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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I pack lunch everyday for my son. It was easier when he was in preschool, as they had a microwave and would heat it up for him. That way I could fix a big batch of gluten-free macoroni and cheese etc, and portion it into ta-go tupperwares, and just put it in his lunchbox. Now at his 'big boy school' they don't heat it up. Which is a challenge. So I have to find things that don't need to be heated. Of course gluten-free pbjs work. I also send apples. gluten-free envirokid bars. Also, Hormel, and a few other manufacturers, are good about the labeling on their little peal off lid cans of lunch sized soups or chilis. Find some gluten-free ones and if your little guy will eat it room temp, you're all set. good luck
  2. My son Justin turned four in July and has been gluten-free for two years. Besides an occassional accidental exposure, he has been health ever since avoiding gluten consumption. But for the last few weeks, he's been sick again. His behaivor is just like the old-uncontrollable days, and he can't even get to the bathroom in time before he goes in his pants. It is fowl and loose -- you all know the drill. The last couple of times he had an "accident" at home, he was so disappointed in himself he tried to hide it. He told me that it just fell out and he couldn't get to the bathroom fast enough! I feel so horrible for him. The only changes in his diet have been replacing Pedia Sure with Ovaltine (as it is so much cheaper) - I'm using the Rich Chocolate flavor, as I'm told it's gluten-free. (but is it processed on the same lines?) And his "gluten free" Wellshire farms nuggets seemed a bit different in the last load. But that's it. School starts in approx 1 week and I'm not sure if he'll make it without having an accident.
  3. Order a case of Wellshire Farms gluten free dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. It's so easy to put a few in a zip lock and throw it in the lunch box. Also, make a few boxes of Annies gluten-free macaroni and cheese on Sunday, and then portion them all out into little tupperware containers for the week, that can easily go in the lunch box.
  4. I believe you and pray for you. I was accused of maunchasun syndrome by my exhusband and his mother during a custody battle. My son has celiac disease. It was only the grace of God that saved my son. Please keep us updated. If you don't mind me saying - I promise this works - when you are ready, you fall to your knees. reach up to God and surrender. Give this situation and your daughter for him "God I know that only You know what is best, Your will be done" The day after I did that -- my X signed over his rights! I am so so sorry for this nightmare, I am covered in goosebumps writing to you. Be strong.
  5. Thank you very much for this information. I hope my son's reaction will end soon. thanks again
  6. I put just small drops around the wart (as I'd been told to) then covered it with a bandage. It was not exposed He may have managed to get it in his mouth - but I think there is a difference between Celiac and gluten intolerance, and I think his body just can't tolerate it in any way Regardless - it all leads to the same result, which is just to be careful - we can't know for sure - I do know that I'm not going to put it on him anymore thanks I didn't read the blog in its entirety - I was just skimming for info on the skin absorbtion issue My 4 yr old doesnt drink alcohol, so that's not an issue for me ;-) I just wanted to put a post out there that, although I'm no doctor, nor do I have proof - I believe he absorbed the gluten in the Vitamin E oil I was putting on his wart this week take care
  7. please read this http://lifemadesimple.typepad.com/celiacli...n_free_sha.html then i'll stop see my other two replies to the absorbtion issue
  8. Hey guys - look at this http://www.tacanow.com/teachers.htm "Gluten is in even in Play-Doh, adhesive on stamps and stickers, and many hygiene products (and can be absorbed through the skin – does not need to be ingested to negatively affect a gluten-sensitive child)." So Justin, being "gluten intolerant" rather than Celiac (as I later found out through interolab) may be reacting to the Vitamin E I've been putting on him!! I know people can get crazy supporting arguments with Google searches and it can go on forever - I'm no doctor - but Justin definately seems to be having a reaction of some sort Just be careful everyone :-)
  9. Shoot - I lost my reply half way through - sorry if it posts twice Long story short...My 4 yr old is gluten intolerant - he's been gluten free for approx 2 yrs After trying the cryo/freezing; over the counter methods, duct tape (you name it) - I tried Vitamin E on a wart he has on his hand. He then got, not bums, not hives, more like fifths disease or eczema, ALL over his body... his behaivor also started to wind up to a point where his dad and I were wondering, "was he glutened" turns out, the Vitamin E oil is derived from Wheat Germ OMG, I've been putting gluten on my son for days! On his broken/infected skin! HELP ME!!!
