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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm back! It's been WAY confirmed. He is definatly Celiac, no questions! We even have pics of his intestines.....too bad it has gone on for years (he needed 3 bags of blood).....now we are on the road to recovery....6 weeks gluten free. Sooooo here's my question: I have two boys...a 7 year old and a 4 year old (4 year old tested but blood work was negative...I'm not convinced). We've thought of having another child. I'm scared that Celiac will transfer to a newbie or worse yet that the newbie would not be well (worse than Celiac)...(I'm 35 to make matters worse). I've read the above fears in a book....what do you guys think? I've also read about infertility. We didn't have that problem years ago....wonder if we would now?? Hmmm. Thanks for any opinions!
  2. Need To Vent

    Thank you all so much. I feel better already getting input from people who are dealing w/this. I am going to have the blood test run on my 4 year old....we shall see. We can't see starting to eat Gluten again just for that biopsy...so we'll see what happens. Thanks so much. We bought lots of veggies, Jiff Peanut butter, Pace salsa, corn chips, V8......took us 2 hours at Walmart. Oh well, life could be worse.
  3. So now he's been gluten free for 3 weeks, gained 2 pounds and iron going slightly up....NOW he should eat gluten all he wants till the test in 2 weeks??????? Oh please pray for us......this is really confusing!
  4. Okay so let me start by saying that I'm grateful that my husband doesn't have Leukemea or bone marrow cancer or cancer or something like what we were told it could have been. So my husband has had to have a blood transfusion and many tests before they finally say that the blood test is positive for Celiacs. Now it appears his low, low, low hemoglobin is due to malnutrition...Celiacs...it's not confirmed by biopsy that will take place in 2 weeks. We helped our selves and placed him on a gluten free diet for the past 3 weeks (no Dr.'s assistance...no dietary advice..nothing). Anyway so I've thought he's been on a gluten free diet and now I read about cross contamination in plants....can he NOT have a potato chip? Do we have to shop online and pay horrible prices +++ shipping? This sux...excuse me.....I really am grateful. So we are going shopping at WalMart tomorrow. I guess we'll buy steak, chicken and potatos....what about snacks? He's been eating Snyders Corn Tortillas (chips) are these CONTAMINATED TOO? I have 2 boys (my 4 year old has some symptoms but I'm not going there right now).....this is so WELL I just simply don't have TIME for this...after all I sit around all day long looking for somthing else to do (yea, right!)...~~~##+#+~~~Okay, I'm feeling better, thanks for letting me vent.