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  1. Thank you all for responding. My husband had a talk with my daughter, and I think at the very least, she won't be making any more rude comments. I like the idea of printing some facts about gluten intolerance...the next time my sister tells me I just need to do a body cleanse or take some herb, I'll have a response for her ! Mari
  2. Hi, I've been on a gluten free diet for 10 months now, and am doing pretty well except for occassionally ingesting something I shouldn't. When this happens, I have pain, gas, bloating, joints aches, and fatigue. My problem is my family. Although my husband is supportive, and see's what it does to me, my children, mother, and siblings, and friends think it's all in my head. I try to just tune them out, but it does hurt my feelings. If I get asked one more time to "just have a bite, it won't hurt you", I will scream. Last night, my 19 year old daughter told me that she thinks it's all in my head, and all it takes is mind over matter. Wish it was that easy! How have you handled people who don't understand? Thanks Mari
  3. I love to travel, and am curious on how other people who are avoiding gluten handle eating out while traveling in the US or a foreign country. Do you take your own food "just in case"? I try to only eat grilled meats and fruits and vegtables, when I eat out, but I am going to a resort in Mexico, and I'm afraid this won't be possible. Any tips or advice? Thank you! Mari