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  1. I found out about celiac disease last Nov. I hade to retire at the age of 53 because of health issues. I had a heart attack in 1999 but stayed working until 2001, which I was told to get out of constuction which I've been doing for 33 years. At that time I was having alot of bone pain , which I thought I would find out what was wrong so I seen another doctor, I've had high alkline phosphate for along time. No doctor ever persued it they would always check me for hepitias which I didn't have. This doctor said he would find out why they where so high and that's when I found out that I had celiac disease, I have osteoperosa's and a bone disease. I can't stand for along time and wake up at night with so much pain. I didn't know why I had all this bone pain, the doctor said it was from the disease and I might feel better in a couple of years, the other doctor told me I have celiac disease the thrid stage, but checking into this I haven't heard of this thrid stage I have asked about this for a long time with out results, Has anyone out there heard of this. I like this site and wish all of you people out there to try and have a wonderful life and thanks for sending in your storys , it's a great thing to let others know about your issues so we can all relate to ares if you have heard about this third stage let me know thanks Mike