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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Tiffany, thanks for that. Best regards, Bob
  2. I too am sticking reluctantly to a gluten-free diet having been diagnosed with celiac disease by an endosocopy. I have had 2 follow-up endoscopies and my gut hasn't grown back (refractory sprue?). My doctor doesn't want to know any more, I get the feeling he doesn't believe I'm totally gluten free, but I know I am. Strange thing is, I am pleased to say I feel absolutely fine. My adverse symptoms didn't go away by going gluten-free. but by eating little and often, avoiding excess alcohol, stress and taking plenty of exercise. Everyone says how dangerous (eg Cancer, Osteoporosis) it is to carry on eating gluten when you've been diagnosed as celiac disease. I have read the science and I respect that. But I would be interested out of curiosity to see the stats. Is there a PROVED correlation between, say, deaths by Cancer of the Oesophagus and celiac disease, in the same way as there is between Lung Cancer and smoking? Bob
  3. Hi Beverley It stands to reason that if you suffer some or all of the classic symptoms of celiac disease it's going to affect your concentration. If you go round with gutsache all the time, or feeling nauseous and bloated, you're going to be stressed out, short tempered and your concentration will suffer (this is my experience anyway!) I ended up shouting at the kids and taking twice as long as my colleagues to do things at work and having to work late to finish them. I was gluten-free for 2 years until I learned the lesson not to eat anything that gave me these symptoms. Just because something's gluten free doesn't mean it's OK for you! Unfortunately most of the things I had to give up were things I liked the most, like cheese and Scotch. I'm still trying to get it right, but believe me it IS worth it, life's a whole lot better when you're not muddle-headed all the time! All the best, Bob
  4. Hi Bevo, I'm English so I just went to a Health Food shop over here and asked for some digestive enzyme tablets. They gave me some called Enzyme Digest, made by a company called Quest Vitamins. According to the blurb they contain something called "betaine HCI". Don't understand the science but I take a couple every time I eat and they've definitely helped with the bloating! Hope this helps, good luck, Bob.
  5. Thanks all, I'll give it a try, I'll let you know if I get a miraculous cure! Bob
  6. I'd like to echo Nickra's appreciation to the USA for this forum! We have nothing like it in the UK that I know of. Nickra, don't you get your bread loaves and rolls on an NHS prescription? It doesn't make them taste any better but it's alot cheaper. As far as the supermarket ranges go, Sainsbury and Tesco are pretty good for cakes, biscuits and snacks, and improving all the time. Also the food labelling of Sainsbury's own-brand products with the orange Crossed Grain sign makes identifying gluten-free food alot easier. Regards, Bob
  7. I was diagnosed as a Coeliac 2 years ago and despite being strictly gluten-free my antibodies haven't cleared up and my symptoms haven't improved much, which is really annoying as it's such a crappy diet to have to follow! I've tried cutting out dairy products as well but can't say it made any difference. Someone on this site recommended digestive enzymes which I find actually do relieve the bloating, so thanks for that. Has anyone tried going on an elimination diet to find out what else is bugging them? Did it work? Regards, Bob
  8. No Giliian502, I can't say that my stomach has got worse since I started the gluten-free diet, but it hasn't improved either. I still get the same nausea, lethargy and thumping heartbeat after meals, about which I went to the doctor in the first place. I have had 2 follow-up endoscopies which confirm I'm a Coeliac, although the consultant thought my gut should have recovered more than it has. So I have no choice but to stay gluten-free, although I suspect if I came off the diet I wouldn't feel any the worse for it! I tried going dairy free but that didn't make any difference either. We'll just have to live with it I suppose! Bob
  9. Like someone said earlier, I'm so glad to have found this site and discover that I'm not alone in experiencing adverse symptoms on a gluten free diet. We don't have anything like this message board in England (that I know of), it's an excellent idea! I not only get the nausea but everytime I eat even a small meal I get a really strong thumping heartbeat that lasts for about an hour. Anyone else get this? Regards, Bob.