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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Ok, I have never been a big Walmart shopper, actually I hate the idea of going into one. But things are starting to change for me. If it wasn't enough to have their Great Value brand items clearly marked gluten free...I found Gluten Free Pantry brownie and muffin mix in my local store! I about fell over, especially when I realized they were less than $3.00 a piece!!! I thought my husband was going to do a little dance right there in the aisle as he shouted with pure delight, "What?! No more eight dollar brownies!!". I have had a great shopping month..first Kroger and their new labeling and now this. The good thing about Celiac is that it really makes you appreciate the little things, lol!
  2. Hershey's

    I have not personally had any problems with Hershey's products
  3. Oh I feel your pain!! My sister has TEXTBOOK symptoms and refuses to get tested. She actually is MORE symptomatic than I am. She went into spontanious labor and delivered her first son at 26 weeks he was only 2 lbs. Then she got pregnant again...she made it to 34 weeks and he weighed 4 lbs. Her second son is now on RX formula because he can not tollerate milk or soy and STILL she will not even consider celiac for herself or her boys. Thankfully they came through early deliveries without any problems. Sometimes no matter how obvious it is people don't want to see that there is something wrong. Especially if there is another family member who has celiac. They have seen how difficult it can be and I suppose they choose to ignore the fact that life goes back to normal eventually. Good luck to your sister, I hope the last few months go smoothly. I hope she realizes how lucky she is to have a sister that is so concerned and loves her so much!
  4. Sorry to hear about your dog....I hope he is better soon!
  5. This looks great, I think I will try it tonight for dinner! Thanks for posting.
  6. Ours has the gluten-free section also but these are REGULAR things in the store. It is definately a new labeling thing so not everything has it but I would imagine eventually there will be more and more. We noticed it in the aisle that has the salad dressings, I believe we looked at tartar sauce and stuff like that. They have the univeral symbols on the front and then other info on the back. Also I noticed the other day that on their website under the pharmacy section of all places they have info on gluten-free products.
  7. Not only do I have teenagers but I have the delightful ex too! Actually I have two of them...one is mine and one is my husbands (and two is NOT better than one, lol) First of all, good for you for going back to school! Don't loose sight of what you want to accomplish!!! As far as your daughter goes...it can get better, I know because we have done it. Teens are hard enough to deal with but when you add another parent who isn't on the same page it gets even worse. I would love to share some of the things that worked well for us, if you are interested PM me. I would post more on here but I feel a bit akward about that....I am not a psychiatrist, I just know that the steps we have taken have drastically changed our kids lives for the better (and ours too!). Also, I would never want to imply that our way is better than anyone elses. I guess in short, I just don't want to offend anyone. More than anything else I am sad that your relationship with your daughter is so strained. From the looks of things on here, I must have been one of the few teens in the world that didn't have those issues. My mom and I were always very close. When I was younger I looked up to her with admiration and when I became an adult she was my best friend. I am sure that you guys will get back on track, I hope it is very soon. As for all of you teens out there that are posting....love your moms! I know we can be annoying sometimes when we are perky in the morning or want to give you a hug, but its only because we love you guys so much and we can't believe our sweet little girls have grown up! And as far as the good morning thing goes.....I would give ANYTHING to hear my mom say that again, even at 6am.
  8. Frustrated In Clearwater, Fl

    I know there is a Bonefish Grill in Tampa...Actually on their website there are some by Clearwater and St. Pete. Smokey Bones doesn't have a gluten free menu but their BBQ and sauces are gluten free, so is their cole slaw, broccoli, asparagus, apples and green beans. I have NEVER had a problem there and they always seem to be extremly helpful and accomodating. Hope these help! I know how it stinks to eat the same stuff all the time.
  9. I will tell you that I have had some reactions to the chemicals in the past but I can't say that it was celiac related. As far as products go, I only use Aquage products at home and my hairdresser does the same at the salon. Good luck and I hope you get to have your hair done!!!!
  10. I was cruising through Kroger the other day to pick up a few things and was shocked to see their new labels. It is clearly marked with the "gluten free" symbol on the front and then it states gluten free on the back. They now also have flyers posted in the store about gluten-free diets and have really made the push to mark products that are safe for us. I find this a really exciting step foward for all of the people who are on this diet, and I think it means that our voices are finally being heard!
  11. Yippee it is Thanksgiving time again!! I never thought I would feel that way again but thanks to everyone here and all of the great recipes last year was a HUGE hit and this year will be even better!
  12. Pumkin Cookies?

    Oh these are just perfect! Thanks so much for posting them. We are going to a football party tonight (GO BUCKS!!!) and I am in charge of bringing something sweet. With the cold damp weather we are having these will be perfect!
  13. Gluten Free Bakery In Ohio

    Lori, Her stuff is great. I got it from Mustard Seed Market a few years ago and I'm really happy to see the link you posted since I now live in SW Ohio, it will come in handy for the upcoming holidays! Thanks!
  14. Restaurants In Ohio

    I used to live up by Akron and Kathy's cookies are the BEST! Oh, just a note on Abuelos....The last time my husband and I ate there we were told by the manager that NOTHING is safe. I had been under the impression that there were safe choices there, he even went so far as to say that the chips and salsa wern't safe. We emailed their coroprate site and never received a response so they are off our list of places to eat out which is really a bummer because it was one of my favorites! Oh if anyone has anymore info on the gluten-free pizza places can you post it on here (either Akron or Columbus). My DH and I are in Columbus every other weekend and my dad lives by Akron so it would be cool to try that one too when we go up to visit!