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  1. Very interesting. I am always nauseus, and I figured it was just my "delicate constitution." (lol) I agree that enzymes definately help, and so does Lactaid. I've cut way back on the dairy, but if I'm starving and that's what is available, I chew a lactaid and that helps. I've used the Peppermint drops when I've had bowel cramping. Actually, the enteric coated peppermint pills work even better, at least for me. But you're right, no matter how careful I am, no matter what I eat or do not eat, I am often nauseaus. It is very frustrating. And the funny thing is, chicken is a big trigger. I wonder what it is about poultry. I am very careful not to buy one that is basted or has fillers but it still will make me feel icky. I've been reading about other types of food allergies, and some people are allergic to poultry and eggs. It makes me wonder what other things are triggers for me.
  2. Hi. I've been Glutin Free for 5 years and have also suffered with Chronic Fatigue. It seemed to take two years before my energy slowly began to return, and now I am feeling almost "normal." I've learned to pace myself, giving myself breaks when my body says relax. I watch my stress level. Of course, it's impossible to Avoid Stress. I've learned ways to control my reaction to stress, because for me, stress is a huge trigger for fatigue. Also, moderate exercise helps. I started with short walks and then worked my way up to a couple of miles a day. I've recently started Pilates, which is hard work, but very relaxing. Oh, and watch the caffiene. It's my main addiction, but I find if I drink too much, my fatigue gets worse and I crash. Basically, keep being glutin free and give it time. Go for short walks, even just around the block is great. Learn proper breathing, which will combat the adrenalin over load from stress. And don't give up hope. It is possible to be well.