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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am so sorry to hear of the difficulties you have been enduring - my heart goes out to you, Kathryn and your family. Please keep us posted...
  2. Nyt Article

    Well, I live in Long Island, and I make sure that I head to Risotteria whenever I head to Manhattan - I was there yesterday and met three people (who were just diagnosed) who were there for the first time! Rave reviews all around.
  3. Sad News

    Susie, I am so sorry to hear of your loss; my thoughts and prayers are with you.
  4. Emotional Vent

    Feel free to vent away! You are indeed very fortunate to have found the root cause of your issues so "soon" (two years)! Thank goodness that your baby is fine and that you finally did go to see that second dermatologist; your previous one was totally irresponsible, to say the least...
  5. Fish Oil, Omega 3's

    Country Life (based in Long Island!) has fish and I believe Omega 3 oils as well that do not contain soy (or preservatives, etc...).
  6. Nice to know that there're others like me! I get varying symptoms with other grains (depending on which one it is), including horrible bloating, stomach pain, "heaviness", brain fog and tremendous lethargy. With corn, especially processed corn, I also get migraines. I don't seem to tolerate any in small amounts,even...I've tried rotating a little here and there in my diet without any luck. I feel so much better not eating any of them that I'm quite content to keep doing so! Re. previous mention/discussion about nightshades; Potatoes do me in - I get the weirdest pain under my rib-cage and bloat to high heaven, and tomatoes sap the energy right out of me...I spent the last 2 days in bed as a result of having a soup which was heavy on tomatoes. I wasn't sure before, but now I'm convinced I need to avoid them as well... I've seen sprouted rice on the DHC website; has anyone ever tried eating sprouted rice? Would sprouting it make it easier to digest?
  7. Daughter's Wedding

    Just wanted to give you the biggest cyber **HUGS** that I could. You seem like such a wonderful person, and I'm sorry that you have to go through such horrid experiences with the very people one would expect would have more love and respect for you... I hope you have a wonderful vacation full of rest, peace of mind and lots of pampering!!! Much love...
  8. I pray all goes well... you are all in my thoughts...
  9. Here are my first seven... 1. I finally know why I was feeling so incredibly crummy for most of my life...yea! 2. The only "prescription" that works is a change of diet - NO DRUGS! 3. I am much more aware of, and in tune with, my body 4. I no longer have those crazy annoying sugar / salt / diary cravings!!! 5. I know even more about diet / nutrition than I did before; and I thought I knew a lot! 6. Rediscovered coconut oil and my cultural - more healthy - way of eating; I've come full circle, so to speak... 7. Losing @ 20lbs of unhealthy weight, especially around the middle! And... I've met a great group of people here... you guys rock!
  10. Medical Id Bracelets

    I have a bracelet, a beautiful sterling silver one from Lauren's Hope. I have other allergies to Penicillin, Sulpha and dairy on there as well (I actually need to add a couple more things on there soon). But I would have gotten it anyway even if there was nothing else besides Celiac/ Gluten Intolerance; it just makes things easier, and impresses on other people just how serious the condition is - especially when travelling, if hospitalised and getting other accomodations if necessary. There are also many other options like a pendant / dogtag you can place on a beltloop or the zipper of your bag, and cards you can also attach to your bag, cuff bracelets, etc... Too many people can not take you seriously, but when they see that symbol... I get taken a lot more seriously now!
  11. gfp, actually, you explained that quite clearly - and beautifully, actually - at least for my very visual mind. I agree with Sandy in thinking that its so unfortunate when people, for whatever reason, seem to think that its okay to use us for their own amusement/purposes... Ursa Major, I hope you do find it soon, it is definitely worth seeing. And I'm the same way with language and correcting people as you are. I can proofread and edit all day, I love it so much, and it irks me no end when I'm reading books and all the errors just jump off the page and hit me between the eyes; it spoils my enjoyment of what I'm reading...
  12. Thank you, Sandy! I was just thrown for a loop, I guess, and I am not good at handling emotional stuff... I was so surprised at how well the movie/actors got into my head and skin, especially the two main characters. Donald's confusion, indecision and aversion/shock to change are mine, and I soooo related to the whole phone thing (especially when he is trying not to call) that I laughed and cried at the same time. Isabelle's artistic talents and aura are also mine, and I also can look at people sometimes...though I most often look at their mouths, or stare at the pupils in their eyes so I don't get frazzled! I guess that I may fall in the higher functioning level - I can squash some of my stims and play off some of my reactions somewhat - but I don't feel 'higher functioning' when it takes every ounce of my strength to make it through the day, or when I'm super frustrated that the simplest things are the hardest for me to understand or accomplish, or I feel so overwhelmed that my nerves hurt and I feel sick to my stomach - and that's the way I've always felt, from 3-4 onward. I always knew I was different and that my wiring was strange... The hard thing is that I am beginning to wonder if my mother knew/suspected something was up, but never told me (she is very secretive, period). She just confirmed to me - via someone else - that I spoke late, though she never said at what age...I suspect that its three. She would always treat me as if I was "two", very controlling and over- protective, but I always chalked it up to just being her way, and it always felt like she never knew how to relate to me/what to do with me...
  13. I could sure use some support! I know I'm way late, but I finally got the chance to watch "Mozart and the Whale". I probably shouldn't have watched it alone, but I couldn't coordinate with my (best) friend's schedule and I did not expect to react the way in which I did. Halfway through I came upstairs to help someone else with groceries, and I was so agitated/keyed-up that I was shaking; I tried to sqash it enough so that she wouldn't notice. After I finished watching the movie I just shut myself in my bathroom and bawled my eyes out. I'm still a little shaky now... It really hit home, especially seeing Donald, because he is the one character that is most like me - though there are pieces of some others that relate to me as well. My stims are not as obvious as his, but to finally 'see' the confusion and pain and frustration that I've felt all my life in someone else was too much for me to take, I guess. I've never actually met anyone with Autism/Asperger's, and AS was something I've never heard of until a couple months ago. There are actually other people out there who feel the same way I'm doing a lot of reading, and had a good conversation with the Director of GRASP who encouraged me to join one of their support groups. I am scared witless but I know it's something that would help me greatly. I've always struggled with self-acceptance but this throws a new wrinkle in the mix! I am glad to have found out what I'm dealing with (I'm not crazy!!!); I can now find / work on approaches, etc, that will actually work for me, but its still a lot to process and figure out, especially the pros and cons of diagnosis. Why the heck does it cost so much to see a specialist????? My therapist isn't familiar with it, and I don't have the funds or insurance to see someone. And the Hospital studies that give you a free diagnosis require that they get specific answers from a parent or close relative who has known you from early childhood - will my mother even want to be a part of that??? We are NOT close and even when she was begged to get me help when I was younger, she refused... so I'm even more stressed... I have no problems with being undxed right now, but its part of me to look at every detail... How do you who don't have a dx explain things to those who you care about (knowing)? How do you deal with telling a (new) significant other? I've told two friends about it...and what about possible work issues? Thanks for taking the time to read this... its nice to have another avenue to hash things out without always dumping them on my best friend...
  14. I don't know how much I can help I can offer as I only cook for myself, but I know how totally frustrating it is to have a new allergy to deal with! I found out about a new one myself recently; after eating some cabbage a week ago I found myself wanting to absolutely tear my skin off - everywhere was red and itched so badly I couldn't even think straight... I would suggest the labelling/color coding if needed - sounds like a brilliant idea; do them both, because it could be easy to forget at first what color represents what. I agree with Hathor - I would keep the analphylatic food out of the house, especially since you are in charge of the food! I, however, don'y have that option right now...