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  1. Laura> Don't worry , the quote thing gets me too sometimes, lol . Yes, I should have been more clear, in that if I had what I thought was a reaction I avoided that thing. I guess my thing is that even when I *did* have something, even days later, I still felt fine. It's actually normal for me to have an upset stomach from time to time, as it is for my parents. I'm hoping, too, that we find something. I keep meaning to check back with my GI doc, but will wait now until we hear from the ultrasound, since I'll be back at the GI's if that doesn't help us. I'm wondering if it's the cyst (or possible lack of) that's doing this? I don't know much about those. I also plan to chat with my allergist on Monday to see what he thinks about going back to gluten. Right now, I'm just eating anything that settles. I've never had the diahreea hang on this long after the stomach flu , and am on an enterobiotic to replace the good bateria that I seem to have lost. Trying to have some protein tonight . Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm kind of nervous to go back to gluten, but I feel that from the few times I've had gluten over the past few weeks, and have done fine even days later, that there may be something else at the root of my problem. -Kel confused!
  2. I have been extremely careful. The Twizzlers were an experiment and they didn't bother me at all. The flu has been going around, and I know that's what I had. Right now, we've had two of our 6 kids come down with it, too, so it's going around. I have been extremely careful over the last three months. If something made me sick, I stopped eating it. I did the two weeks the allergy doc suggested, and did "eh" on the diet. Not great, not bad. After the two weeks, I tried a few things, got along fine. I have had a dairy allergy before, so that was nothing new to me. Upset stomachs tend to run in our family, but we all know what we need to avoid to be happy and healthy. THe thought right now is that we are going to rule out problems with my cyst. Moms had two of those before and both have messed with her stomach to an extreme, though that was back in the 50s and 60s. However, I feel that my cyst may be the root of my problem, not gluten. I am going to try gluten for a while and then if I start having problems, go off gluten again and see what happens. Blood test> No, I have not had this done as of yet. That's another reason I'm excited to back on gluten, is that maybe I *can* have this blood test. I would've had plenty of gluten in me at the time of the biopsy, though I do understand that they can take a healthy piece, since it's random. Thanks for the advice . I'm having a very down day, since the end of this flu is wreaking havoc on my system right now, but hope to be in a better mood soon. -Kel
  3. HI Kim> I wasn't actually diagnoised with celiac disease. I've had a biopsy and have talked with a GI doc. My allergist suggested I try being gluten-free for a couple of weeks and see how I feel. I felt somewhat better, but not great, even now. That's why my doc and I decided that maybe that this isn't the answer to my problems. I'm getting my cyst checked out on Monday to see if that's causing the problem. I've had the stomach flu this week and now canont eat *anything* without diahreea . Hoping to be over that soon, too, as I am hungry, just can't seem to eat anything. -Kel
  4. I couldn't find this topic anywhere, so hope this is okay to post: I've had a colonoscopy and an EGD and both were normal. A skin test for food alllergies returned no wheat allergy. The allergy doc mostly reccommended gluten free to settle my stomach. Now that I've been gluten-free since January, my reg. doc and I have talked and I am able to start trying gluten again. Are there any other tests I should know about? I have an ultrasound coming up for a different condition (ovarian cyst), but since everything was normal on the EGD and colonoscopy, is it possible I don't have to be gluten-free at all? -Kel confused
  5. Hi all. First off, I hope this is the correct forum. If not, please re-direct me. My doctor and I have talked and have agreed that I may not need to be gluten free after all. I have ahd some diahreea and problems with an ovarian cyst of alte and have not had any gluten. I have been trying things here and there, but aside from Twizzlers, that's been it. Now that I am recovering from the stomach flu, dad has suggested a couple of soda crackers just to settle my stomach. Would this bea goodplace to start? I'm not sure where to start, but am looking forward to getting backto gluten. My doctor said that if gluten's my problem I should be seeing improvement by now (I"ve been gluten-free since January), and esp. since I've seen improvement with my dairy allergy since going dairy free in January as well. Where do you start? -Kel
  6. Jen, I don't know what caused it, but I've had the same thing. I had some Carl Buddig ham and then celery with some generic (cub foods) peanut butter. Another time, I had a can of fruit (small can), and some Honey Nut PB (Skippy) on a plain, salt-free rice cake and also had to hurry to the bathroom. With the ham, I also had stomach pains, as though I'd gotten into milk . I, too, would appreciate knowing what's up with this! -Kel
  7. Hi all, First, thanks for the suggestions. I have stopped with the chips and corn pops for now. It's been enough days that my body is usually over things and it's still not. I found out that my mom has colitis, and am going to check with the doc about that. I can have some gluten things and not have a problem, but can also have a so called "safe meal" and still get sick. I know it's not just my body being mad about somethig I had earlier in the week, just knowing how fast my body gets over things like that. I am going to remain gluten free for a while and see if it helps though. I can give up certain things to feel bette . I've got permission to try to add some gluten back in, since I was never diagonised celiac, this was just to see if my tummy would settle down. For the most part it has, but I am currently back to my old tummy and first big meal of the day going right through. Yesterday, I had a fresh pork loin (small), straight from the grocers meat case, and still had issues. I know that our local grocery store is serious about food allergies and will do anything to prevent cross-contam, so that's not an issuse at all. -Kel
  8. Heather> If/when they do take your gallbladder, rejoice, lol . I had my out just about a year ago and I don't miss the damn thing! Good things to avoid for gallbladder till you get it out: spicy foods (I went nuts about that one, love my heat) excessivly greasy foods That's all I can think of off hand. My trigger was spicy food. The food that sent me to the ER with the pain in the shoulder blade was some three alarm spaghetti! But now that I've got no gallbladder, I can eat all the spicy foods I want and as long as I watch the grease for me, I get along fine . Good luck and I hope you heal fast! -Kel
  9. Okay...I'm still having problems of late. For example. I have had Corn Pops (old recipe) for breakfast the last couple of mornings (not this morning), and then I get a belly ache and the resulting diherra. Yesterday, I skipped breakfast and then had them for dinner and same thing. Today (Saturday) for dinner, I had a hommade hamburger pattie (no crackers no nothing in it), and some Ruffles (also safe) and a glass of water. For desert, I had some gluten, wheat, and dairy free cookies. I *still* got sick. Tummy was a little naseous, plenty of diahreea to go around, ect. I've still got a low energy level, and often feel the need to have naps during the day, no matter what time I get up. I'm losing weight, but only because I'm workingout and watching what I eat like a freaking hawk. I've been getting over a cold, complete with sinus drainage, but what is wrong with me? Would it hurt to go back to the doc? I'm starting to think this gluten free thing is for the dogs . -Kel sick and tired of being sick and tired!
  10. The only problem I've had with Lays (other than a personal preference), is that they are so greasy. I feel like I've got a rock sitting in my gut for a while after eating them . Ruffles are the ones I like right now. They ar quite nummy and gluten-free! -Kel
  11. Chili's Restaurant

