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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Etiquette Advice Please

    Thank you everyone for the awesome replies. Believe me, it helps. After more thought, I'm hopeful it didn't come across as rude. All of us will set cookies and what-not in the kitchen for everyone to enjoy. I. E. our copy vendor brings us cookies when they do large copy jobs for us as a "thank you" and I set those in the kitchen, etc. I guess it was because it was a gift that, for some reason, made me think that way. My boss is a pretty good boss and he knows what I have went through with this condition and, again, after some thought, I'm sure he didn't want to leave me out of the basket giving and knew I would share and be glad that he thought of me. At least that is what I'm telling myself. I hope you are all doing great. I've been gluten free one year, there's been a couple downs, but I must say, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. However, I did go through this period where I ate TONS of gluten-free cereal because someone said you "can't have cake anymore" and I wanted cake so bad(never had a craving like that before), and I mean the kind of cake you just walk into a bakery and get, allready made! I've got myself over that now and getting back on track. Not eating every gluten free thing out there. Those glutano big breaks are awesome and hard to resist though. YOU ARE ALL AWESOME. Keepin' it gluten free and rocking! Your friend in Celiac Chris
  2. It's Assistance Day and I'm an assistant! I work for a lawfirm who were wonderful enough to take us assistants out and also send us wonderful looking cookie baskets. Yep a COOKIE basket. It did have a box of chocolates enclosed, however, the ingrediants listed FLOUR, so no go on ANY of it for me. Since I'm Celiac, and yes the firm does know this, I decided to share my basket with the rest of the assistants and put my basket in the kitchen for all to partake. I don't have any one to give them to at home, so I thought that was the best idea. However, when I was taking my boss to get his car, it hit me all the sudden that that act of putting the basket in the kitchen was rude. I swear I thanked him for it verbally. And I am truly thankful and grateful they thought of me, unfortunately I can't have that stuff and I don't have any one to give it to and didn't want to waste it. Was that rude? Should I maybe give a little thank you note or something to smooth out the edges? A friend in Celiac Chris
  3. http://www.wcpn.org/ The radio show "Gut Reaction" will air Tuesday night (01/25/05) at 8:00 p.m. E. T.. You can find the link to listen to the station through Windows Media player on the above hyperlink. This is a Cleveland, OH radio station. Have a great day all! Chris
  4. I just received a letter from Alberto Culver, the company that handles St. Ives, Motions, Tresemme and VO5, they gave me a list of their products THAT DO CONTAIN GLUTEN, please AVOID the following: Motions: Kids Detaingling & conditioning Shampoo and conditioner, Lite Oil Moisturizer, Nourich Leave in conditioner, Oil Moisturizer (they have wheat germ oil) St. Ives: Age Defying Hydroxy Cleanser; Collagen & Elastin Extra Relief Lotion, Collagen Elastin Fragrance Free, Hair Repair Hot Oil, Hair Repair Hot Oil Thickening, Hair Repair Thickening shampoo, Hot Oil Strengthening, No Frizz Serum, Nourishing Protective Moisturizer with SPF 15, Peaches & Cream Facial Moisturizer, Skin Zone thigh cream, Ultra Gentle Apricot Scrub, Vitamin E & A Lotion(they contain Hydro. Wheat protien or wheat amino acids or wheat germ oil) Tresemme: European Amplifying Shampoo and conditioner, European Eculpting Gel Mega Hold, European Natural Vitamin A, C & E shampoo, European Provitamin B5 Aloe Remoisturizing conditioner, European Revitalizing Colour Care Shampoo, European Sculpting Gel, European Tres Slick Melting gel, European Vitamin E Hot Oil treatment, European volumizing Conditioner, Hydrology Gentle moisture shampoo and conditioner, Hydrology Intense moisturizing conditioner and shampoo, Revitalizing color care conditioner, Vitamin C deep cleansing shampoo, Vitamin E moisture Rich conditioner and shampoo. (they contain wheat germ oil or hydro. wheat protein) VO5: Control and shine gel, free me freesia styling gel, fruitsation conditioner and shampoo, hot oil color keeper (and with UV shield), Hot oil moisturizing with Vitamin E, Hot Oil shower works color keeper, hot oil strenthing provitamin B5, hot oil volumizing with wheat protein & jasmine, sunkissed raspberry styling gel, texture & sculpt styling gel, volumizer conditioner and shampoo (they contain hydro. wheat protien or wheat amino acids) I hope this helps, listing the products that DO CONTAIN WHEAT. It helped me. Have a great day! Great health to you! Christina
  5. I purchased L-Glutamen powder from G N C. It says no wheat or gluten and only list L-Glutamen as the ingredient. I didn't do well with it. I didn't get extremly ill, just seemed to produce a lot of acid on my stomach and a little ach. Is it naturally hard to digest? I'm checking with G N C on cross-contamination. I would really like to use it as a supplement if I can find one that is pure. The benefits seem worth it. Any one tried the Pioneer supplements that sponse this site? thank you Have a great day! Much great health to you all! Christina
