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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Restless Legs Syndrom (rls)

    I have RLS. I KNOW what you are experiencing. RLS can be a symptom of diabetes. Have a GTT done to rule out diabetes. Not enough exercise is another reason given. I swim and still suffer RLS. I have Sinemet (a Parkinson med) for the RLS. It's not a cure-all. But, after taking it for a month or so, the symptoms calm down a tad. Neurontin and Doxepin and Percocet are also used for RLS. I find that the Sinemet works best when combined with 2 percocet. When it's really bad, I have my kids beat on my calves with their hands (percuss). For some reason, it makes RLS easier to bear. I also have a 2 foot, 1 inch diameter dowel that I use to hit my leg muscles with when the kids can't percuss anymore. It sounds bizarre, but it helps. I am convinced my RLS is a result of malabsorbtion. Researchers also suspect that RLS may be caused by insufficient iron in the brain. Interesting, as I am a carrier for Hemachromatosis. Libby. celiac disease/Lupus/OA/C282y het and a bunch of other stuff.
  2. Butterfly Rash

    Christine, I have lupus. Am disabled because of it. Generally, with bonafide lupus, once the rash appears, it doesn't really "go away". It will fade and flush. My husband reads my rash like a barometer. He can tell how I am doing just by looking at my rash. The lupus rash burns when your immune system is going haywire. For years, I had Dr.s tell me I had rosacea. They were wrong. A true lupus rash does not manifest in the area between the nostrils and the face. Rosacea involves the entire area, according to my rhuematologist. Unchecked celiac disease can cause lupus. That's how we think I got it. Talk with your physician about your rash. It's better to be safe, than sorry. Lupus sucks. Good luck, Libby. celiac disease/OA/Lupus/Hypothyroid Scoliosis/HH/Gilberts/DJD
  3. Scoliosis

    Scoliosis runs in my family, too. I have it, slightly. One son with short leg. My sister had a Dwyer fusion (2 of them)after spending her teen years in a Milwaukee brace. That was rough. The gene comes from my mom, who is 100% German, no celiac. My dad carries the celiac and HH genes( Irish/Cherokee). This wouldn't support the celiac disease/Scoliosis connection for my family, anyway. Libby.
  4. Dad is Irish and Cherokee. My mom is all German. Dad had terrible digestion. So did his little sister. Her 2nd son has Celiac. Kind of nice having a cousin to share this with. Libby. celiac disease/HH/OA/Hypothyroidism/Lupus
  5. Just received a reply from Blue Bunny. <<Hi my name is Judith I received your message. The mono-diglycerides derive from soy. If you need any further assistants. I could be reach Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST Judith O. Lozada 1-(800) 942-3800 ext 2954>> Libby. Dx celiac disease 2002 + bloodwork, + endoscophy 5 of six children with celiac disease Dx 2002
  6. Ok, you all. This is TOO much! AACCCKK!!!....CHOCOLATE!!! I'm hanging by the fingernails as it is....!!! Libby. Desparately wanting a Hershey bar Dx celiac disease 2002 :
  7. Kaiti, THANKS! I'm going to have my hubby check the Hershey bottle next shopping trip. Libby. Dx celiac disease 2002
  8. What about Blue Bunny ice cream? Does anyone know anything about them?
  9. A call out to all on Hershey's Chocolate Syrup. Is it gluten-free? We're using Nesquik, but I prefer Hershey over Nestle. TIA, Libby. Dx celiac disease 2002
  10. celiac disease and hypothyroid, here! Lupus, muscular neuralgia and RLS. Taking synthroid. Hasn't helped me lose weight, though. gluten-free for 3 years with some improvement, but not as drastic an improvement as my kids. Must be something about being young, doncha' think? Libby. Cool in AZ
  11. I contacted Lindt last year after my kids were given some of their Truffles in church. LINDT'S ARE NOT gluten-free. The company responded to that effect. So, please, do not eat Lindt's truffles. Libby.
  12. We make our own bread. My 17 yr. old son makes an awesome loaf of tapioca bread. It smells and tastes almost like real white bread. My 11 yr old make these cottage cheese rolls that are great for hamburgers. She makes a huge batch, so we can split and toast them the next morning. They taste almost exactly like english muffins when toasted. We like to have "egg McMuffins" with them. The 17 year old son makes a chocolate cake that you can't tell is gluten-free. And his icing is to die for. He makes all our birthday cakes. They taste like they came from a bakery. Our 9 year old makes the cheba. She can make them so they are almost like goldfish crackers. When I make them, they aren't so good. Still edible, but not as good as hers. I hate to bake, my pies are gross. Soup is my forte. I'm glad my kids bake so well. Libby. celiac disease/Lupus/OA/HH gluten-free since 2002 5 of 6 children w/celiac disease
  13. JCharwood, Besides celiac disease, I also have Lupus, OA, hypothyroidism, optical seizures, hypoglycemia and Sjogrens. Almost all of these conditions are the result of undiagnosed celiac disease. I'm sorry to hear about your hair loss. To date, the methotrexate has not had that affect on me. The Plaquenil has affected my eyes, though. Quite light sensitive and have to have the 6 month eye exams. But, thanks to the drugs and a gluten-free diet, I can usually make it through the day to teach the kids (we homeschool) and my few music students throughout the week. Hang in there. There are good days and bad days. The former...we forget we are ill. The latter...we sometimes hope to die. Libby. AZ
  14. For general dry skin and lips, we use olive oil. My 11 yr. old has to use a Rx cream to clear up his dry skin, as his starts with a small patch which grows if we don't catch it quickly enough. Libby. AZ 5 of 6 w/celiac disease
  15. I, too, am delighted to read that I am also not alone in this Celiac/obesity condition. I am in that 100lb over category. I was diagnosed with celiac disease Oct. of 2002. My rhuematologist keeps telling me to wait. That it takes about 2-3 years for the body to heal enough to begin ridding itself of the fat. I sure hope she is right. She also advocates fewer simple carbs with more complex carbs and protein. I just want at least to get down enough so I can fit into a regular sized wheelchair when the time comes.