    That looks like the email I got. THe only difference being that for me, my dairy allergy complicates things a bit. But, I think I can still eat there with few problems. I wonder, though, what's up with the mayo? I've never had a problem with mayo, so I wonder what's in theirs. -Kel
  12. Important Topics

    Christine> Glad to hear that all went well . It definetly depends on your level of reaction. I have a very high tolerance, so I can eat out with few problems. I just have to talk to the waiters/-resses and tell them my needs. I've not had a single problem so far eating out at various places. It's sometimes, too, a matter of experimenting and having a few bad experiences, but don't give up . -Kel
  13. I hope this is the right forum for this . I was thinking back to my allergy testing in January...I am not allergic to wheat, but the allergy doc suggested avoid wheat/gluten to see how I feel. If I'm not allergic to it, do I still need to avoid it? Guess I'm just looking for something more go have in the diet, but while I feel great on this diet, wondering if I really need to avoid soemthing I'm not allergic to? -Kel
  14. Just re-reading the posts in here...what about adult cereals? I just finished boxes of kid cereals (honey combs and alphabits) and am working on the end of a box of Corn pops. Honestly, I like these cereals, but before going gluten-free, I was eating things like Blueberry Morning from Post, or Fruit Harvest, ect, and want more cereals like that. I'm getting tired of Honey Combs and other kid type cereals. Any more grown-up type cereals that are gluten-free? -Kel
  15. Mayonnaise

    Miracle Whip is also fine. It's just the traditional stuff and I've never had a problem with it. That is one of the things that I was thrilled not to have to give up, since it's my favourite thing to dip things in next to ranch. Due to my dairy allergies, I've had to give up ranch .