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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. First, you neeed to forget about the blood tests....and ran the other way if they mention surgery to get a piece of your intestines to test...... You need to ABSOLUTELY do a stool test for gluten .....they are not too expensive....easy to do.... I didn't even go the blood test route BECAUSE I heard they were highly inaccurate. They are about 3 labs in the country that did the stool test back in 2006 If you think about it...most of the immmune system is in the intestines....not the blood.....so yup....the stool is where they find it. Here is an article...a must read that can help you get the test without begging a doctor (aren't they a pain) http://celiacdisease.about.com/b/2011/06/27/enterolab-gluten-intolerance-testing-what-do-you-think.htm When I showed my doc the results she argued that I went out of the medical system to get the results...HELLO>.....Dr. Kenneth Fine was the head of departments of HOSPITALS......PHD people run the stool tests...not lab flunkies as in many labs throughout the county By the way...most blood tests are highly inaccurate....the lyme test catches about 31% of lyme infected people on one test and only 18% on another....if even that much. I have SO MANY things wrong with me....it is completely ridiuculous that I went through like 14 doc.... But yup...AFTER you do the stool sample test and go gluten free and you STILL AREN"T 100% Want to find out what else is wrong? Hmmmmmmm? GOOGLE or youtube QXCI scan THEN.....youtube rife machines. My QXCI scan confirmed the lyme disease...and listed all the stuff below (WHICH I ALREADY KNEW BY THE WAY)...though the scanner person didn't since us onery Texans like to check things out. I DO NOT think the QXCI can heal (since I think they are knock off rife machines)....but diagnostic possibilities......priceless quantum physics rocks... *******Have begun testing a rife machine on me....but have only had a few days so no conclusions yet on it... Gluten Intolerant Heavy Metal Toxicity Ehler Danlos Lyme Disease Autoimmune - unkown origin osteopenia misaligning spine/extremely weak muscles/numbness hypertension Allergies to EVERYTHING gigantic sinus cyst in sinus cavities Lipid something....hope I don't have that...wasn't good Problems with hormones (hundreds of hormones run the entire body) problems with potassium Past kidney stones (current crystals) Extreme fatigue Extreme pain Magnetic field is messed up
  2. Does Anybody Stuggle To Talk When Glutened?

    The stool test was the most effective test for gluten when I was diagnosed in 2006. There were only 3 labs in the country doing it. I did not even pursue the blood test since I heardy is was greatly inaccurate and that by the time it showed positive..there was already serious damage done to the body. .....not sure about the tests today though.......BUT if you are negative on the bloodwork....you really ought to do a stool test since it is an autoimmune disease and most of the immune system is in the intestines (not the blood)...which is why it shows its ugly face there more accurately. SO BEST to REALLY know... Anyway....kuddos for thinking about going gluten free. It is a long hard road though. .....even with the better foods popping out lately Lyme disease also causes lots of same/similar symptoms with the words and the CNS....and causes autoimmune diseases too so if gluten free doesn't change everyones symptoms..who knows...you might be like me....and have that pesky lyme as well. If anyone has lyme on the boards....youtube rife machines.....I don't know if they work...just got mine a few days ago.....but quantum physics is MOST definitely interesting stuff.....especially for Star Trek fans....
  3. Formal Diagnosis: Is It Worth It?

    I think there are some gentic tests out there......but since you seem to want 100% proof...I'm not sure if most docs would not roll their eyes at it....and say that most things about genetics have still yet to be uncovered. I did the stool test.....I'd advise you to not waste 5 grand on some meaningless surgery and risk death from the numerous infections in hospitals.....especially when you can make a number 2# deposit in a plastic container.....freeze it.....then send it on its way. .....The very fact that your doc suggested a biopsy tells me that he hasn't been doing his homework on the current research of gluten intolerance and subclinical gluten intolerance...... subclinical.....I'm not even sure would show up on a biospy. Don't waste your money and endanger your life to get that almighy paper. Even when you have it.....my docs had no clue as to what to do. One even said that they didn't reccomend the diet becasue...."it was too hard." www.enterlab.com does stool testing.....antibodies show up faster in the stool. (No, I don't know how much gluten it would take to get a positive result) 70% of the immune system is in the intestines......most docs still don't quite get it. Mine got mad that I even showed them the positive result and said "I went out of the medical system." A complete joke since Dr. Kenneth Fine has a heck of a lot more credentials than most docs......and the regualr medical system.......failed me........failed thousands upon thousands.....if they didn't......thousands upon thousands wouldn't be asking advice from other fellow sufferers on the net.... I thought their motto was "DO NO HARM" I think 2 others labs also did stool testing when I got tested years ago....but I like that Dr. Kenneth Fine made his lab because he was so angry at the other docs for doing biopsies and not diagnosing people or doing those old blood tests which didn't really work since most of the immune system is in the intestines. No, you don't need your doctor to write off on testing.......you list your symptoms/history.......and they send you a test kit. FYI, Anytime you want to get tested for something......you need not worry about begging doctors anymore....if you know what you want to test for.....you buy the test online.....a doc who knows where approves it.....and you select a labcorp testing place to get the blood drawn. They email you the requisition form and after you give the blood....they email within about 3 days. It clearly marks it as abnormal if it is out of range (which you can talk with a doc abut if you REALLY want to:) FYI, there has been too many blood tests that have been inaccurate in the past.......stool testing is liklely the safest route..... www.directlabs.com labsmd.com And for anyone that will be angry that I gave links to websites where one can actually buy labs on the internet (that their almighty doctor did not think to suggest or was not willing to approve).....then you likely haven't gone through over a dozen doctors like me....haven't been told you were crazy countless times.....haven't been offered depression meds from a doc that decided to write you off since he was too incompetent to actually figure out what was wrong......I cried on that visit......numb 70% of my body....muscles were atrophying.....had left foot drag......and he was offering me depression meds..... Even if you disregard what I said.....please look at the info on enterolab.....and don't waste your time trying to educate docs.......life is too short. And please understand that by the time most people figure out that they are gluten intolerant.....other autoimmune diseases have been triggered......myasthenia gravis.....diabetes......the list goes on and on..... "DO NO HARM".......yeah right
  4. Burger King

