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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I guess my biggest thing is how are they ALLOWED to label it gluten free if even their website states "Greens First does contain a small amount of gluten so we suggest you try a small amount first and work up towards larger amounts." That doesn't make any sense and couldcause serious problems for some people
  2. Thanks. I've been gluten free for ten years, what a dumb mistake to make lol. How are they allowed to label it gluten free when it clearly is not?
  3. So two days into drinking a product called "Greens First" I wake up feeling like a I've been run over by a truck. Despite the "GLUTEN FREE" label on the front that is as large as the product name, the ingredients reflect barely and sprouted barely. A trip to the website states "Greens first does contain a small amount of gluten and is not suitable for people with celiac disease." Then why on earth do they have a huge gluten free label on the front? I am NOT happy about this.
  4. Not only do they taste amazing, but they are cheap! About $2.50 for bag!! I got mine at walmart they were next to the regular Snyder's pretzles. If your walmart doesn't carry them yet, make sure you request the manager order some! Now that some of the mainstream brands are coming out with gluten free products, the only gluten free companies will eventually be forced to drop thier prices, which will be great for us!!
  5. Green's First

    Thats really interesting about the barley, thanks for the info!! This says 2500mg of barley grass juice powder. Its listed under "products" then "greens first" (not greens first berry or greens first boost)then click "information" and scroll down to the picture of the nutrition label where everything is listed out.
  6. Green's First

    Yeah Im definitely thinking the product is a no-go, but I'm still so confused. The woman who answered the phone said they undergo very strict testing and the product is definitley gluten free. How can that be??? They are certified gluten free from some company called "Eurofins" and have a letter from the lab posted on the website under "gluten free certification."
  7. I go there a lot. Like a lot a lot Im totally addicted. Anyways, they told me that you need to make sure they clean the stiring stick in the machine, AND the metal ring that they put in the blizzard cup while they stir bc it is usually rinsed in a large bucket and could have been rinsed with a gluten containing one before that. Also make sure the candy is well seperated or get it from the back and you should be good to go.
  8. Hi there! Im super confused. I was looking into the product "greens first" which I had heard wonderful things about. Its like 27 vegetables in a drink that supposedly tastes really good. Since I survive almost entirely on junk food, I was excited lol. Anyways, the product says "certified gluten free" on it, but barley is one of the veggies in it. I called the company and they said they use gluten free barley. Is that right? I know you could get gluten free oats but gluten free barley?
  9. On The Border Changed Gluten Free Menu

    Not sure if anyone is reading this thread or not, but I did hear back from on the border. It was rather a nasty email. Well not nasty, but had sort of a rude undertone. The woman said "Well the queso contains modified food starch which is why it has NEVER been on our gluten free menu" Um, I have a printed copy of the menu not only from the website, but from the corporate office listing the queso as gluten free! Now its not on there and she is telling me it never was. Hum....
  10. On the border has revised their gluten free menu, and the con queso appetizer is not on there anymore! So bummed. I used to just bring my own chips and eat it. Bummed bummed bummed. I emailed them. Wonder what they will say.
  11. Chilis's New Menu

    Yes, you definitly CANNOT have the chips and salsa. They are fried in the same fryers as all the breaded items, and they ARE NOT listed on the gluten free menu. The waitors get confused because the chips themselves are gluten free, but then they throw them in the fryer
  12. Can Celiac Cause Extreme Morning Sickness

    This is bizarre to me that I never even thought the celiac could have been part of the cause for my hyperemesis with my pregnancy. I was SO sick throughout the first tri and half the second that my friends joked the first baby gift they would give me would be a padded toilet seat so I had somewhere to lay me head. At its worst I was sleeping in the bathtub! I needed somewhere to clean up the violent puking! Now Im getting ready to get pregnant again (am I crazy!!??) and have already set up home health care and babsiitters.
  13. Taco Fresco?

    Has anyone eaten gluten free at taco fresco? I did a quick search and found a statement saying everything was gluten free with the exception of the tortilla's and one of the salsa's. Other than that I couldn't find anything such as gluten free reviews or a menu or anything. Anyone know?
  14. Thanks for your replies! I didn't know that the gerber wagon wheels and cheese puffs were gluten free. I will also have to look for the arrowroot teethers. Thanks so much guys!
  15. Hi all! I have an 8 month old that is ready to start on her first finger/teether foods. My husband and I both have celiac, and while I know that the suggestions of when to introduce gluten vary from different docs and organizations, my husband and I, along with her doctor have decided to keep her gluten free until she is three. My problem is, I am not sure what foods I can introduce to her as her first real food. I know that a lot of people use those gerber puffs or teething biscuits because they will disolve quickly in the baby's mouth, but I am not sure of a good gluten free alternative. All of the bread like products I use are much to hard to give a baby. Any suggestions? Thank you so much!