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  1. I've looked at doing it trying to make a fresh noodles out of soy flour and eggs (Yes, I'm one of the few who is not bothered by soy). But quite frankly, if you can do soy eat Shirataki noodles. If you can't do soy, konnyaku noodles will work. They're not expensive, 1.49$ at whole paycheck. I've found it for cheaper at asian grocery stores. Give 'em a shot.
  2. I don't have a problem with coke or pepsi *EXCEPT* the fruit flavored pepsi one (diet pepsi w/lime/cherry/etc.) Strangely Pepsi Jazz is fine. I've never figured out what it is exactly that reacts with me in it, but it reallys screws me over bigtime.
  3. Quite Frankly, I'm more worried about this part: "Will foods that meet the definition for "gluten-free" be required to bear a "gluten-free" claim? No. FDA is proposing to define the term "gluten-free" for voluntary use in the labeling of foods. In other words, once a final federal definition of the term is in effect, if a manufacturer wishes to label his product as "gluten-free," it may do so at its own discretion, but only if the food bearing the label meets the proposed regulatory definition." So in essence, this is all voluntary.
  4. It could be other allergies/intolerances. In reality, gluten doesn't bother me that much. I swell up like a balloon and my joints get cranky for a day or two and then I'm fine. But nothing, and I mean _NOTHING_ hits me worse now since going gluten free than seeds/nuts. Even things which should not have protein in it like peanut oil or even canola oil(made from rapeseeds). Everytime I accidentally ingest any sort of nut/seed in any form I would immediately have D within 2 hours, and would have the worst itchy anus. I'd have D only once, but my anus would still itch for days. Since removing the offending foods, I've been itchy anus free.
  5. I thought at first it was gluten, but I've been pretty adamant about ensuring that everything is gluten free. I repeat the same meals that I know are gluten free, and then every now and again I add in a new meal/food to see how it goes. But for some reason it's almonds, same if I drink alot of almond milk. It's really weird. I hope someone knows
  6. Hi, folks. Newly diagnosed and confirmed Celiac (blood test and capsule endoscopy). This is a sorta weird question (well lets be blunt, for anyone who has this disease there really aren't any weird questions anymore ) I've been healing pretty good since getting off gluten a little over a month ago, with only one time getting "gluttened", but I'm noticing something really weird. I can't eat almond anymore, I haven't tried other nuts to confirm that it's all nuts. I don't seem to be having an allergic reaction as much as I'm having an intolerance to it. I eat and they create a digestive situation that's alot like getting gluttened, stomach pains/cramps, need to use the bathroom, loose stool. I have confirmed it's not glutten, it just seems to be almonds. I also don't seem to digest them at all, not to be gross, but they go out pretty much the way they went in. The fact that they are going through completely undigested also makes me think I'm having intolerance towards them. Has anyone else had anything like this? I don't know if this would be considered an allergy? I don't break out in a rash, and it's nothing immediate, usually the gastro probls occur hours later or the next morning if I have them the night before. Usually when I think of allergy, I think of rash, breaking out, sneezing, throat swelling up, etc... This seems more like an intolerance like gluten intolerance. Thanks for any help/advice you can give - Noah