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  1. I have been recently doing much research into different health issues and was led here. I was hoping someone could help to steer me a little bit. My health story, as brief as I can make it is: started noticing symptoms like chronic and debilitating fatigue, joint pain and brain fog after the birth of my first baby almost six years ago. I thought it was just being a new mom but it never went away. My first doctor visit was one year later and found out shortly after that I was expecting, so I chalked it up to being pg again. After birth of baby #2, symptoms remained and I went to three differnt drs about 6x over the last 4 yrs. Symptoms now include bloating, cramping, gas, pain in my wrist bones and knees, and easy bruising. Also I am having a hard time losing some extra weight and we have been having a hard time getting pg again. (It ususally takes me about 3 months to get pregnant, and we've been trying for almost a year now). I have always had to direct my doctors in suggesting what might be wrong with me. I have been tested for lyme, arthritis, anemia, thyroid and gluten intolerance (twice). My test results for that were as follows: 1st test 1 1/2 years ago - Gliadin IgG was 14.9 (<25 = neg) and Gliadin IgA was 5.0 (<25 = neg) 2nd test in Nov 04 - Gliadin IgG was 22.9 (<25 = neg), Gliadin IgA was 4.9 (<25 = neg), and endomysial IgA was neg. Both times these test were done I had been gluten free for at least two weeks. I was wondering if that could affect the results, and if the tests I had done are reliable. I notice that when I go gluten free, my symptoms go away - but my doctors have told me it's basically all in my head. I'm getting very frustrated and sad, because my fatigue is so extreme that there are days I can only lay on the couch while my children entertain themselves. Autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and thyroid disease) are abundant in my immediate family and I just recently found out I am allergic to rice, dairy, nuts and some grains (as is my dad). Is celiac an actual allergy? The allergy test I had done measures whether my body is producing histamine in response to a certain food by measuring IgG antibody production. If I had a gluten intolerance would it have registered on this test? I'm trying to make sense of my symptoms. It's really hard to be commited to eliminating gluten (it's in everything!) when my doctors have said that is not my problem, even though I notice positive dietary results. I wonder if it's something else I am reacting to, and not the gluten. I don't trust myself anymore because the doctors have proved me wrong with every idea I come up with in terms of what is affecting me. They have told me it's either depression (I love my life and only feel depressed when I imagine feeling this horrible for the rest of my life), not enough exercise ( I work out 5x a week), or a sleep disorder (does that really cause cramps, bloating and gas?). Any direction or help would be greatly appreciated. I'm learning to rely less on my doctors and more on what I know to be true with my own body, and the experiences of others. Thanks in advance! Sorry, I tried to make this short but see how long it is now!
  2. ...how long do you have to be eating gluten-y foods in order to have an accurate blood test? I took gluten out of my diet and my symptoms (chronic fatigue, bone and back pain, bloating, gas, diarrhea AND constipation at times, mental fuzzines) have gotten better. I fell off the wagon, so to speak, and went on a gluten binge and all my symptoms returned even worse. It's now been almost 3 weeks without gluten this time around, I'm feeling a bit better but I just got tested and it came back in the normal range. How accurate are the blood tests and could the fact that I haven't been having gluten make a difference? I'm reluctant to go back to gluten just to get another blood test, but I really think that gluten is the cause. Any expertise or input would be appreciated!