  10. It really varies - it used to be for the longest time, he never had a solid one - so I didn't even try pushing him on the potty (but then, we were eating McDonalds regularly) - he's had no loose stools since we found out about the fries, and stopped eating them. Now he has even been a bit consipated - but I really think he was holding it. I think waitin it out and saying a little prayer is all I will be able to do. thanks
  11. Karen, I know you're right about taking the pressure off the poor little guy. Thanks for your advice. ~Kirsten
  12. Winchester Va

    Ken, I'm in Winchester. There is a support group that meets at the hospital. But first - go to Harvest Moon (Vitamins Plus) - they're off Rt 11 Take Jubal Early past the Grand furniture store, then make a left at light onto 11 and see Harvest on your right - after going a few miles, past dealers etc - in a nice shopping center, see Talbots and Ann Taylor etc You need to go there, if for no other reason, because of the supply of gluten-free goodies - but also, they can direct you to support groups etc Robin was one of the people there who helped me. Also, its a slight trek, but theres a Wegmans about 30 minutes south/east (sterling) Hope you find your way to Harvest Moon and they are able to help you good luck best regards, ~Kirsten
  13. My son Justin will be four at the end of July. He was diagnosed with Celiac when he was 1 1/2. He has been dry through the night since he was just two, and has no trouble holding, controlling urinating on the toilet. The issue we have is with bowel movements. I've had people tell me that training is harder with boys than with girls - and that may or may not be true - but my eldest son was completely trained just after turning two, so I know there are exceptions. I also know that he is the only child in his class of approx 20 kids, who is not trained. But again, the problem isn't "accidents" - I think it is ability. I don't think he is able to control it. He can hold it if we're in the car and he needs to pee-pee, but he doesn't seem to be able to control #2. It's become such an emotional issue too. I've tried everything - punishment - bribary - discussions - heck...I've even put a tv in the bathroom so he would be comfortable and could sit for a long while and not need to get up and run off. He has gone ONCE on the toilet, and that is because I caught him just about to start, and put him on before he could push. I just can't stare at him 23X7 and do that though. So I'm stuck. And so now I'm truely wondering if it's medical - ie his celiac. Is training harder for celiac kids? Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  14. Email From Mcdonalds

    McDonalds send the exact same boilerplate email to everyone - ver batem - I received this same one. My response, in part, was this: "Under Nutrition Info section, if I click on Ingredients http://www.mcdonalds.com/app_controller.nu...ts.index.html#1 I see that the fries contain natural flavoring via wheat sources. Albeit, if I go to the Food Allergy and Sensitivity Listing http://www.mcdonalds.com/app_controller.nu...gens.index.html it says that the fries are Wheat Free and Gluten Free"!!!!! And as of today - I have yet to receive accurate information from any restaurant location via handouts or managers etc ~K
  15. Merika, I didn't think of the two year molars! Someone else suggested it might be a medicine or diet change, but that hasn't happen. I guess I just assume virus, as the rest of us (husband and eldest child) all had the virus (vomiting and fever), but like I said, we all were only sick for 24 hrs. He threw up on Wednesday, and has been esentially passing-water, on the hour, since! I'm up now 4:45 am, because he woke up screaming and I had the do the change-and-clean routine on him and his bed! He screams and flinches of the utter torture, as I try to get him all cleaned up - he is so raw and blistered at this point! :-( I don't know if I can wait until Monday for the GI, or if I'm going to have to go to the Urgent Care in the am? I've wanted to just leave him in the bath tub to soak, but he "goes" while he's in there too!!!! -Kirst