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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. We ate out at a very nice, small neighborhood restaurant last night for our anniversary. I called ahead and talked to the chef/owner and she said not problem about accommodating me. This is the type of place that serves you soup, appetizer, salad, your choice of two entrees and desert for one price. She cooks with organic fresh herbs and produce, most grown in her garden. She made a special entree for me. I checked and the lentil soup was fine, the salad with walnuts and balsamic dressing was all home made. She did have an assortment of goat and ewe cheeses imported from France. I did notice that after one slice had what looked like a blue cheese through it. I ate part of the cheeses before I noticed it. For desert, she had berries in a white chocolate cup with shaved chocolate. Does anyone know if the white chocolate cup could have contained gluten? I doubt she made those. Or maybe the cheese? I am hoping she just didn
  2. Yes, I love it. I tried it a couple of months ago! Now i make personal sizes and freeze one for later.
  3. I can drink Redbridge and I am pretty sensitive. Sometimes I get a reaction and dont know why. I figured it was cross contamanation. Sometimes I think I might be my dogs (there dog food contains gluten) I have had a reaction more then once from Amy's so I dont eat them now.
  4. I just checked the package on the Reeses mini's no wheat ingredients listed. Has something called TBHQ...don't know what that is. I have been eating them and no reaction. I am very sensitive.
  5. I recently had one of Amy's no gluten added or gluten free (didnt check) Mexican casserole bowl. I am extremely sensitive and I did have a reaction. I hadnt tried Amys for about 6 months, I used to eat her pretty regularly but started having a reactions to her products more and more the longer I was gluten-free. I wish I didnt, becasue sometimes it is handy having a prepared meal.
  6. I Work In A Bakery

    I wear a mask and latex gloves on the rare occasions when I bake dinner rolls now. I really miss baking gluten bread, gluten-free bread just isnt as much fun
  7. Revamping The Kitchen

    Welcome I also used to bake bread (especially yummy dinner rolls) by hand. Not all the time so I didnt use a mixer, love to knead the dough. Now I bake my own gluten-free bread, I dont like the store bought kind. I tried by hand, but gluten-free bread is just not as fun to make as regualar bread. So I use a bread machine. I find it convinent and easy. Took me a while to get a loaf with the taste and texture I wanted, and now I am working on adding some fiber. I have turned out some decent loafs that taste good. Good luck, it really isnt bad after you get used to it.
  8. No, I dont seem to have a reaction. I eat cheese almost every day and have milk in my coffee. No reation. They are in smaller portions. I will buy another brand of yogat. If I continue having a reaction, I guess I will have to stop dairy.
  9. Wow, never thought of that. I have never had a problem with antibiotice, (but then again cow antibiotics are different I am sure). I not plan on buying it again. Thanks
  10. Diagnosised Ate Age 68

    Has anyone else had symptoms, only have them to disapear after several years? Then come back a few years later (often after triggers, birth of daugher, divorce, etc.) Also very small and thin until 16 then I finally grew.
  11. This morning I ate lucerne plain yogurt. It says it uses corn starch. Nothing else suspicious listed. I had it with honey, frozen berries and flax seed meal (bobs). No new shampoo or skin products. I had a reaction very quickly after eating it. (Bloating and D, very tired today) Does anyone have any ideas what has happened? This has happened a couple of other times, not sure if it was Lucerne or Dannon low fat yogurt.
  12. I dont eat much fast food, but Wendys has food that is supposed to be gluten free. My favorite is Pei Wei or PF Changs. They both have a glutten free menu and I have had good luck. At least in Texas, I find that I have good luck with most Mexican food resturants. I generally stick to the beef, because I read somewhere that some chicken can have glutten added to it. You can always to salads with Oil & viniger. I love vegtables so that is my lunch alot.
  13. Did you family doctor run tests? I went back and forth about getting a biopsy, but i had been off gluten and get sick eating gluten so decided against it. My daughter however has gone back on gluten again and plans to test. Her reactions were never intestinal problems. If I was younger I think I would, but now with the prospect of paying my own insurance and retirement coming up in a few years I decided I really dont want the diagnosis.
  14. Sweet Potato Flour

    I found a yam flour (the same?) in the ethnic food section of our super market HEB. It is under african food imports. I havent tried it yet. they also had potato starch, for some reason I could not find my normal potato starch at whole foods or anywhere. I am sensitive and did not have a reaction to it.
  15. I dont know if this has anything to do with it, but before I had my gallbladder out I always felt sick after eating fatty foods. I was still eating gluten then however. You said you eat meats, do you ever eat fatty meats like brisket or ribs or ribeyes? Do they affect you? (Yes I live in texas...) I dont eat a lot a fat, and those bother me, I can eat only 1/2 of the Kinnikinnick pizza and cheese without feeling a little uncomfortable.