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  1. Lol, I know how you feel, especially since I had no major sympthoms in the first place, and my diagnosis was made through a routine blood test. I have been a celiac for a little over a month now, so a lot of adjusting. Every weekend is spent visting different natural food stores, experiments with different recieps, bought a pasta maker, bought a bread machine (with little sucess), tried different pizza crusts, joined a support group, even arranged with different resturants to use some of my gluten-free foods to prepare dishes for me. There are still some days I feel like screw this gluten-free diet, days I fel so hungry, and days I do not even notice. So I live each day, and figure eventually it will all work out.
  2. I recently was diagnoised with celiac disease 2 weeks ago. My doctor only did so through several blood tests. Everything I read refers to a endoscopy for a biopsy to confirm this diagnosis. My doctor has me scheduled for a colonoscopy. Now my only syptmoms were constipation, extreme bloating, and occassional bloody diahera. All my friends tell me I need a second opinion before I make such a dramitic life change of a glutten free diet. Amyone have any input abiut this?