love cheese. I was afraid I might have been casein intolerant but after doing some talking with a nutritionist I found out that if I was casein intolerant I would not be able to tolerate any sort of milk product. I decided to do an elimination diet and cut out all of the "unsafe" lactose containing dairy and eat the allowed cheeses such as cheddar, swiss, montarey, muenster, guoda, and a few others (i love chedder so that's really all i eat). And I am absolutely fine with them!! While this may not be the case for you it might be worth trying. I had iced cream on saturday night and had horrible stomach issues, including indigestion all day on Sunday. Everyone will react differently so its hard to compare symptoms. As some also have suggested you may want to get tested for an intolerance to casein. I was thinking about that in the begining also however it is expensive and if you can figure it out on your own it might be worth the money saved. As you may also know many of us can have other food intolerances. Maybe it was the corn in the nachos or soy? Corn doesn't always agree with me and I cannot tolerate soy at all. Sticking to whole foods (like fruits, veggies, and protein) while slowing experimenting with other gluten-free foods and added them back in have helped me to figure out what I can and cannot eat. When I do eat non safe dairy I always get sick. I am hoping this is temporary since I love yogurt and cottage cheese. I have also heard that cold dairy is the worst for those who are lactose intolerant (I am okay with drinking a cappuccino because the milk is heated and steamed). I hope you feel better soon!
  11. My boyfriend and I cannot wait!!! The best thing that has ever happened to our love for Lost has been getting Tivo. Now we can rewind, fast forward, pause, go in slow motion, and not believe each other when we swear we see a clue in the background. I cannot wait. lostpedia.com is the best spoiler site i've seen.
  12. Hello and welcome!! My typical day is also filled with as much fresh whole organic foods as possible. As dingogirl said, if you have a Trader Joes nearby I would definitely check them out. They should always have a gluten free product list available to their customers. There are many other places to purchase safe foods if you don't have any organic markets nearby also. I have always struggled with my weight so I definitely do not want to gain weight while maintaining my gluten free diet. I am 25, live with my boyfriend (who loves gluten!!) and have a very busy full time work schedule- not to mention I am a part time master's student. I thought I would never have time to prepare gourmet delicious gluten free meals. I have realized that while I may not have the time to sit over the stovetop and prepare a meal for 2 hours, I sure do have 30 minutes to spare, especially if it means feeling better. I usually try to go food shopping in the begining of the week (preferably Sunday or Monday). While the weekends vary slightly, here is my typical work day food breakdown: (I need to watch my sugar intake because I am insulin resistant. I am also intolerant to soy and lactose so I am avoided those too. I did however find some cheeses I can tolerate and since I love love love cheese I make sure I include those in occasionally.) breakfast: 4 boiled egg whites with a pinch of salt, Mary's Gone Crackers (made of flax, quinoa, and rice- great source of fiber) and 1 piece of low fat white chedder cheese. alternatives if i get sick of eggs: envirokids peanut butter cereal with almond milk or gluten free waffles with warm apples, cinnamon, some nutmeg, and alcohol free vanilla. snack: 5 almonds or an apple with peanut butter or 15 grapes and some low fat muenster cheese or if im really stuck i'll have some rice cakes with peanut butter (i need fiber and these have zero so i try to avoid them when possible). lunch: fresh spinach (this was before the e coli scare, now its sprouts or lettuce) with chic peas, fresh veggies, low fat dressing (kraft is really good at listing gluten and organic markets have a good variety) or just some cider vinegar and olive oil, and a protein. beacuse i really don't like deli meats (boar's head and applegate are 2 safe brands) so i usually have homemade tuna salad or salmon salad or a left over protein from dinner from the night before. snack: see above dinner: here is where i get creative and have actually become quite the gluten free cook. i love brown rice pasta (i know some on this forum don't seem to like it but prior to going gluten free i never really at "regular" pasta so anything pasta like tastes delicious to me!!). i have made my own tomato sauce with fresh or usually canned tomatoes or i use organic marinara sauce and add some sauteed onions in it. i cut up chicken sausage and add that in. i also eat a lot of fish (salmon, swordfish, sea bass, scallops are my favorite) so I usually broil or sear some fish in olive oil and maybe "bread it" with some crushed pecans or even rice flour with lemon juice. I love brown jasmine rice with some butter in it and a ton of veggies on the side. i could go on and on. but the thing to remember is a yummy protein + veggies + starch of your choice= an easy great gluten free meal. and who's to say you can't have cereal or waffles for dinner too? if you can tolerate corn then look up some recipes for polenta, yum! dessert: fruit of choice or natural sorbet. i try to only have 2 servings of fruit per day and as much veggies and lean protein to keep me going. As I said, I am always on the go, so I make sure to have some sort of protein with me at all times (usually a zip lock of almonds or homemade trail mix with unroasted/non salted nuts or seeds and some dried unsweetened fruit. pumpkin seeds are really high in iron so if you are anemic like me those are a great snack.) oh and LOTS of water. i don't drink soda or artificial flavors (like sorbital or splenda, it hurts my stomach). I also enjoy unsweetened tea and drink hot black tea from starbucks when i need a caffeine boost. i hope that helps! sorry if i ranted too much. there are some really great cookbooks out there and the glutenfreemall.com is a great place to start if you don't have an organic market nearby. they have a ton of packaged individual meals too if you are in a real crunch for time. they also have lots of sweets if you are dying for a cookie. and don't be afraid to try to cook and bake some things on your own too! its worth a shot. good luck and use this forum as much as possible, it has been a life saver for me!!
  13. I Can't Stop Burping

    does this ever happen to anyone? its not like for days at a time but every now and then ill have hours of non stop burping. what the heck?
  14. In Desperate Need Of Fiber!

    my nutirtionist said to hold off for a little while but i am starting to question her a little. i have been home sick for the past 2 days with a cold so i have had plenty of time to catch up on my reading and research. i realized that it would be crazy of me to not take advantage of the celiac disease center at columbia university and make an appointment with dr. green and dr. lee ( i think that's her name), the nutritionist there. i know it would be a good idea to start taking more vitamins and i would like to go to a doctor who is well educated on celiac. i felt like i knew so much more than my nutritionist did and i don't love my general practioner. i know feeling better won't happen over night but im trying to be hopeful and im trying to learn as much as i possibly can and im ordering that book as we speak! thanks carla
  15. In Desperate Need Of Fiber!

    i was just looking on amazon to order Tired of Being Tired. There are a few listed. Is it written by Jesse Lynn Hanley and Nancy Deville?