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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello all! I would like to know whether any food additives and preservatives ( all those indicated in packages by letter E-three digits) contain glutene and should be avoided. I normally try to avoid all those artificial flavours and colors because they are not much healthy, but presently I wonder if they are glutene-positive as well.
  2. gluten-free Care Products

    Thanks to all of you for your help! Yeah, I have already noticed that this resource has tons of useful info! I'm spending hours on reading it through. Although many people here have said that the glutene stuff containing in creams does not get into stomach and therefore cannot harm, I really feel the reason for my recurring dermatitis may be just that. I just went through my creams and dropped all those containing hydrolyzed wheat ( all of them did). I have always been ingredients-conscious, but presently I am twice as conscious. But it really occurs that our suppliers aren't! For instance, I can' t get hold of any glutene free shampoo... I'll have to go to a huge department store next week in person and spend hours on reading labels, because when you ask a section consultant, it appears that the poor girl has never heard of glutene, let alone knowing whether any of those shampoos is safe for it!!! Nor are suppliers' customers services any wiser for it. I would be thankful if someone could tell me which shampoos are glutene free. Maybe I'll be able to find any of those around.
  3. Hi everyone! I am somewhat new to this community; I have been reading the posts for some time now, and I have found them very informative. Now, I got one question of my own to ask. Do care products that we use ( i. e. face creams, toothpastes) have any influence upon us glutene allergics? See, I live in Ukraine, where information on this disease is at a very low level. Usually, there is no info on the food label about flour and other glutene-containing stuff included- in fact, we have only ONE brand of glutene free labeled food, imported from Australia and costing several times more than local goodies would cost ( if someone here would have bothered to make glutene free products). So upon each and every item, I have to make my own research, even phoning the product maker- or, if I am not strictly sure that product is glutene free, dropping it from my diet. So it's pretty hard time, being a glutene free person in Ukraine. What is more, I have never heard about the chance of getting glutene contaminated through shower gels and toothpastes- not until I read here in this forum about it. Local doctors do not give a darn about it for sure. The thing is, although I am pretty sure at present that my diet is strictly glutene free, I keep suffering dermatitis from time to time, and I have reasons to believe that it might be caused by some wrong- glutenically wrong- ingredients in care products that I use. I would be glad if someone told me what ingredients should be avoided in care products. I guess that face creams with wheat proteins are a no-no for sure? what other ingredients are dangerous? I am allergic to glutene only, no caseine allergy here.