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  1. Hello everybody! I wish you happy Easter! I`ve been Celiac since 1 year old baby and have never had any symptoms of Crohn, but my younger sister has just been diagnosed with Crohn at her 17 It has to be definatelly in the family all this "intestinal" problems! I am sure that my precedents were overeating the grains! My mom, grandma, aunt - all of them are skinny with big belly, what I think is definatelly connected with poor digestion. Well, I think the best for all of us is to eat healthy for our life! Good night, Stefania.
  2. Hi all! I`m Stefania from Slovakia, I`m spending some time now in US. I`m very happy what I`m discovering now here included this excellent forums and all the products that exist in US!!! I am on gluten-free diet since I was born! So pretty long time, now I`m 24! For me, it is the style of living and sometimes I`m happy that I am Celiac. YOu eat better and live better! Take care, Stef.