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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. has anyone experienced any problems with the lemonade at Chickfila. They fresh squeeze their lemonade so I am concerned about cross contamination.
  2. Tallahassee/north Florida

    I have a facebook..Renee Cox
  3. Tallahassee/north Florida

    I live in tallahassee too. I go to TCC. I tried the gluten-free diet for 5 months and still felt bad so I quit it. I havent been on this board for a while...seems alot more people from tallahassee have joined since I left. I am thinking of starting the diet again...Im just dreading it. Well, I just wanted to say hi to my fellow tally ppl. I know the suffering of the gluten-free diet..and Ive lived here my whole life so I pretty know where everything is if you have any other questions about stores with gluten-free products and restuarants with gluten-free menus.
  4. I am so depresseed right now. Ive been on this stupid diet for almost six months and I still have AWFUL GI issues 247. I feel like im just watching time pass me by and I see all my college friends have a good time and Im too sick to. I know I haven't been as careful about the diet for thse past 3 months or so but, for the first three months I was so careful and ate hardly anything and saw no change whatsoever. So I guess I probably don't have it right? Im 19 and I feel I should have healed quicker than this. Its just such a dissapointment...I told myself I wouldn't get my hopes up but I guess I couldn't help it. I have been praying about this for what seems like forever but now I just hardly have any faith left in God. I could really use some words of encouragement from those who belive in God right now... Thanks everyone -Renee
  5. Gluten Free Hair Products

    all garnier fructis products are gluten free. I don't know whether they have good styling products for curly hair though.
  6. OK, I officially started the SCD diet May 1st. Anyone want to join me?
  7. when I first went on the gluten free diet, I first had periods too frequently for the first two months. Then, I didn't have it for three months...I think It was the sudden change in diet.
  8. Im so sorry about Lucky; I know what It is like to see a pet you love hurting. I hope everything goes well for him!
  9. I Thought I Was Gluten Free

    im confused...are you still eating gluten or are you still eating dairy?
  10. what do you mean part of your spleen died??
  11. thanks for they replys guys! Im trying to figure out why my bloating hasnt gone down yet. I read on a nother forum that many cooking nuts actually have flour on them but Ive never heard of that before...
  12. oops i guess I wrote this too fast...Looks like I wasnt the first one to get upset about this article! There is already another topic started on it
  13. I just read the worst magazine article on gluten that I have ever seen. It was published in "Woman's World". The title of the article is "A hidden food allergy may be MAKING YOU FAT! The article claims that gluten in preventing people from losing weight and that there are "AMAZING RESULTS" and "RAPID WEIGHT LOSS" for gluten free dieters. It sounds to me like a big advertisement for another fad diet...which is exactly what the article is trying to do..use it as a fad diet. It claims that "everyone should try it". And how does this article define gluten? it refers to it as "a gooey protein that is in the world's most fattening foods like chips, cookies, etc.... not ONCE does it say that gluten is wheat, rye or barley. In fact, those three words are not mentioned in the entire article. While I am glad that the awareness of gluten sensitivity is becoming more popular, it really pisses me off that whoever wrote this article, has absolutly no knowlege of Celiac Disease. The only good part of the article was that it referenced readers to THIS site for more information.
  14. are the pre chopped fruit salads (usually grapes, watermelon,melon,pineapple) made at grocery stores safe? It says processed on shared equipment.