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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Major Sleep Disorders And Celiac

    For me, sleep disorders were some of the first issues I started to have. Then again, most of my symptoms were neurologic rather than g/i. I have excessive daytime sleepiness and a REM sleep disorder, and the treatment that has worked best for me involves higher doses of stimulant medications during the day. If I take them, I tend to sleep a little better at night. If I don't, I don't sleep - and I'm exhausted during the day. I have theories medically as to why, but ... given that I also had short-term memory and concentration issues, this worked well for me. If a sleep doc isn't amenable to working with you, find another. Being sleepy all the time is lousy.
  2. Most definitely. It also depends on the amount of damage that was done before going on the gluten-free diet too. If his biopsy results were a Marsh III (showing total blunting), then it probably would take much longer to heal. The numbers are going down though ... that's good. My son is 9 as well, and his numbers (and mine) have been good since we went on a gluten-free diet in 2006, but it took about 6 months. And my IgA anti-gliadin antibodies are never right, but I KNOW I'm gluten-free. Anyway ... I know that the peer temptations can be high, and even though he's not on taking in gluten, it's hard for kids to be able to say to other kids why they can't and why it doesn't make them "Different". I think you're in the Columbus area, so ... if he wanted to talk to my son about it, I'd be willing to arrange that. My son is living quite happily with it, as am I. If you want to email me, my email is ilikecitrus @ gmail.com. I've got a bunch of info that I can suggest reading, and I have lots of recipe info and such as well.