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  1. So in other words, if you have DH or Celiacs, this can come out when you wear jewelry also, like gold? Thats a great idea, maybe that is where the rash is coming from. I also get itchy blisters around my fingers where I wear rings. Thanks for the reply
  2. I have searched and searched and am unable to find out if Slim Fast is Gluten Free? Of course, I am one of the many people that are overweight and have Celiacs, I excercise everyday, eat good and I still couldn't lose a pound if my life depended on it.
  3. I have a question and I hope someone else can help. I have been reading all of the post but don't seem to have found any that are similiar to mine. I have been diagnosed with DH, my passed away last year and in researching DH, found out about celiacs and was tested for both. The problem is I get an uncontrollable itchy rash around my belly button, has anyone else experienced this? I don't know if its the DH or nerves or what. Thanks