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  1. Lilly Celiac is serious business. I have no symptoms but stay on the diet.It is a hereditary condition and can lead to a very big list of major problems including cancer of the colon.My feelings is not to take a chance as I like life and like being healthy. Please contact the Celiac Society of America and find out about the disease. Good luck. Visions20
  2. Dear Weebit36 , I was diagnosed with celiac about one year ago. I am a senior citizen and have enjoyed a healthy life. I go routinely for an annual physical each spring and the only thing different this time was I was slightly anemic and iron difficient. I had a colonoscopy and a endoscoptic exam of the stomach.When the doctor saw that there were no cilia in the duodenum he took a biopsy which confirmed ciliac. The blood tests afterwould also confirmen it.I had no symptoms.I contacted the celiac asso and researched it on line.I went on a glutten free diet and stuck to it and the biopsy a year later showed regrowth of the celia and I am no longer anemic or iron deficient. i have never had any distress or any other symptoms. I suspect I could eat glutten with no problems as I have done in the past. I know what it could lead too so I just remain glutted free. It is really not bad once you set your mind to it. As to your question the absolute positive diagnosis is a boiopsy. Try to find a doctor who is knowledgeable in celiac. I called the local celiac society and asked them for a recommendation of a celiac knowledgable gastroenterologist . They were very helpful. I was shocked when I found out I had it as I had absolutely no outward symptoms. I was also glad that I cought it before I developed bad problems. I hope I have been helpful to you.Good luck.