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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Ravenwoodglass, thanks for your response. We are on the same page about the support group. I just need some sympathy sometimes, and people who aren't experiencing it really can't get it. So thank you. Even just reading through the posts on here makes me feel not so alone. I'm reading up on all this stuff and that makes me feel some better as well. I really do appreciate your kind words. Thnx
  3. I had hair falling out due to thyroid, and another time due to an imblance in either calcium or vitamin c I believe.
  4. yea just feel defeated today. So many sensitivities is scary, and somehow isolating. I'm not even going to ask whats next. I'm on my own and would like to date but can't hardly even eat out without exposure at this point. does anybody have positive experiences with new people in their lives who can tolerate health issues and celiac. I'm not feeling energetic and not able to eat anything except sauce free veggies, fruit and meat. And I am broke from buying special food and supplements. So I can't offer altenative dates that cost money. Now I can't have anything with milk or butter or cheese in addition to wheat corn, rice, beans, soy and all the gluten free stuff i react to as well. i even react to potato starch. and all that other alternative grain, except quinoa. I'll adjust. I just want to scream stop. tomorrow will be betterI need to change the way i am thinking about this. If i think about it all as temporary It is managable. Has anyone out there heard of people being able to reclaim foods, or recover at all. i have been able to reverse the related problems but no head way on the foods. Maybe I've had this underlying milk thing all long and that's why I don't get better. Maybe it is good I know about it now and this will be the start of something better. thanks for listening to the rant. I'm ready to try anything, I'm calling my minister and setting up therapy. I'm a therapist and sometimes people heal from physical issues once they work out mental stuff. Hey has anyone else heard anythng about their hypothalamus being depleated(by alternative medicine testing). So for people who have been malnurished, as I was as a kid, the hypothalmus can be depleted. the hypothalamus and the thyroid have alot to do with operating the Liver, and isn't it the liver that breaks down, or in this case fails to break down the protein chains. Well anyway my hypothalmus is beingsupplemented now and I do feel some better. Hypothalamus can be at fault in depression and ocd, maybe anxiety too, not sure. well, its a new one for me.
  5. corn contains gluten I didn't react to it at first but as i eliminated wheat it became the next allergen. then rice. I can't eat any of those"""Glutent-Free" products. this seems like a progression a few others on here have seen as well. I even react to potato starch now. no more thickeners basically. We need a resort where everything is really truely gluten -free that we can go to for 3 months and see if we can beat this then. My thyroid was terrible. In 4 months it returned to ideal numbers on blood tests without any Pharmaceuticals just standard process supplements my kinesiologist/chiro prescribed. no thyroid symptoms. No corn in standard Process. Basically I was treated with alot of minerals. Oh and I did some gall bladder flushes during that time, but my doc says he has had lots of peoles thyroids return to normal without cleansing/flushes. Corn is hard. Realllyyyy hard. I'm wishing you the best of luck Maybe if people who are still only reacting to wheat limit corn now it will take them longer to get there. Or maybe if they eliminate it now since it contains gluten they can recover and add foods back in sooner. That's what I wish I had done. Here's hoping you are feeling better very soon. I still have a lump in my throat alot and I'm not sure what is causing it. Time to do more research for mee to. Good for you that you found this out.
  6. I have similar questions at this pt for myself. I have done some of both. Fasting only 1 time and my nutritionist says my body is too weak to take that. I have done gall bladder flushes and after each one have felt rearkably good for 2-3 weeks. My nutritionist says this is only a temporary fix and depending on ingredients used is hard on you kidneys (magnesium sulfite or epsom salts) but their are alternatives that are less difficult. My last nutriitonist was a big advocate for flushes. they are pretty much painless. On the curezone web site their are "recovered" celiac sufferers who claim they did it through cleansing and pure diet/exercise. but this is just anecdotal and as yet vague for me. I think the most important thing is to get lots of information and not to do anything without a health care professional advising you. chiropractors, nutritionists, kinesiologists, naturopaths and homeopaths would be the ones to see on this. Our body's are so complex and on occassions people can make themselves sick doing cleansing. I know that for aboout two hours of my 3 day fast I was in extreme gastric distress. Fortunately I was on vacation with a dr who was advising and monitoring my progress. He was my sisters boyfriend. However, I have done several gall bladder flushes with no pain. My dr. has said I am not strong enough to tolerate a cleanse because of the depletion from celiac. so be cautious. These techniques are medicine and need to not be taken into our own hands without a nutritionist or something like that to help you. Otherwise you can do almost everything right but not do it long enough or in combonation with other treatments and then its all a waste of effort. thats what I did for a year of my life. All of the cleanses do take time effort and involve doing things that aren't pleasant. I will say that I did see great results after each cleanse in that my energy and mind were great for about 3 weeks and in that respect I can see how it would be addicting. I stopped because my doctor wanted me to take a break. and I still wonder if I had kept going and done all the other stuff if I would be better now. their are people who claim that they are"symptom free through cleansing and good living. so was it the good living or the cleansing. uuuuughhghghhgh Is clean living/diet/exersize enough. what results has that produced? I would like that to be the answer, though it may not be any easier or harder. Can anyone comment on how their problems have changed by doing that. that they have been able to add foods back in? that would be really encouraging to know about whether it was through cleansing or not. I know it is hard to tolerate views that differ from ours and so if this email made you frustrated please know that it is only my intent to help others and to help myself clarify how to fight this nasty disease not to frustrate anyone. Lin
  7. glad it may help. there is also a liquid form. It doesn't effect your blood sugar, it has no calories, and its sweeter than sugar.
