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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My husband and I had it and brought the kids to be looked at and the Dr said all looked fine so they didn't do the test but sure enough, a week later my daughter complained of a scratchy throat and again I brought the kids -- two year old was fine but my girls (6 and 4) had it. You mention your son is immunosuppressed and are these spots typical of his disease? If he is under two it is unlikely to be strep in a healthy child -- at least this is what I am told. Nicole
  2. Has he been exposed to strep? You describe a red throat, swollen tonsils and white spots which sound exactly like what we just went through last month with a strep infection. Maybe others have different ideas but I would want to rule out strep.
  3. Dh And Uv Exposure

    Had a positive titer first ANA test, negative ANA next test. All other test ruled out Lupus. Dr. didn't think UV light should bother me and I was just curious to know if it bothers people with DH.
  4. Dh And Uv Exposure

    I am just curious if anyone notices a reaction with UV light? I do not have DH (linear IgA bullous dermatosis) but the diseases are so similar just wondering if Dh sufferers react to sun. Thanks! Nicole
  5. Skin Problems And Cd

    I do the same thing! I never (unless absolutely necessary) scrub my skin with soap. Usually just the necessary areas. The shampoo is really nice. When I get a second I will post the name.
  6. Is Cd Forever?

    The biopsy of the blisters showed Linear IgA bullous dermatosis. I thought it would be DH but nope (Derm thought it pemphigus so I am lucky). I guess before immunoflourescence, they thought both were the same disease. IgA is deposited differently on the basement membrane zone in the diseases, granular in DH and linear in LAD. Supposedly some with LAD respond to a gluten-free diet but it is such a rare disease, drs don't know much about it. They prefer to medicate to suppress the blisters instead of figure the problem. At least with DH, the cause is clear -- not that this helps sufferers in the least. It is just weird to me that the diseases are so strikingly similar yet with LAD they do not think it is diet related (though there are two reports of remission on gluten-free diet). It is also a disease that can be drug induced and once the offending drug is removed, the disease clears up. Children get the disease and it is known as Chronic Bullous Disease of childhood. Go figure.
  7. Is Cd Forever?

    Thanks Sarah, I have not gone gluten-free yet. I am really having trouble getting on the wagon as my doctors think no(allergist, gastro, primary care), my husband thinks no(thinks it is too stressful and no reason), enterolab says absolutely (both gene and gluten/casein sensitivity) and I have an autoimmune disease and thyroid disease both of which can be a result of it. I also suffer from brain fuzzy, stomach aches, skin blisters and the big D though this has been better with the addition of enzymes to my diet. All these things scream at me and yet if only I had some support on the home front. I worry about my kids too and am thinking about ordering a gene test for them. Funny I am going through this phase before I go gluten-free which I really think I am gearing up to. I am scared to get any other diseases. I am slowly integrating gluten free substitutes allowing me to feel good about my choices. The couple of times I have tried going gluten-free I have been stressed and low energy as I was overwhelmed with little time and energy to dedicate to figuring it all out. Brain fog. That is the gluten talking I think. Thanks for you help. Nicole
  8. New to all of this and I am wondering if anyone out there feels that our bodies will eventually heal and gluten can once again be tolerated. Please don't laugh if this is an obvious no but I am very curious to know if there are ways to heal the body and stop the response of gluten as an invader. I hear about success with other allergies and wonder what others think. I am currently taking aloe supplements which claim to heal the inside. I guess I am looking for any rays of hope that I won't have to think about food like I have been this last year.
  9. Durum Semolina

    I just read that it is a hard spring wheat with a high gluten content. I guess it is enough gluten for me to feel ill immediately unlike semolina which does not. Crazy.
  10. Skin Problems And Cd

    I forgot to mention the change of weather thing-- I've gotten that one too. It is really dry in my house but I still get it in the humidity. I also have it all year round. I don't think it is the weather. Perhaps a chemical sensitivity. People tell me to use Dove but that makes me itch like mad. Who knows? I'll let you know how this rice protein shampoo goes.
  11. I have suffered from a racing pulse after eating for many years now. My husband thinks I think too much about what is going on inside. I am wondering if anyone else suffers from this too. I have asked my dr and my allergist and they both say it has nothing to do with food (so I guess it is only in my head?).
  12. For many years I have suffered from terrible stomach aches after eating certain meals and last summer pinpointed that the cause is Durum Semolina. I can have one bite of the stuff and shortly afterwards I will have the worst stomach pains. I can eat regular pasta with no obvious problems. Whole wheat pasta is also a problem but perhaps this too is made from Durum Semolina. This was one of the reasons why I tested for celiac disease. My blood test were negative but enterolab suggested severe gluten sensitivity and casein sensitivity. Just curious to know if anyone else found this particular style of pasta painful before going gluten-free. Or am I just as crazy as my dr probably thinks?
  13. Skin Problems And Cd

    I too get this reaction with water as well as from shaving. Do you get it in the ocean? My skin really reacts to the salt water. I am usually itchy after a shower. I am trying a rice protein soap (no wheat or gluten)-- it is actually a shampoo but I have been using it as a soap too and I haven't been itchy the last few showers. The other night I used gillette shaving gel and a new blade along with only the rice shampoo. All was ok. I did not use cream no matter how much my skin needs it. I think usually when I shave I get soap on my legs that must contain something in it that bothers me. I have yet to find a cream that will soothe it, most make it worse. I get itchy bumps and everywhere I scratch the lines are red and raised. Lovely. I have been told the causes are Dermatic Graphism, seborreah (spelling?), linear iga bullous dermatosis (blistering disease), foliculitis, hypothyroidism (this can make your skin dry and itchy I am told) etc. I do not take meds for any of these "conditions" as I am trying to find a natural way to combat the itch. It was so awful a month after my first baby was born I thought I would scratch my skin off-- 6 years and two more babies-- I am still searching for a cure. Sorry I can't be more helpful.