    Burger King changed their menu allergens....what is now in the tendergrill salads....do not eat them.......I was getting glutenated for awhile and checked their website.....it now says that the salads have wheat.
  5. Peripheral Neuropathy...

    I'm with you .....in that I would love to know if there were others also that got feeling back after going on a diet. At least you had a good neurologist....Mine was a quack .....and thought I had MS due to my symptoms but after a brain MRI/spinal MRI and the (needle test)...I forgot the name ...E something......Anyway, since he could not find anything wrong...he said that......"I was making up my symptoms" and then he had the audacity to get pissed off when I didn't take the depression drug he was trying to push off on me." He didn't even run any blood tests on me...whatsoever.....Which of course......made me not go back to him or see his flunkie that he referred me to as a second opinion (probably to cover his but for being incompetent). I went and started to take blood tests via labcorp (paid for them myself on the Internet)...expensive but sure beats the hassel of trying to get docs to run tests on you. I paid for the stool test for Enterolab and low and behold.....I was right... I have a numb tongue, numb hands, numb feet/partial numbness in legs and a slight numbness all over....kind of feels weird...poke me with a needle and I don't even feel it...unless you jab it in, muscle weakness (probably atrophia),some numbness on face, and my left foot is a bit messed up (doesn't walk the same) as it used to...doesn't go heel toe..heel toe....I just kindof walk on it a bit flat footed.....thunk..thunk... and pulls a bit to the left and its H* going up stairs. I also have chronic fatigue, brain fog, ....my liver was becoming fatty (since 2002..had heart pain/a bit of heart swelling then too)....I'm only 110 pounds for crying out loud...(had another rotten doctor back then).....and I think I had a heart attack a month ago..(30+ days after going on the diet).....very mild...and it wasn't until the day after that I had heart pain and continued to have heart pain for the next 5 days (probably feeling the damage)... I was diagnosed through Enterolabs at the end of June of this year (Gluten sensitive plus the autoimmune cells...both over 10)....and whether in Doctorland...they officially call that Celiac or they lump that into Glutan Intolerance....I don't really care.....since the symptoms are pretty much the same..... They said I currently do not have malabsorption problems (so a biopsy would have been negative)...but even though I'm still absorbing....I think I'm not processing what I absorb .....I do have some IBS symptoms...though...but they have improved a bit. I've been on the diet since June 30 (which is over 60 days). I am still learning about hidden gluten/cross-contamination but I have been extremely strict on adherence....but heck...I have seen no improvement in the numbness. Doesn't mean I'm going to stop the diet.....heck no......because autoimmune cells = damage..........but I sure wish I could get some feeling back in my tongue...and more feeling back in my legs/hands.... .........I read some posts on this somewhere on this site that said something about low numbers of antibodies (still over 10)...........and just wanted to paste a quote of Doctor Fine (Enterolab Dallas, TX) www.enterolab.com...since both my results were 14 .....positive (10 or over) yet low.... (low can still = lots of damage)....especially organ/nerve damage for those unlucky enough to get organ/nerve damage If my antigliadin antibody levels are only mildly elevated, does that mean I can eat some gluten? "This question is more "wishful thinking" resulting from the mind trying to turn a positive test into what might want to be called "low positive" or even the equivalent of negative. However from our experience, a positive antigliadin antibody of any degree is like a positive pregnancy test. When a pregnancy test is positive, you are not a little pregnant, you are pregnant. The same is true for gluten sensitivity." *****But anyway....if there are others that have numbness/possible nerve damage or muscle weakness or muscle atrophia......I sure would appreciate it if you would post if there was any change........reduction in numbness...and how long you've been on the diet......since my symptoms are still the same......but tongue is more numb.........maybe less fatigue.......but still overall.....pretty much the same. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------