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  1. We are all in a very strange predicament... I was dxed with celiac disease in March of 2003 and was a normal weight (145 lb, 5'7") and eating anything I wanted, but in the year that I've been gluten-free, I have gained almost 50 lbs! I started the Suzanne Somers diet (really simple... just cut out all sugar and simple carbs--easy for people who are already used to going without bread and cake!) and have lost 7 pounds in less than 2 weeks! I am so excited to be moving in the right direction again! We go from basically a starvation state to all of a sudden being able to absorb everything we put into our bodies. Of COURSE our metabolisms are slow! "You can think of your metabolism as a bonfire and the food you eat as logs you put on the fire. If the bonfire is burning big and hot, it has no trouble consuming the additional wood that you put on it. You put a giant log on it and it burns it in minutes. Conversely, if the bonfire begins to die out and burn more slowly, it doesn't burn the new wood you put on it so quickly. If you put a big log on the smoldering embers of a fire, the log is liable to just sit there. It may take all night for it to slowly burn away. Again, your metabolism works the same way. If your metabolism is very slow it can't burn all the calories you feed it. The food you eat just sits there and eventually gets stored as fat." -Michael Thurmond