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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Can someone please explain how this procedure is different from the regular endoscopy or colonscopy? my doc wants to do this procedure to look futher then the regular test i had done last time.
  2. Ohio Doc

    Icmcafee2, Hi, I finally got my referral to Dr. SHeets at the end of July, can u please tell me his address i know how to get to riverside but dont know the numbers of his doc office, thanks so much!!
  3. Dh In The Mouth?

    I am wondering the same thing, i think that i have DH in the mouth and cant find hardly any information on this, i have 1 small article that someone printed out for me but there is not web address on this, if anyone knows where i can find information i would greatly appreciate this!
  4. WHile talking to my sister in law yesterday i told her that i couldnt drink any beer at the upcoming 4th of July celebration that they are having, she told me just drink some beer through a straw that wont affect you mouth any or your digestive system??? I thought this was funny and just had to repeat it, my realtives dont understand Celiac at all!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Back To Eating Wheat

    kaitiUSA, I had the endoscopy and colonscopy done and the biopsy on one of these tests came back Celiac disease, i cant recall which test said postive. After the doc retired that said i had celiac disease i went to a new doc, he gave me blood tests and these came back negative for Celiac so the new doc told me that i dont have it! I have been eating what i want since March but dont have diarrhea like i did when i was diagnosed, but i continue to have sores in the mouth.
  6. Does anyone know if you are diganosed with celiac and went back to eating wheat wouldnt you start having problems again with diarrhea? I went back to eating wheat because i had 2 different doctors and 1 said yes i have this and 1 said no, have been eating wheat for 3 months and no diarrhea but have problems with sores in mouth?
  7. the doc told me to go on gluten free doc but they he ended up retiring and i had to go to another gastro, this doc told me that from the blood test that i dont have Celiac. Yes, i had a biopsy and that said postive for Celiac. I guess you could say that since i had the other doc tell me that i dont have Celiac, i have been eating what i want to. I dont have diarrhea anymore but i have problems with sores in the mouth all the time and trying to find a new doc that can help me.
  8. Ohio Doc

    Hi thanks for the information on Dr sheets, i called him today but of course he wants a referrel from my family doc so will get him to refer me next week, is Dr Sheets a DO doctor?
  9. Ohio Doc

    Hi, I am looking for a gastro doc in Ohio who would know how to treat Celiac disease, i am in the central part of the state by columbus.
  10. Hi, i saw this post and wanted to tell you that i also have the white stuff in the mouth, my doc told me that i had celiac from a endoscopy but the blood tests say negative, so i continued to eat wheat and now i still am having the yeast problems in my mouth also, im not sure where to turn either, the docs here dont know enough about celiac or yeast.
  11. Dapsone

    Why is it that the doctors dont want to try me on dapsone, i had Celiac confirmed by biopsy and continue to get sores( blisters) on my back often, i ask the doc to try me on this but he said he dont know enough about dapsone ( MY MD), what do i have to do to get them to try this???
  12. lcmcafee2, Thanks for Dr. sheets name is he close to Riverside hospital i have been there alot for ear problems and really like the staff down there, as far as the DH goes i cant get a doc to confirm this but i was diganosed with Celiac last year with the biopsy and have them little blisters also that you are talking about.
  13. icmcaffee2, Thanks for the information that you provided, i am near the columbus ohio area and looking for a good doc who knows about Celiac disease, i lost my doc due to retirement and havent been able to find another one that knows anything about this. what is your doc doing for the DH? I have this also and so far the skin doc's in my area have not been able to help me, he did a biopsy of the skin and said its not DH but i dont belive it cause it sounds just like what the people have on here.
  14. WHich taco seasoning mixes are gluten-free? Does anyone have a recipe for a homemade one? thanks
  15. HI ALL, Can someone please tell me which brands of Peanut butter are gluten-free?