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  1. hey all, i am twenty years old and have had food problems since i was born. i was on a special rotational diet when i was a child, and was diagnosed with lactose intolerance, and a host of other allergies. As i grew up, i grew out of most of my allergies, but still had pretty bad digestive problems that have always been attributed to IBS. About three years ago i was diagnosed with Anorexia and as i have been on the road to recovery, trying to find foods that i had stopped eating, that would not make me sick now was a big issue. My mom suggested i go wheat free because as i child i had had a biopsy done, at 18 months, which came back negative, but as i have gathered from research, that does not necessairly mean i don;t have a problem. I have read research that eating disorders could help with the onset of diseases such as celiac because your body goes with out gulten for a long time, and then you try and reintroduce it, and your body just says no essentially. Well i have gone wheat free and my depression went away within two days, no joke, and i just felt so much better overall. I ocassionally "cheat" and will have crackers once a week, majority of the time i get sick, other times, my body doesnt seem to care. Sorry for the long history, but i would really like your opinions. My doctor has been of NO help, and i was wondering basically if i could still have celiac disease even though i can tolerate gluten once in a great while in a handful of crackers form. Thanks for your help in advance. Laura