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g3 kate

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. no i dont think i have but i will now thanks ive been glutine free since january 2004 but im still finding it hard to cope exspecially when the people i live with and the people i associate with eat regular food around me but they understand if i get upset sometimes im slowly putting on weight, ive gained about 2 stone since ive been on this diet which is good ive got some problems with soya as well which is in most glutine free foods i manage to get my food from tescos, sainsburys and a health food shop down the road does anyone know of anywhere to get other glutine free foods from insted of supermarkets? i live on the isle of wight and its a pretty small island with not many resources that the mainland has thanks
  3. im a english 20 year old with celiac disease and im looking for people that are from england to talk to does anyone know of any english people here? thanks