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  1. Hi I am new to gluten-free, and my anniversary is coming up. Does anyone know which alcoholic beverages (ie Vodka, Tequila, etc.) are gluten-free? Thanks! OleSoftie
  2. Hi Jogi, You should be checked for iron deficiency anemia. I was extremely tired, and my doctor found that my iron levels were so low that I had to have a tranfusion of iron (not a blood tranfusion- just iron in solution). It really helped to boost my energy, and taking a daily iron supplement keeps me feeling good. Good luck to you!
  3. Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with gluten-free - blood tests and intestinal biopsy confirmed. Now my doctor is very concerned about my Iron Deficiency Anemia. My iron count is so low that he has scheduled me for an "Iron Transfusion" next week. Has anyone else had this?
  4. Several varieties of Newmans Own are gluten free as well.