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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I would suggest getting brown rice tortillas and putting whatever kind of gluten-free meat you like in it. It is easy to pack and the brown rice tortillas don't fall apart as much as the corn ones. I've had the Food for Life ones and the Trader Joes brand ones and they are both tasty.
  2. I was just recently at a Phillies game and enjoyed two gluten free hot dogs. It took four innings to find them but it was worth it. In fact, I gave a friend a little piece of my bun and she said mine was better than the regular dogs. They are only located at one station at section 129 with the vegan stuff. There are no signs about the gluten free buns though, you have to ask the people and they bake them fresh.
  3. My mom is wondering whether I should be seeing an endocrinologist. I feel fine (no problems other than reactions to gluten and soy protein) but she asked me yesterday if Celiacs go to them. As a precaution should I see an endocrinologist?
  4. My 21st birthday is coming up and I have been trying to find information on restaurants that would be able to serve me a safe drink. I am not into many alcohols, and I really just want something "pretty", like a margarita. I was wondering if anyone knows of a particular restaurant that would be able to serve safe margaritas. I am thinking Red Robin would be the best place to go, but I still do not know their bar situation. Also, I go to college in the Lehigh Valley, and I am open to other suggestions.
  5. I am writing this for my research in communication class. Initially I was going to investigate students just on my campus, but when I found out there werent many people with allergies I decided to compare it to other colleges. Also, if it was through a university any experience is fine. Also, for people who lived on campus previously and do not anymore your past experiences are fine as well.
  6. Hey! I am writing an investigative article for my research class on students living on campus with food allergies. Basically I want to compare different colleges dining services and how the school accommodates you. I would like know what kind of meal plan you have and how your school's dining system works, how often you use your meals on a weekly basis, how you would rate the cafeteria help in making you meals if necessary and how well they accommodate you, and also if you do not eat at the school how much money do you think you spend per semester outside the meal plan. I would also like to know if you have a separate kitchen area or toaster, anything that a person with celiac would be interested in. I would really appreciate your help. Also, if you would be willing to share a story about a specific situation you have dealt with, such as confrontation with school administration/dining services, or a time when you just broke down crying because you had no options, anything really that will help make this article thorough. Since I am asking you to share your experiences at college, I will share mine. I go to DeSales University in Center Valley, Pa. All on-campus students are required to have a meal plan, a choice of either a 5 day or 7 day plan. Basically, we get flex dollars and use that to buy breakfast and lunch, but the dinners are prepaid for either 5 or 7 days. Since my food options are somewhat limited, especially during the weekend I have the 5 day meal plan. This semester the head chef started to make a few students special gluten free meals, but they do have carved plain meat and potatoes often which I eat often. As of now, I use about 3 out of my 5 dinners a week, which means my parents are losing out on a decent amount of money. Part of this is due to my lack of talking to the chef more, which I have recently done, so this semester will hopefully get better. At this time our school does not have a separate toaster but a few of us store premade meals from home in the freezer. These come in handy when the head chef isn't there on the weekend. Overall, the school is willing to help more than some of the others I've heard. I know there are many threads on college experiences, so I am sorry. I just need to keep my data organized. If you could help me, I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Erin
  7. Hey everyone, For the past 2-3 days I have noticed that my legs are really achy and sort of numb feeling. It feels as though I am fighting with my legs to walk further. It seems to be getting worse as the day goes on and as I walk around more. I potentially could have ingested gluten this weekend, but I stopped eating after a few bites and I never really got all of the symptoms I usually get. My urine is also greenish, which I also thought could be from the gluten, but I am not sure. Should I be alarmed by these symptoms, and is there anything I can do to help them? Also, I should mention that I am not Celiac, I am gluten intolerant so my symptoms dont usually show up with a little bit of gluten, although I do follow a strict gluten free diet. -Erin
  8. Hey, I'm at college so finding/making my own food and keeping track of everything is really hard. For the past 4 nights I have had really bad farting problems (bad enough for me to have to stay outside for close to 3 hours) and it is really driving me insane. I have had to cancel social plans and I can't even be around people. I've made a list of what I have had to eat this week and I'm trying to figure out what may have caused this. I don't think I had any gluten, maybe soy though. The foods I have eaten this week were roasted chicken, rice, ice cream a couple of times, kinnitoos, schar crackers, oscar meyer turkey slices, kinnikkinnick bagels and tuna salad everyday for lunch. The two things I am thinking might be the problem is the kinnitoos, the repeative ice cream, or tuna. The kinnitoos seem fine however, does pea protein mean soy? I don't know anymore. Right now I'm going to give up dairy, soy, and gluten and see what happens. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.
  9. Just wondering if anyone knows of any "less expensive" brands of deli meat that are both gluten free and soy free. I'm at college right now and I have recently been getting sick on the turkey so the head chef called the company and found out that there was soy protein in all of their lunch meats. So now I'm out of lunch meat options and although the cafeteria staff has been making me special tuna, chicken, and egg salad I would still like an occasional turkey or ham sandwich. The chef said he would look into finding a deli meat that I would be able to have but the problem is the only brands I can come up with are Boars Head and Thumanns (what I use at home). So if you have any other suggestions please let me know.
  10. State College, Pa Recomendations

