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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Steak And Shake?

    At our local Steak and Shakes the fries our cooked in the same oil as the bread products. Some of the cooks do not use separate spatulas when flipping burgers and buns. If you go sat at the counter than decide if the risk is safe.
  2. Dayton Ohio

    The only non chain restaurant we went to; Sinfully Gluten Free Centerville Ohio. They are a suburb south of Dayton. Sinfully is a gluten free bakery& restaurant. We had a chicken alfredo pizza. Crust was very tasty. Bakery had cakes,cookies,cupcakes,and bread. Bought a loaf of sandwich muti-grain sandwichbread very good. Did not need to be toasted. Chain restaurants; Max&Ermas okay food Smokey Bones barbeque good The Rusty Bucket; This was a new one for us. Gluten free menu, had pasta. Bar atmosphere carried Redbridge. The motel we stayed at: Towne Place Suits by Marriott. Each room had a kitchen suite with dish and pans.[under $90.] Woody
  3. Beer?

    Other gluten free beers that I have tried,include: From Milwaukee, WI - 2 breweries. New Grist, by Lakefront Brewery, made from sorghum and hops, 6-pack costs $8 - $12. Shakpuro, by Sprecher, made from sorghum, millet and hops, 6-pack costs about $13. Not as sweet as New Grist. Boulder CO - Tread Lightly, by New Planet, made from sorghum, corn, orange peel and hops. 4-pack cost around $10. Henderson NV - Fox Tail, by Joseph James Brewing Co. made from organic rice, nectar, and hops. Only gluten free beer I have found that comes in a can. 6-pack about $11. Has a bit of a citrus taste. From Europe Green Beers - 4 different flavors, come in 22 ounce bottles. Between $6 - $10 per bottle. Pricey, but good. St. Peters - have 1 gluten free beers and other non-gluten free beers. Did not like this beer. 2 other beers that are made with barley, but are certified as less than 20 ppm. From Spain - Estrella Damm Daura. My wife likes it and she is not celiac. Warrensville, IL - Prairie Path Golden Ale, by Two Brothers. 6-pack costs $8 - $12. Tastes like normal beer and my wife likes it also. Hope you can find these beers. Have fun sampling! Woody
  4. Dayton Ohio

    HI all; I am traveling to Dayton Ohio August 24-26. Looking for some good non chain restaurants. Please let me know if you have any favorites. thanks Woody
  5. Travel To Belize And Little Cayman

    My wife and I traveled to Belize in 2007. We stayed at Jaguer Reef LOdge. It is located in southern Belize by the town of Hopkins. The resort was all inclusive. They were great at serving me meals I could eat. We went on some day trips the week we were there, the resort made sure I had somthing to eat. If you have any questions let me know. Woody
  6. Chooper: When I hwas dignosed with Celiac in 2005 [by an upper GI, blood test neg.] My Dr. had me do the test for gastroparesis[stomach empting]. Showed I had it. So no more salds. Woody
  7. Hi I am amember of the c-u support group. We meet the third Sunday of the maonth at Provena Hospital, at 3:00 P.M.. The meetings generally will last about two hours. We always have glutin free snacks. If you need more information you may e-mail me here and I will get back to you. Woody
  8. Hi Lyceum: The bakery being refered to is Roses's Bakery. The adress is: 2901 central ave. Evanston Il. 60201 www.rosesesbakery.com This is a gluten free bakery just west of the Northwestern Campus. Very good pasteries and pizza. Woody
  9. I have had the pizza at Rose's and it was great! I live in Champaign Il. and make it up to Chicago a few times a year. When we go I like to buy the lasagna and ravioli to bring home frozen from DaLuciano's. Had an opportunity to visit Rose's last time up. I also agree the eclairs are really good. Woody
  10. My wife and I are going to Indy for our 28 aniversery March 7. We are looking for good places to eat. Have made reservation at Weber Grill. thanks for any suggestion.
  11. O'charley's?

    I have eaten at The O' Charley's in Champaign Il. When I've eaten there the rib tips are good. you need to tell your srver not to put any sauce on them! They our sauted in mushrooms and onions. Order the vegetables wiyhout flavoring spice. Woody
  12. Best Gluten Free Restaurants In Mn

    I agree with Lisa about the Chianti's Grill. We ate there Sunday October 14th. I had the gluten-free Spicy Chicken Penne, without the cajun spices. Very Good. We were at the Burnsville location. They had a separate gluten-free menu. I also went to the Crumb Gourmet Deli, on 7910 Mitchell Rd, Eden Prairie. They use bread made by the Bittersweet Bakery. Nice being able to have a deli sandwich. When we were there, another person came in also that was looking for gluten-free sandwich. The Madwoman's Bakery on Nicollet was good also. We had the quiche lorraine. I also ended up buying some cookies and muffins to take home with us. Houlihans in Eagan did not have a gluten-free menu. But they did work to accomodate gluten-free. The cook recommended the grilled rosemary chicken, without the mashed potatoes. Woody
  13. Going to watch Illinois play Minnesota in vollyball looking for some places to eat.
  14. radgirl I was diagnosed with celiac three years ago. Atthat time my Dr. also did a stomach emptying test. Which showed I had gastrparesis. This means it takes along time to digest raw veggies and the skin of most fruits. You might want to check on this. Woody .
  15. Hi I do not know if anyone else is checking on gastorparesis. I was diagnosed with this at the same time period as celiac, March of 2005. Did not not like the durgs my doctor perscribed. I have stayed away from fresh[uncooked vegetables]. Has anyone else come across these same systems? I am a 50 year old male. Woody email me rbtvcms13@aol.com