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  1. Great Corn Dog Receipe.... 1/3 cup yellow gluten-free Corn Meal 1/2 Cup Masa (corn) flour 1/4 cup Quinoa Flour 1 cup white rice flour Fine grind 1/4 C + 2T Sweet rice Flour 2 Tbsp sugar 2 tsp Baking Powder 1/2 tsp salt 2 Large eggs 1 cup Milk 2 Tbsp oil 2 pkgs gluten-free Hot dogs Heat oil for frying. Combine dry ingredientes and add liquid ingredients. Either cup up hot dogs or put on wooden chops sticks. Dip Hot dogs in batter to coat evenly and fry in hot oil. Drain on Paper towel. Cooked corn dogs can be frozen and reheated later. (Add more corn flour if to thin and milk if too thick) Great receipe, Got it from a member of ROCK in Minnesota. My daughter that is 10 recently confirmed with Celiac loves these. They are pretty good and well worth the effort but as with everything taste a little different then she was use too.
  2. Hello, My Daughter was confirmed via endoscopy with celiac in March. I begged my brother to have his daughter tested because she also had the same symtoms. I BEGGED my brother. I BEGGED my brother. My Niece was also confirmed in May with Celiac. I have came to the conclusion that you can only do what you can do as my mom and dad refuse to be tested. I come from a big family and my sisters do not want to have anything to do with even the thought of having Celiac. So I have came to the conclusion that life is to short to worry about anybody else as their health depends on their own decisions. MLO
  3. Hi, Probably a dumb question, but my daughter that was diagnosied via biopsy in March with Celiac has a problem with brusing easily on her legs and sometimes has problems with her legs inching? Has anyone else had this problem with their kids? Also she has gained a few pounds since her Gluten free diet but is also still suffering from some anxious/stress disorders that I relate to a long process on being diagnosed. How long could it be before she is comfortable about staying "overnight" at "good" friends house? She is 10 years old and refuses to stay any where but our house. The friends that I am talking about are friends that she has known since she was 3 years olds.. Just concerned and want advise from parents.. MLO
  4. Your message struck me because my daughter just turned 10 a few days ago. She was confirmed with Celiac Disease in March. My daughter was extremely sick before the GI doctors confirmed with the endoscopy that she did have Celiac. The diet is "ok" for her but she hates everything as far as breads, crackers, cakes. The GI recommended her to go on a vitamin immediately and she is on Protonic to help with the additional problems she had before being confirmed. I was told also that it could be a while to see results. She hasn't gained much weight if any and also suffers from anxiety/stress related to "I might be sick". I think that part of the disease is worse then anything. I am just waiting and praying that in a few more months she will be back to my little girl. But I do see improvements overall as far as she generally has NO more stomach aches. Keep pushing head. Kristen
  5. Hello- Just a quick question. My daughter was recently confirmed by biopsy that she did in fact have Celiac Disease. Of course we were scard but yet glad that the diagnosis of why she was sick all the time had be confirmed. My question is that both my husband and my blood work came back negative. I know that this can happen but I was assuming that one of us would at least show something. Maybe give me a sense of peice of how she inherited it. I have read messages with parents saying "dad" has it "mom" has it and so does the child, but I am curious of parents out there that show "NO" signs according to their blood work but their child has it. I guess I just feel so helpless as we have so many kids on both sides of the family and now would like to at least give my relatives some news on if or who should be tested.
  6. I know exactly what you are going through as far as "family members". I have came to the "fact" that you can only do so much. My daughter was only diagnosied a month a go. So "I am no expert". I did have my 4 year old tested and she came back negative so far. My husband and I are still waiting for our results. This might seem funny, but I really don't care if my husband and I come back positive or not. I have a family that consists of many kids and I worry about their health. Of course, if I came back positive or my husband we would make changes, but I worry more about the children. I do believe in my heart that after my research on this disease that I probably have the disease or the am the carrier but try to "make your family believe". My biggest problem with Celiac Disease is that everyone thinks thats crazy. I also believe that know one whats to be LABELED as having a problem. Good luck.
  7. I am not an expert. My daughter was diagnosied with Celiac Disease a month ago. Does she actually need a biopsy? I am not sure. I was told by several specialist that it is better to KNOW for sure that she has celiac then putting her on a diet that will effect her for LIFE and not "really be sure". I know that others will argue with me but I have done a lot of research since my 9 year old daughter was diagnosied. My daughter did have a biopsy and truthfully I am glad. I had it done at a children's hospital and I know for sure that this diagnosis was correct and I am not jumping to conclusions. I realize the fear of the unknown and the feeling that their could be complications. I have family members that would rather lose a limb then even discuss that they could have this. My husband and I are still waiting are results but my 4 year old daughter at this time, does not show any signs with her blood. I will watch her like a hawk until she grows up as far as symtoms go. I suggest you go with your heart but I do believe that it is in both of your interests to make a "100 percent diagnosis". Good luck.
  8. First I would Like to Thank Dewey for his response. I guess under the pressure of your child under "the scope", I probably did not ask the appropriate questions and probably did not understand completely what he was explaining to me. My daughter was diagnoised today with Celiac Disease. I cannot tell everyone how I glad I am that it is finally over. I was told that 9 years olds are KINDA rare. I was told that Celiac Disease is generally determined at a much younger age. My daughter first will remain on her medicine for her ulcers but she is to be removed from Wheat and gluetin immediately. Her lactose test is still not in. My response to anyone that has "different" symtoms, my daughter does show that it DOES happen. MLO
  9. Hi, My question to everyone is that my 9 year old daughter tested postive on 2 of 3 antibodies on her Celiac Panal. We had a GI doctor peform her endoscopy last week. He said that she did have enflamed and enlarged intestines but NOT to change her diet until the biopsy comes back. My question is that the GI doctor said that visually he could see she had Gastro Duodenitis. In laymens terms that means ulcers or pre-ulcers in the upper intestine/lower stomach. Has anyone else had this problem before they were diagnosied with Celiac. I guess as a mom I just worry about multiple ulcers. We were given medication to begin immediately and just like everyone else the multiple days of waiting for her results. Thank you.