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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Ok this is getting really rediculous I have a six year now that complains about everything I have put in front of him. How do you feed these kids when most of this tastes well UGH. Someone please help this kid wants "normal" food mostly he wants his sugar cereals back and mac and cheese that does not turn to slime in 2 min. Thanks for all your help Heather :
  2. For those of you in Michigan I just found that Meijers carries BOB Mill gluten-free Bread mix. And it was a lot cheaper then at the health food store. I do know my sons doctor was insistent that I feed my son from brand new jars of everything from butter to jelly and anything in between to avoid any wheat contamination. I am also new to this whole diet but after a few tears in the middle of the grocery store I think I can do this. By the was does anyone know about red 40 and weather those with celiac can have it the reason I am asking is Trix cereal has no wheat and no gluten in it. Thanks Heather
  3. Thank you everyone for all of your great advice. I went out and bought the book on children with celiac read it cover to cover last night it was great and it has a permanent spot in my kitchen. We aren't trying anything with oats yet because of the not so sure idea if its ok to eat. Honey combs would be great but starting in 2004 they started making it with wheat flour so thats out. I think once the shock wheres off I'll be fine but this is such a big transition. Its a life style that changes so much. I made pancakes with a mix from health food store and my son spit it out so on to a different brand I'm not real sure if I want to buy mixes or if I just want to make from stratch but its so time consuming I don't know. Thanks for all your help and thank you again for the link to the foods he can eat. I live in Michigan so many of the brands are familiar and I know I can get them from my mother who lives in Belveider IL and has a Whole foods or as my mother calls it a whole paycheck. Thanks Heather
  4. My son is 6. This is just such a change. Thank you for the list of food it is going to be so helpful. Can you get her book at borders or any book store or is it only on-line. Thanks Heather
  5. Help Please my sons test results came back positive yesturday for celiac. I kinda familiar with this since my mother was diagnosed 2 years ago but its different now since I actually have to do this everyday in my home. I have printed out the list of food that are safe but can't find a cold cereal which my son loves in the morning and last night in my attempt to have bread for him today it didn't mix right it tastes awful hes picky and this is only the real first day. Is there anyone out there who can atleast tell me brands of bread that he can have cereal, candy, just kids stuff hes really hates me at the moment because he can't just eat whats in the fridge. Thank you