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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for all your advice, but I hope someone out there can answer my question: What does HIGH SERUM/TOTAL IGA mean? Since I am symptom free, I don't want to go on a Gluten Free - Dairy Free diet for a year to find out if my bones become denser, when that might not be the problem. Meanwhile my bones may be getting worse and breaking even more. I have had a ton of Blood/Urine tests done and the only marker that is abnormal is the SERUM/TOTAL IGA. My iron, vitamins, even blood calcium levels are normal. Every other test is normal. None of my doctors know what my problem is, but since my Celiac markers were also normal, they don't want to do a biopsy. So, does anyone out there know what HIGH SERUM/TOTAL IGA means? TTG IGG was TNP (Doc told me that mean not enought to test?) TTG IGA was <3 (<5 is negative) Gliadin IGA was 4 (<11 is negative) IGA was 513 (Normal is 81-463) and HIGH Thanks, Jack
  2. I am a moderately heavy man who was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis when I was 41 years old (which is relatively abnormal). I have fractured 8 vertebrae in the past 3 years and my osteoporosis is getting worse. I have always consumed a lot of dairy products and bread with no problems. My MD tested me for Celiac, but when she got these results, she told me I did not have it. She told me not to worry about the overall HIGH serum IGA. My scores are: TTG IGG was TNP (Doc told me that mean not enought to test?) TTG IGA was <3 (<5 is negative) Gliadin IGA was 4 (<11 is negative) IGA was 513 (Normal is 81-463) and HIGH Does anyone know what the HIGH serum/total IGA means? Celiac? Gluten sensitivity? I have been searching for answers for the past 3 years as to why my bones are breaking, and have seen multiple MDs, endocrinologists, and orthopedic doctors and none of them have an answer. All of my other hundreds of tests have come back normal. I have searched all through this forum and could only find one other post on this topic and no one could answer that posters question. Hopefully someone can help me. Jack