  8. From personal experience my thyroid returned to optimal fx after my nutritionist kinesiologist treated me with a 3 month course of organically bound minerals, by standard process. he works alot with this auto immune disorder and feels thats the key to resolving thyroid. I was also doing other supplements as well Like thytrophin- which is designed for the thyroid. This makes me feel it is related to the malabsorption of nutrients that other organs become deficient. But like you said where's the proof rather than ancedote. Hope you find your path through this part of your journey.
  9. How about Stevia, its none chemical my niece has ms. She used splenda and after a few weeks she had an attack of unknown origin. The attack receded when she quit the splenda. So I stay away from it as a rule. Stevia is a natural plant from south america that has been used their for a long time without the contorversy that surrounds splenda arising. Taste is as good or better than splenda to me. A couple things to be aware of with stevia. it is sold in two forms one is packets and that is not pure and has a corn derivitive mixed in. The pure stuff is like 28 dollars for about 6-8 oz. However, 1/4 teaspoon equals 3/4 cup approximately. thats why they cut ist with the corn derivtive in the packets- to make it more equivalent in measurement. Be very careful to add just a very little stevia at a time. if you put too much in it tastes really bad.
  10. HI ocean girl I know this is an old thread and I don't kno if you'll even get this message but I thought I would try. I'm new to this site. finding it very supportive to read all of everyones stories that are so like my own. I had a glutened type reaction to mushrooms and talked to my dr. He said that mushrooms have a protein in them that can be hard to digest. I used to eat them like crazy, but the purer I get the more i react to different things I used to be able to eat. The fungal thing is also an issue. Hoping to add them back in some day. Hope for you it was more the Antibiotics and your able to eat them again. Lin
  11. Losing Hair

    Hair loss can be a symptom of thyroid distress. this doesn't necesarily have to be lowenough to show on a blood test. it can be within normal limits but what is called sub clinical meaning within normal limits but we still get symptoms of thyroid deficiency. soy is linked with depressing the thyroid and for people who struggle with this alternative medicine recommends avoiding soy. hair loss can also indicate deficiency in minerals, i think magnesium and calcium, but I'm uncertain. there, again can be within normal limits but either out of ratio to other minerals or low normal. I work with someone here who does muscle testing or kinesiology and when something like this comes up he checks it out and prescribes whatever i need. usually short in duration and sometimes i end up with a different symptom a month later, but at least the first one went away. I feel alot better with my thyroid level healthy. blood test confirmed it is at optimal level after kinesiology and food based standard process supplements I hope this helps, lin
  12. this site talks extensivey about decreasing digestive issues through good diet and cleansing of candida and liver congestion. Has anyone looked at this or tried cleansing in addition to diet/exercize.
  13. My diet is great except the occassional bloopers and slips and your all motivating me to be more thorough and careful. thanks very much
  14. thanks queen and ursula, that reassures me that these newer issues are more related to the stress my body went through pre dx and diet changes. I've been reading this site alot today and it makes me feel not so alone and more committed to not breaking down and eating the pastries and candy that people bring into the office. My chiropractor/nutritinist uses muscle testing to id and treat each symptom, and he is often able to relieve some of the symptoms but either not completly or a new one shows up soon after. Over all I'm better but not good and I feel a bit on the roller coaster with constant set backs. he resolved the thyroid and hypoglycemia but now emerges the adrenals, anemia and low blood pressure. those are improving and now he is hopeful that treating the hypothymus will impact on everything. So nice to find a group of people who have been there. really.