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  1. I was diagnosed with inability to tolerate gluten (as well as dairy, eggs and yeast) from entero lab last week. I have been misdiagnosed for 58 years. Yes, it would have been very helpful if a doctor had caught it earlier and I might not have had so many years of health problems as well as frustrations at being told that I was hypochondriac or needed stress management meds or something. However, blaming the doctors doesn't really help. To be fair, the symptoms are vague, and with the brain fog that often goes with it, I can understand the doctors confusion. Over the years, I was aware that something I was eating was causing me a problem, and with an elimination diet many years ago I knew that wheat was a problem and tried to limit it. Eliminating wheat and most gluten has helped, but the entero lab test showed that I am still getting gluten and I have malabsorption. I have been being very careful for the past week (since getting the diagnosis) and am avoiding all gluten, and also egg, dairy and yeast. The strange thing to me is that instead of the constipation I used to be plagued with, I now have almost the opposite! Has anyone else has this experience? Shery
  2. I am so happy to read of people who are having the same kind of problems with receiving communion as I am. I knew from elimination diet testing that I had a problem with wheat 20 years ago and tried to eliminate it from my diet. I didn't think communion would be a problem. However, 2 years ago I discovered that it was. I go to a traditional Catholic Church and the blood is only received by the priest. And a small amount of the body is put into it first. My priest agreed to use a separate small chalice for me, put only the blood in it and I receive separately at the end of the line of communicants. This works very well, I just have to remind him each time just before Mass. My next concern is this: I finally got a Dr. diagnosis from Entero Lab with Dr. Fine. It confirmed that I had sensitivity to gluten with a reading of 37 units of antigliadin IgA (normal is below 10). And that is after 2 years of what I thought was a gluten-free diet ! It also showed sensitivity to yeast, dairy and eggs. So, my question is, does the blood (wine) contain yeast, and if so will it be a problem for me. Shery