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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi Just met someone today who's son was diagnosed with Celiac and his only symptom was alopecia. You could have a genetic HLA typing blood test (usually covered by insurance companies if there is a 1st degree relative with celiac- please check). If she doesn't carry the gen then no problem but if she does then I would follow annually with blood tests and a possible gluten free challenge. Good Luck
  2. I am so glad you brought up the "grape" artificial coloring. My daughter, who has Celiac has suffered on and off with green poop for years, she is now 10. When talking to my mother-in-law a few years ago, she mentioned to me that my husband had green poop as a child after eating anything with artificial grape flavoring (jelly, jam, kool-aid, grape flavored medicine, etc...). When I asked my husband about this, who is not Celiac, he confirmed the story and said he still reacts that way to grape flavoring. I am as guilty as the next to blame every intestional reaction to gluten but could you child just be reacting to an artificial coloring? I hope you find an answer soon- Please excuse any spelling errors, I could not get my spell check to work
  3. Celiac Panel

    Hi- Could you possibly get the bloodwork order and for about 6-8 weeks eat barley and rye every day with the hopes of getting enough gluten in your system to triger a response? Then you could go to a lab for the blood work. Take Care
  4. I had an endoscopy today. The impression says..... Subtle scalloping of the duodenal folds noted. Multiple cold biopsies were obtained. Evidence of nonerosive gastritis of the antrum. The mucosa appeared erythermatous. Multiple random cold biopsies were obtained from the antrum and the body of the stomach. The esophagus appeared normal. I was diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency in February but all blood test came back negative for Celiac. There is a family history of celiac. The doctor says about a 50/50 chance the biopsy will reveal Celiac. Any advice and explanation of the above impression would be helpful. Thanks!
  5. Maryland Cel-Kids & the Baltimore Area Celiac Support Group present: Eating Gluten-Free at School and at College Sunday, April 13, 2008 2:00
  6. Hello, I think the school nurse may be a wonderful resource. My daughter who has Celiac Disease (no official medical paperwork on file either, other than info that I have provided on emergency cards) has difficulty regulating her blood sugar levels. Extreme highs and extreme lows. Needless to say, she can not go too long without a snack, specifically protein. Would it be possible for your son to go to the nurses office during snack time to consume his snack? Many kid's go to the nurses office for a mid day snack, specifically those who have diabetes. Eating in the nurses office may provide him the comfort area to consume his "different" snack while making sure he gets some well needed nutrition before his late lunch time. Good luck- Pam
  7. The same thing happened to my now 9 year old daughter. Can't believe I didn't even think about Celiac as a possible cause. She did have a few cavities so I just chalked it up to bad genes. We have very soft, easily decayed teeth, regardless of care. However, our dentist just cleaned them very well and was able to temporarily whiten them. As long as we go every six months, they stay pretty white. She used something laser like. She said she only uses it on some teeth. My other daughther didn't need the "laser tool" for her cleaning. My daughter with Celiac was so happy to see her teeth white. I didn't even realize how bad the yellow tint bothered her until they were spakly white! Good luck-
  8. Hi, After reading your thread, I instantly thought diabetes. Since both Celiac and Diabetes are autoimmune disorders and often occur simultaneously in individuals, I would mention to the Dr. ASAP and pursue testing. Good Luck
  9. That is wonderful!!!!! Keep up the good work. Does anyone know what number is considered to be elevated? Thank you-
  10. I am sorry to hear that you are going through this difficult situation. When my daughter needed to pack on the pounds, a dietician recommended spreading high fat butter or olive oil on everything, like gluten-free pasta's toast, crackers before feediing it to her. I understand dairy is an issue so I guess olive oil would be a better option. Are there other allergies? My daughter also snacked a lot on peanut, cashew and almond butter on gluten-free toast/crackers. She also consumed a lot of lower sodium bacon and turkey bacon. I was hesitant to feed it to her so much. But she honestly craved it every day after loosing so much weight and during her healing process. I believe she craved it becasue her body needed the extra fat and calories since she stoppped wanting it every day after she put the weight back on. There are high calorie drinks like ensure and boost but I am unaware if they are gluten-free/DF. Good Luck
  11. What are the genes that indicate gluten sensitivity versus the genes that indicate possible predisposition for Celiac Disease? Thank you for any information regarding genes/ HLA typing.
  12. Hello, As far as bread is concerned, I haven't found any brand that is similar to the wheat versions, as far as texture, consistency and taste is concerned. However, my whole family and all of the neighbors kids love Mission corn wraps when browned/sauteed in cooking spray (PAM) approx. 1 minute each side and then lightly salted. We fill them with ham, turkey, bologne, taco's, chicken, even tuna or egg salad. We are in the Baltimore area too- Enjoy!!!
  13. Any Fresh Fruit Apples and caramel dip Any Fresh Vegetable Jello/ or Jello jigglers Pudding (Jello and Kraft brands list contents) You can buy the containers that come in 12 packs gluten-free Yogurt cheese popcorn (not sure how you feel about this with their age) Fruit snacks or Fruit Roll ups (otherwise known as fruit gummies, make sure they are gluten-free) gluten-free Ice Cream or Popsicles (this was a hit at the end of the year picnic at my childrens school) Corn or Potatoe chips- chips and sweet salsa have always worked I have made Gorilla Munch or Fruity/ Cocoa Pebbles to make Rice Krispie type treats. Homemade Cookies or muffins Usually I have more idea's. I'll post if I can think of others. Good Luck Pam
  14. Hello and Welcome, My eight year old has been looking for others to talk to for years but I wouldn't let her explore the teenage only section. She is 8 but VERY mature and VERY knowlegeable on the topic. She has been gluten-free since she was 18 months old. She knows a lot about gluten-free and life. She even educates me about gluten-free issues often. My 8 year daughter says.... "Hi, my name is Amanda. My mom is right, I was diagnosed at 18 months and I understand it can be scary. But I think that since I am gluten-free that I am special and so are you." We sould love to chat! Pam
  15. I Need A Wedding Cake

    I read in a magazine where a lady who was getting married gave several bags of a mix called yellow moist cake from "Cause your Special" and her baker made her entire wedding cake gluten free. All of the guest enjoyed the cake. I have used this mix before and think it's wonderful. Congratulations! By the way.. Cause your special is either out of Wisconsin or Chicago.