  6. First, YOU ROCK! Congrats too! I'm not quit to Marathons yet, but working on it. I have been asking the same questions. For Carb loads: Someone posted that Gu is gluten-free, I can't remember the manufacture name. Since I'm not as advanced as you I found that the Envirokidz gluten-free Rice Bars are o.k. for me before and after my runs. I'm checking into G & C's Distance supplement powder to see if it is gluten free. Otherwise, I don't have much else. I know the pure honey straws are gluten-free, for another carb load suggestion. As for basic overrall athletic nutrition, I would like that info as well. My I also ask how your energy is doing? Sounds like it's doing great since you can do a marathon. I'm struggling. Some days my energy sky rockets, others . . . . . terrible. I don't know if it's diet or just being celiac disease. I hear both. If you have any suggestions for me, I would love to have your input. I'm logging 18 to 20 miles a week, but just can't seem to break that. I would like to log at least 25. I added some hill running to try to build some endurance muscle, haven't noticed too much of a difference, except for the next day's run, then I'm back to where I was. Have a great day! Great health to you. Also check our Runner's World message boards, www.runnersworld.com. Christina-ROCK 'N RUN!!
  7. I have found much wonderful information on this board on what to avoid and some great cosmetic and cleaning suggestions. But is there a shopping guide/list that I can buy or a good on - line link to one? I have Clan Thompsons. I know the lists are not be all, end all, but they do provide a good basis in concert with me reading lables, especially when you are on the go. I don't know if you all have this, here are two responses I have received from manufacturers (which I didn't already see on the boards, but apologize if they are duplicate): (though I would share some, since I'm asking to be shared with) From Sugarfoods regarding 'Njoy Coffee Creamer: Good morning Christina, Thank you for your inquiry regarding Non-Dairy Creamer. Gluten is not an ingredient, but it may contain low-level amounts due to cross-contamination. Therefore, we cannot certify that Non-Dairy Creamer is gluten free. Please do not hesitate to contact this office if additional information is required. Thank you. Sandy Patterson Technical Services Sugar Foods Corporation 818-768-7900 extension 111 From SweetOne sugar substitute: Dear Ms. Locke, Thank you for your email. Sweet One does not contain any gluten. It is suitable for consumption by individuals who have celiac disease. Thanks for your interest in our product. Best regards, Tracy Eichorn Consumer Relations From Clearly Canadian: Dear Chris, Thank you for your inquiry regarding Clearly Canadian and for taking the time to contact us. Our Clearly Canadian sparkling waters, 0+2 Oxygen Enhanced Waters, and Reebok Fitness Water products are all gluten free. The possibility of cross contamination is very low. Manufacturing facilities use a thorough sanitation and cleaning process when changing from one product to another. For more detailed nutritional information on our products, please visit our web site link at http://www.clearly.ca/brands/brands.htm and choose the brand you are interested in. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me again. Best Regards, Ana Sarceno Consumer Relations Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation www.clearly.ca From Mariani (dried fruit) - but I must also ask them where their citric acid comes from since I have just learned that it can be gluten containing-be cautious with this I have had no problem, but I want you all to be safe, here is their statement anyway: Dear Chris, Thanks for your inquiry on our products. All of our products are gluten free. The grain source for the starch we use is rice. Our products are not allergen free, so if you have a peanut allergy I would recommend that you do not eat our products.We hope this information has been helpful, but if you have any other questions please get in touch with me. Thank You, Doreen Swenor Doreen Swenor Consumer Affairs Coordinator Mariani Packing Company 500 Crocker Drive Vacaville, CA 95688 From Dagoba Chocolates: You're all good to go! No gluten in any of our products! frederick Everyone have a great and healthy day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are an awesome bunch, SPEAK UP CELIACS AND BE HEARD, if the Adkins craze can make mainstream reasturants and groceries carry low carb, then we can make them carry gluten-free too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides they are going to make moooola money off of us, WE WON'T GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, my lil' campaining there. ( I know I need to send e-mails to corporations with that and I'm working on doing just that) God Bless, love and health! Rock! Christina
