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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Fast Food

    I am a big Wendy's fan- plain baked potato, fries, chili, and salads. Caution on their prepared salads, though: the chicken they use in the Mandarin Chicken salad isn't just chicken, so steer clear. I like their burgers (bun free, of course)- one of the only fast food restaurants that's 100% beef, no additives. I always ask for 2 pieces of lettuce; makes it easier to eat. Check out their website. It has all the nutrition and ingredient info. you'll need. I love TGIFriday's but have had no success in getting information from their national people on the ingredients. They recommend that you speak directly with the manager at each restaurant to get the real scoop.... ;< which I haven't done yet. I tend to only order the very plain foods and bring along my own salad dressing. Seafood's always a good bet- steamed plain, or sauteed in olive oil or butter. Don't eat the imitation crab/imitation lobster stuff. I think they call it lobster stick??? It has very bad stuff in it....
  2. I remember that I started exhibiting off-and-on symptoms in college (around 20 years old, that was 9 years ago).... I kept having a pain in my right side that would wax and wane, along with tons of other problems that the doctors never pieced together (most notably, living in a daze/fog/constant exhaustion, swollen glands in my neck for over a year and a half, mouth and tongue sore spots, sore throat, constant eye infections, hearing problems, anemia, abdominal bloating, and susceptibility to every cold that came through the workplace). I went undiagnosed until May, 2003, after two months of a GI crisis. However, I also have dental problems since childhood, involving tooth enamel discoloration, that might be related to celiac disease.
  3. Hey, Although not from NH, I was home in Maine recently and was glad to see that several of the major grocery chains carried gluten-free products. The two major chains up there (and that also have stores in NH) are Hannaford's (aka Shop 'n Save) and Shaw's. Of the two, I think I was more impressed with Shaw's. The one in Brunswick had an entire "natural foods" section, that had a decent selection of gluten-free foods. I know there must be a Hannaford's/Shop 'n Save in Portsmouth. And don't forget the natural foods stores.... a lifesaver! Here in NY, Hannaford's can be hit or miss. Some have a wonderful selection in their natural foods section, others have next to nothing. Supply and demand, I guess. Or maybe the celiac population is a little more vocal in certain areas than others! The Hannaford's here in Albany has started carrying gluten-free waffles, breads, and other premade gluten-free foods in addition to the cereals. Same goes for the Price Choppers- hit or miss regarding whether they have anything gluten-free. Hope this helps- when's your trip? I can get my brother to scope out the gluten-free foods at the grocery store (he lives in Portsmouth).
  4. Hypothyroidism

    Hypothyroidism runs in my family.... but I have been tested regularly, the last time 2 years ago. My doctor says "no", I don't have it- but I have gained significant weight (20 lbs) since going gluten-free seven months ago. I was never a lightweight to begin with! So this is TRULY bothering me. I work out 4-5 times per week, and watch my calories, too. I tried Atkins- and GAINED weight on it!!! How depressing is that??? Any suggestions? I tend to eat a lot of veggies, etc., and average 1250-1450 calories per day. Still have bouts of exhaustion and brittle hair and fingernails, etc....
  5. have you tended to be anemic along with being celiac? I am- and once I started taking daily iron supplements, everything straightened out....