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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Oatmeal

    I don't know that ALL oats contain gliadin in the gluten. I'm extremely sensitive - have 2 of 2 genes for Celiac. I eat McCann's Irish Oats and they don't give me any trouble at all. I buy them in WA state at Tidyman's - a regular grocery chain. They're more than $3.00 per box, but they're good.
  2. I recently started having pain in my left side and going around to my back. Happens a few inches above my waist - I'm high-waisted. Seems to happen if I accidentally eat gluten. I thought it was a pulled muscle, but not reason for it. It had occured to me that it might be my spleen, but your question made me think about it again. Interesting....
  3. I feel your pain. My reactions include: bloated abdomen, fluid retention that collects under the skin over my abdomen - dimply. I'm on the thin side, so it's pretty noticeable. Either diarrhea or constipation + a 2-3 lb weight gain for 3 days, probably due to fluid retention. I also get bladder infection-like pain that is relieved by taking a fluid pill. Headaches, migraines, shimmery pools in my field of vision, joint pain, charlie-horse pains in the legs, depression, anziety, waking up for hours in the middle of the night. Hyperactivity and lack of impulse control. I say nasty things I normally wouldn't say. Impatient!!! The first 24 hrs are not bad. 24-48 hrs after eating gluten are the worst. 48-72 hrs later, I'm starting to feel human again. Low blood pressure, and all-over body chills, even in the summer. Used to have little bumps on the front of my lower legs andthe tops of my hands, before going gluten-free. That's gone, now. Been gluten-free for 3 yrs. 52 yrs old. Had diarrhea as a child. Constipation as an adolescent and young adult. Never really had diarrhea much as an adult - so it's not a good indicator, as many doctors think. Life is great now - unless I get into gluten by accident.
  4. I think I should be taking a vityamin/mineral supplement, but they don't agree with me for some reason. As far as supplements go, the only ones I haven't reacted to are: KAL brand Cal-Citrate + with Vitamin D & Magnesium or Nature's Plus CAL/MAG mineral supplement amino acid chelate/complex. I prefer the KAL brand, as it dissolves in vinegar within 30 minutes. Nature's Plus brand does not, but I've been told by a health food store owner that chelated minerals are easily absorbed. I also take one Nature's Bounty Probiotic Acidophilus with breakfast. My genetic test shows I got 1 HLA-DQ8 gene from each parent. Blood tests came back negative. No intestinal biopsy. Feel WONDERFUL when gluten-free...feel AWFUL if I eat even a small amount of gluten. I've been Gluten-free for 3 years, diagnosed just before I turned 50. I also just became extremely sensitive to fructose. Sugar agrees with me, but fructose does not, so I'm also eliminating fruits from my diet. I'm very active, work out, ski, bike, etc. so I know it doesn't hurt me.