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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Generic Ambein?

    I've taken it for a while w/no problems. Don't know the mfg., but my particular generic tablet has a #74 on one side and #93 on the other. I've taken it for a while...much longer than recommended, but my sleep probs started just before my celiac came on "full-time" and haven't let up. But back to your question, I've not had any reactions to my particular tablet, having used it for a while now.
  2. This may have already been mentioned, but if you go the the "Health" section on the Winn-Dixie site, you can get a list of their gluten-free products and stores that have gluten-free sections.
  3. Put me down for having a problem with the Cinnamon. I can't say I was glutened because my reactions are usually long and bad, but I definitely felt some gut pain for a few hours. I tried a little a couple of days later and felt the same. I've had no probs with the Rice or Honey Nut.
  4. G-f National Restaurants?

    I've had good luck at Logan's Roadhouse. They recently added a gluten-free menu (not on website...have to ask for it) and seem up to speed on CC problems.
  5. Logan's Roadhouse gluten-free Menu

    Most of the steaks were OK and I believe the shrimp skewer and mesquite chicken were on there. Several salads were on it, with instructions to leave off the croutons and bacon bits. There were a few sides on there, some with special ordering instructions. They also had a section with their seasonings that were gluten-free. It was mentioned on the menu that the waitress was required to inform the manager of the request. I have it at my office and I'll try to scan it and post it on here if possible next week. If I can't do that, I'll try and email it to you if you'd like.
  6. I eat at our Logan's here in Oxford, AL, often and have always had good luck with my special "no seasoning" requests. Well, today, my waitress, with whom I've explained my Celiac Dis., informed me that they now have a gluten-free menu. She printed it off and gave me one and said they were required to tell the manager when someone had a gluten-free request. The manager actually brought us our lunch. The entire staff has had training on gluten-free food prep. As I said, I've always had good luck at this Logan's, but now I don't have to explain my Celiac everytime I get a new waitress/waiter.
  7. I was diagnosed as having a pancreatic enzyme deficiency due to pancreatic atrophy that was found in the testing prior to my Celiac diagnosis. I was placed on an enzyme replacement for about 4 months before the Celiac was diagnosed. I looked a lot like Steve Jobs now when I was at my lowest point (had gone from 205lbs to 148 lbs in about 8 months). I think Celiac affects so many functions in the body that the symptoms are often diagnosed as the cause.
  8. You'll find that in a short amount of time, with your own research and this site, you will know more about gluten-free foods that most dieticians or any other medical professional. The info I received while hospitalized for Celiac symptoms was also outdated and very general. The dietary dept. thought that since the list had the general term "meat", that I could eat country fried steak (breaded w/wheat flour), and a yeast roll. Since it was a meat, they thought it was OK. When I told them it was not OK, they sent up rice with brown gravy. I simply ate the apple for supper that night. Like I said, your own research and help from this site will be your best chance at staying gluten-free.
  9. I eat a lot of Frito Lay products. Their gluten free list also contains the facility and machinery warning, but I've had good luck with them and trust them more than some. I do stay away from the smaller companies with the same warning due to the facility size. When it comes to a facility/machinery warning, I think it's a lot like eating out. You know your taking a little bit of a risk, but it's a chance we all take to live a halfway normal life. Is the facility/machinery warning required by the FDA, or is it just a courtesy from the companies?
  10. Has anyone tried and had any problems with Carroll Shelby's Chili Kit mix? The ingredients look OK, but I worry about a facility CC problem?
  11. Thanks! I just checked it out. I searched "gluten-free" in the pull-down menu for groceries and the selection is great. It pulled 510 items. When you break down the prices per item, it's not too bad.
  12. I received this response from Crown Candy and thought I'd pass it along. "Jeff Toasted Macaroons are gluten free as well as all Crown Candy products. We do not use any wheat, barley, or rye in our candy. Gary J Black Crown Candy Corporation www.crowncandy.com P O Box 6273 Macon GA 31208 478-781-4911"
  13. Has anyone had any trouble with Standard Candy Company Coconut Waves. The ingredients seem OK except for the dreaded "natural flavors". The only allergens listed are soy and milk. I have attempted to contact the company but the only email address I can find goes to the distributor, not the companies customer service reps. Thanks.
  14. I thought I would paste this reply I received today from Zachary Confections. "Thank you for your letter. Zachary Confections does not currently manufacture any items that contain gluten. In the past we did make items that contained wheat but the ingredients have been changed so that those items do not now contain any wheat. The packages that you have seen that show wheat on the label are just some of the packaging that was used before we could get new packaging that does not show any wheat. I hope that this information is helpful to you. Josh Jakes Quality Control Manager Zachary Confections, Inc."
  15. My blood tests point to Celiac, and after my scope, my GI said it sure looked like Celiac. Does Celiac damage have a certain appearance that distinguishes it from Crohn's or other IBS diseases? Thanks!