    I know this thread sort of died out but I just came back from a great week in State College. I stayed with my roommate and her family so they cooked at home most of the time (they made excellent gluten free meals and I never got sick) but I did go out to lunch one day and I had a wonderful experience at the restaurant so I wanted to share the info with all of you. We went to this little stir-fry restaurant called The Green Bowl. You basically make up your own plate of veggies and sauces (they have a very nice list of allergy free sauces) and then you choose what kind of meat you want and they whip it all together. I'm not sure how they used the grill and if it was sensitive to contamination but from what we saw it looked as though they just grill the meat. I ended up having an excellent chicken stir-fry with spinach, snow peas, zucchini, and sweet and sour sauce over rice. The atmosphere of this little place was cool too. I highly recommend it if you are ever in downtown State College. All of the workers knew what gluten was also, and they were very accomodating.
  11. I've seen the list of safe alcohols and for the most part I drink Smirnoff vodka. But I am looking for something more transportable, something I could take with me to parties. I'm a college student who will be drinking off campus more this year and one of my friends is letting me store some alcohol in his room so when I'm at parties I have my own stuff. Unfortunately, I can't come up with anything besides the vodka. I do not like beer at all and I will never drink it and everything else in a bottle seems to have malt in it. Does anyone know of anything thats more portable?
  12. Tcby

    I did a google search last week for gluten free tcby and I did find information on them. I believe (don't quote me on this)they said that most of their flavors do not contain gluten except for the obvious ones like cookie dough and cheesecake and that all of their sorbet flavors are gluten free. If you do a search for it, the info comes up right away.
  13. I also tested negative for Celiac Disease but after eating gluten free for a couple of weeks I knew that was the problem. My doctor as of now didn't even diagnose me, he said if I wanted more testing for other stomach issues I could or I could just continue eating gluten free. One of these days I will request that he officially diagnose me with gluten intolerance. I also go to school and have to choose a meal plan. I just pay for the smallest meal plan possible and there is a chef at my school who goes out of his way for me and two others with celiac to make us food we can eat when nothing is available. This coming year he is actually sitting down with us to discuss a weekly meal plan so we will be eating better than we have been. I never had the offical diagnosis for the school to make accomodations for me. However, my doctor did give me a note to always have lean meat and low fat foods (before I figured out the gluten problem). I would try to get a note of some sort and make an appointment with the school nutritionist. All schools should be willing to help you, although if you ask me the smaller it is the more they seem to go out of their way (without a diagnosis). Good Luck! If you don't mind me asking, where are you going to school?
  14. Warning, Outback Steakhouse!

    I also had the Alice Springs Chicken and got very sick from it. I went to the Westbury, NY location. I also went there one night and I had just gotten the brownie sundae which was supposed to be gluten free. I'm not sure whether it was the brownie or the ice cream that bothered me, but I was a bit irritated then as well.
  15. Hey Everyone, I've been looking into Casein Intolerance and Soy Intolerance as I believe I may have them. I have some questions as I am still confused about a few things. First, how are the casein and soy intolerances diagnosed? Second, if casein is a problem would I still be able to drink skim milk? For some reason skim milk doesn't seem to bother me, but ice cream and cheese do. As far as the soy goes, I tried drinking soy milk and within 30 minutes I needed a bathroom. I want to figure out what is causing this and after eating limited dairy for a week I felt fine, until this weekend when I had a scoop of ice cream and cheese and crackers (gluten-free of course). I've had the breath test for lactose intolerance with negative results. Please help. -Erin