  8. For Women Cd Suffers Only.....

    I'm so glad someone brought this up. I'm having the same problems. I also get even more tired and experience almost flu like symptoms right before I start, then when I start I seem to get back on track. I also get a craving for chocolate and salt! Crazy I know, but true. Thank you all! Have a great day! Christina
  9. I hate to say this, perhaps I'm in gloom and doom mode, but I find that you are going to get trace amounts no matter what. I'm sorry that is just the way I feel. I'm NOT saying however, that we should not be diligent. I'M a celiac so I'm not happy about this either. I do my very best and beyond to be strict about what I ingest, but I find it hard to believe that you don't get traces. This is just my opinion, it doesn't mean I'm right or wrong, just how I feel. This is my own paranoa. Everyone be careful! You are all great and we can defeat this. Have a great day! Christina
  10. Starbucks

    I'm by far no expert. But I have read that Starbuck's coffees and espresso and torani (sp?) flavorings are gluten-free. Best to double check with Starbucks to keep yourself safe. I myself have had no problem, however I have cut milk for now until I heal more, but most offer Silk SoyMilk alternative and I read they are gluten-free too. I also have only treated myself twice to starbucks since going gluten free too. So please take that into consideration. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful and for being wishy washy, I just don't want to take a hard stand since people are different with their tollerances. Have a great day! Good health to you! Christina
  11. Gu

    Oh thank you thank you, that has been a big question of mine since going gluten-free. Haven't got all my strength back yet for long runs, but getting there! This is most appreciated. Have a great day! Good health to you! Christina
  12. Forgive my ignorance. But what is schnapps? I used to like to have a Sour apple purcker shote with 7-up before going gluten-free. Is Dekuyper (sp?) apple pucker gluten free? I haven't had it since being diagnosed, but just wondering. I went to the web site and they do not list ingredients. Thank you! Have a great day! Good health to you all! Christina
  13. http://www.bardsbeer.com/faq.htm You already may know about this beer. So I apologize if so. Please go to the FAQ's. This beer was created by two Celiacs. Haven't tried, came across from my mid-evil studies. I'm going to order some and will let you know! Have a great day! Christina
  14. Thank you so much for the input! I have tried to get a hold of A1 with no luck. It doesn't appear there is gluten from the ingrediants listing. Thank you gillian502 for your hard work, I'm glad you got in touch with them. This is great! Also I read the ingrediants and also found on the Frito-lay list that Doritoes baked Ranch Flavor is gluten free, however they do put that warning at the end of the list that their products are made on the same machines as wheat products, but they wash after each batch. To tell you the truth I did try those and did not have a reaction. But I will keep a close watch on that ingrediants list! Thank you everyone. Have a great day! Christina
  15. Oh my goodness, this is wonderful news, however, I have heard that about the Doritos, WOOO HOOO. I was just afraid. I will read those lables. Have you tried the Doritos Naturals, again I know to read the lable, but wonder if they are better at being gluten free. I will check out the Shaws, I'm happy to see more. Thank you for the great response. Have a great and healthy day! Christina