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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Let's Experiment

    Lets try again.... This is a great discussion! I've considered using yeast, but too afraid to vary from a recipe. One thing I was taught as a new Celiac was don't vary from the recipe and bake during weather conditions that were not humid. I don't know exactly how humid it can not be (percentage wise). I was told that it would effect baking (I forget who did the seminar). It's something to think about.
  2. can anyone tell me how to get gluten-free hoisen sauce? I love it, but now can not use it
  3. Choc/pb Treats

    As far as I know, Cocoa Pebbles are not gluten free.
  4. I'm planning a trip to Virginia Beach in a few weeks. Does anyone have any tips on eating gluten free in Virginia Beach. Glulten free menus?
  5. I used water the first time and warm milk the second time and it still gets huge until I take it out of the oven, then it falls. I'm still hoping to find out how to avoid that problem. I will try less liquid. Juanita
  6. I made a loaf of this bread last night, too. I used garbanzo bean flour instead of the farvara bean flour. I did, though, have the problem of the bread getting three times bigger as it baked and then falling as it cooled off. I read all the advice and I want to try another load tomorrow. I never thought I would ever be able to eat the fluffy bread again. I love the fact that the reciepe calls for healthy flours. It's just what I've been looking for. I LOVE THIS WEB SITE. Thanks to all. Juanita
  7. Can anyone tell me what garfava flour is? Thank you 1
  8. Hi, I think that it is great that we have a place that we can go to talk about such important issues as weigt gain as a celiac. I was diagnosed 9 months ago. Pre-diagnoses, I lost 15-20 pounds and since then I gained it all back and put on another 15-20 pounds. My gene pool is full of overweight people and those with diabetes. Now with Celiac, my chances of both just got greater. Luckly for me, my Celiac support group has a nutritionalist speak at the last meeting about this subject. She represents a group called Transitions Lifestyle. I have been going to her house for meetings for the last 5 weeks and she is helping us learn how to eat healthy. Basically, no sugar (you can subsitute) and no carbs. Eat food low on the gylcemic index such as beans, carrots, cabage, aspargus, pears, peaches, apples, berries and lean meats, etc.
  9. I Need Help!

    I use Betty Hagman's recipe for potato bread and it tastes good and turns out unless the humity is high. Also do not substitute anything in your recipe.
  10. Snacks

    Fruit is also a good snack. You have to watch high carbs or you'll gain a lot of weight.
  11. Yes, I would love to have the recipe also.
  12. I was informed by the president of my local GIG that turkey that is self basting may contain glutin. I think that I am going to use gluten-free bread and make the stufffing as usual with onion and celery and mashed potatoes and butter, of course.
  13. Maybe I should be more specific: I need a substitute for Betty Hagman's gluten-free flour mixture that has rice/potato/tapico flours to make my pumpkin roll. Then, how much xanthan gum per cup of flour?
  14. Does anyone have a recipe for pumpkin roll that does not contain white rice flour and potato flour or know what I can use to substitute those flours?